LEGO Dimensions Gets An Amusing Extended Announcement Trailer

New toy-to-life video game LEGO Dimensions has received an amusing extended trailer following its announcement yesterday. Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group has once again joined forces to reveal a new LEGO game, which will feature various film franchises including The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, The Lord of the Rings, The LEGO Movie and DC Comics universe. Taking the lead as the three main characters, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle must work together to save the LEGO race after a mysterious and powerful vortex appears in various LEGO worlds.

The five-minute extended trailer – which is embedded above – adds more depth to the live-action world, delivering its classic comedy with a few more famous movie one-liners. LEGO Dimensions will launch on various platforms, including Wii U, on September 27 this year. Similar to Disney Infinity, the LEGO Group will launch a starter pack alongside the game’s release, featuring a LEGO toy pad, bricks to build the gateway, 3 main character minifigures and a LEGO Batmobile vehicle.


      1. The Lego series is fucking boring. I understand now why Nintendo wouldn’t collaborate with the Lego franchise to make a Lego game out of one of they’re Ip’s.

  1. Very similar to the first trailer. Only a couple extra 2 second scenes were added in.

  2. I hate these toys to life games. I mean if you buy a sky landers toy, their not good for the next game, same with Disney infinity, probably for the next Lego game. They charge 75-100$ for a game you can’t play without the figures. Those games should be 60$ and come with a figure. AMIIBOS are better they work in a lot of compatible games. They are fairly cheep, Mario party comes bundled with an amiibo for 60$. Nintendo is getting this right

    1. While I’m not a fan of the toys-to-life model (though sales indicate there are plenty of people who are fans of the model, and in a capitalist economy, companies are driven by the profit motive), you might want to fact check your information. Skylanders and Disney Infinity toys are forward compatible with newer games. Only the reader device may not be in Skylander’s case, which is incredibly stupid since all it does it read/write. Disney Infinity’s reader is forward compatible, which is why the first game’s digital version is a free download (assuming the consumer has to buy the reader anyway) and the second title was available as a download at a discounted price from the reader bundle.

    2. You’d be only somewhat right (as per holonboy’s comment) if Nintendo were smart enough to restock amiibo other than pikachu and fucking mario

        1. >>>I can’t decide who is the more butthurt one in this site, you or that slave shadowvegeta>>>

  3. Any Devil’s Third news? Haven’t heard anything in a while. Hoping for an early summer release to compliment Splatoon and MK8 Animal Crossing/200cc DLC. Should be a good summer.

  4. Those games they showed in the trailer are movies I grew up with batman back to the future the hobbit lord of the rings looks fucking awesome can’t wait

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