Could Baby Park Be A Track In The Forthcoming Mario Kart 8 DLC?

Update: It turns out this is fake and originated from GameFAQS. Guess we shall have to wait and see which tracks are announced by Nintendo

Judging from the system files that have been unearthed in Mario Kart 8 it would appear as though we may know two of the tracks that will be included in the upcoming Animal Crossing themed DLC. The fan favourite Baby Park from Mario Kart: Double Dash would appear to be one of them as well as Neo Bowser City from Mario Kart 7 on the Nintendo 3DS. Guess we shall have to wait and see!

The following are the ones we got:

  • GC_YOSHI_CIRCUIT = GCN Yoshi Circuit
  • SFC_RAINBOW_ROAD = SNES Rainbow Road
  • WII_WARIOSMINE = Wii Wario’s Gold Mine
  • WU_DRAGONROAD = Dragon Driftway
  • WU_EXCITEBIKE = Excitebike Arena
  • WU_HYRULE = Hyrule Circuit
  • WU_ICEPARK = Ice Ice Outpost
  • WU_MUTECITY = Mute City

And these are the ones listed but we never got:

  • 3DS_NEOBOWSERCITY = 3DS Neo Bowser City
  • GC_BABYPARK = GCN Baby Park
  • WU_ANIMAL = Animal Crossing
  • WU_METRO = ?
  • WU_WOODS = ?

Thanks, Adam


      1. Baby Park was only fun in Double Dash because Double Dash had a different item system. What made the GCN version better than the DS version is that special items took up a large portion of the track. So imagine what it’d be like in MK8 where you only ever have 1 item at a time. I think it might be similar in fun if only the width of the road is a lot smaller.


      2. That would seriously be awesome! and there could be also an online mode for it where you either team up with your friend or any random player and race against others.


    1. The Woods level was one of the screenshots from the original image that showed DLC Pack 1 and 2. I highly doubt it, but it would be a neat little nod to Wario’s early days.


  1. I honestly don’t really like Baby Park. It’s a boring track in my opinion. But the rerace value of the Animal Crossing track is really great, so I won’t mind 1 track, that I think is boring, being included.

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    1. The chaos that can come from a small, oval, bordered up stage was hilariously and frustratingly funny. In a few second you can go from last to first and then last and first again. That’s what made it so fun.


  2. Yeh, this list is known for about 5 Months now. Took really long to make a “News” about it just because it was discovered >again<.


  3. There should be a third party dlc pack with pac man,mega man and sonic,they are in smash,and youll eventually be able to have helmets for your miis based on them,so the actual characters would make for some awsome dlc.


    1. Sonic has his own racing game. Pacman is no stranger to Mario kart though. He was playable in Mario Kart GP on arcade systems.


    1. Sickr better make a report on how the rumors are false, so that we can have a discussion on how information is delivered on the internet.


  4. WU_METRO = ?

    Either a Metroid or Metropolis track. Its kinda tricky knowing what it is, but this could be interesting.


  5. I remember hearing about this forever ago. I hope it’s true because I love Neo Bowser City and would love to see it in MK8 graphics.


  6. LOOL Neo Bowser City is my favorite track from MK7!
    I’d die happier if arrives to MK8… The first rainy course of the game.


  7. With all the DLC they keep making for Mario Kart 8 (a game that’s already yesterday’s news for me), they could make an entirely new Mario Kart game.


    1. Why would they do that? You have one Kart game per system, and now it is like getting another half of that game or a continuation of the game for people who do keep playing it


  8. If Neo Bowser City from the 3DS game comes back, that will be AWESOME! Neo was one of my favorite MK7 tracks.


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