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Nintendo Mobile Partner DeNA Confirms Layoffs

DeNA, the partner that Nintendo has chosen to help develop games for both smartphones and tablets, has announced that it has laid off staff at both its San Francisco office and in Vancouver. The news came as a bit of a shock as its recent mobile titles have proven to be a hit with consumers. Here’s what they had to say about the unfortunate layoffs.

“DeNA Group is continually evaluating its game development operations to ensure that it’s structured in the best possible way to deliver high-quality mobile games to consumers worldwide,” DeNA said in a statement. “As a part of this process, we have decided to reshape the structure of our North American studio operations along with a reduction in workforce. We appreciate their contributions to DeNA and are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.

“The West will continue to be one of our core markets for our mobile gaming business, and this decision has no relation to our alliance with Nintendo or the popularity of Final Fantasy Record Keeper.”

David Phan, the product manager at DeNA Studios Canada, confirmed the layoffs in a social media post.

“Today is a sad day as DeNA West as many of us, myself included, were laid off as part of a significant staff reduction,” Phan said. “There are many of us who are great at what we do and are passionate about our work. There’s a lot of good people ready to start new opportunities. Please consider bringing on board some these ex-DeNAers, as they will contribute great things to your team.”

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30 thoughts on “Nintendo Mobile Partner DeNA Confirms Layoffs”

  1. It would’ve been cool if Nintendo stepped in and stopped the from happening since they’re so adamant about not laying people off

    1. Nintendo don’t lay people off in Japan!!! outside Japan they don’t give a damn. Look at what happened in Germany recently and marketing division in UK (well UK deserved it to be honest).

      1. And look at America branch and fans getting crap while they still blindly kiss UK’a ass with sweet stuff. Fucking retards at Nintendo can’t manage themselves anymore.

        1. Oh wow, a zealot actually wrote something worthy! I guess, there is some hope left in Nintendo community!

          1. New standard 3DS with cool face plates like that Xenoblade one, better Club physical rewards, more giveaway games like that Wii U 10 free games promotion from 2013 and exclusives bundles.

            1. Are we going to start again that discussion about how the north America market get better things/price since the snes area? Or are we going to discuss how European market had some few exclusives (and I really means a few) since the Wii U arrived?Also in this discussion we may mention that Europe need at least 2 decades to catch up with the north America market in term of exclusive and so on? Furthermore the Mario kart Wii U bundle is way better and better priced in America than it is in Europe ( i would gladly swap bundle and price). As fro the Wii U 10 games promotion I thought you guys in North America had it as well (don’t quote me on that one).

      2. I think this can be a problem at times. Nothing wrong with fresh, new talent. Firing people sucks, but if they aren’t really bringing anything good to the table, why keep them around?

        Lately it seems like they really need some in the Japanese branch. They could definitely replace some people here in the U.S. as well.

        I don’t even know why they keep Reggie around, but I digress.

  2. There are many reasons for things like this. Maybe they want to downsize that particular branch and build up another one?

  3. Nintendo prolly takes to big of a cut of these new games so DeNa had to compromise and cut some employees out to still get enough earnings for the rest of them.

  4. Looks like this is regarding DeNA’s restructuring process. A shame some workers were laid off but we don’t know the reasons given. I don’t think Nintendo had something to do with it at least regarding the lay off of workers but rather the partnership between Nintendo and DeNA is sparking sudden changes to the studios.

  5. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    This is a sign of what shall happen to mobile in two years. Nintendo is smart by employing an 11th party team to market their mobile games lol.


  6. That’s an unfortunate for people who were laid off. I hope they find an another job soon to support their family and beloved ones.

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