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Super Smash Bros Update Now Available And Here’s All The Details

Nintendo has unleashed a brand new update for both Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. Once you load the game up you will be prompted to update to Version 1.0.6 and once you do it you’ll be able to redeem your Mewtwo codes, which have already begun shipping out to people. Here’s what’s available in the latest update for Super Smash Bros.

Ver. 1.0.6 [Released 04/15/15]

  • Users will be able to purchase DLC from Nintendo eShop.
  • Share mode has been added:
  • Users will be able to post photos, replay data,Mii Fighter data, and Custom stage data to the official server to share with other users around the world. Users will also be able to search and download the content as well*Users can only post their own content. Content posted to the server will be deleted after 30 days.
  • Users will be able to post photos and Custom stages to Miiverse from within the game (Photos will be posted to the official Snapshot Sharing Communityand Custom stages will be posted to the official Stage Sharing Community
  • Users can download data from the server to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U if there is an activation button in the images posted on Miiverse.
  • Users will be able to share and exchange photos, replay data, Mii Fighter data, and Custom stage data with users on their Nintendo 3DS Friend List.
    • Content will be received when the Nintendo 3DS is connected to the Internet
    • It may take some time to receive the data
    • Content uploaded to the server will be deleted from the server after 30 days.
  • Added 6 new 8-Player Stages
    • Omega Stages:
      • Delfino Plaza
      • Port Town Aero Dive
      • Woolly World
      • Orbital Gate Assault
      • Wii Fit Studio
      • Pilotwings
  • Adjustments have also been made to balance the game and make for a more pleasant gaming experience.
  • Thanks to those who sent this in.

    44 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Update Now Available And Here’s All The Details”

        1. The nintendo magistrate

          then why are you here ? if you dislike the game so much then dont come here bitching about it.

    1. I got the code at around 7am but I still can’t use it, wtf? I updated the software and all too..

    2. I’ve also noticed the time it takes from the end of a match to the results screen has been reduced. It’s a little jarring how much faster it is, now.

      1. Good to know lol only played a quick test match before work (Mewtwo’s forward smash seems to do major damage) so I didn’t get to notice that but if so that’s great lol.

      1. Go to eshop.
        Look for Super Smash Bros for 3DS.
        Then on the screen look for the update button.
        If you can’t find it Then at the main menu search for update then look for Super Smash Bros for 3DS.

    3. Sounds like a solid update. Even ignoring the priced DLC, I appreciate the added 8-player stages and improved Miiverse functionality. I likely won’t pay for anything extra yet (I’d like to see/hear how Mewtwo plays first and have little desire for specific costume pieces for Mii Fighters.), but look forward to seeing what comes in the future.

        1. I suspect we’ll get another 4 DLC characters released into 2016 in addition to Mewtwo and Lucas. Nintendo has good reasons to keep people interested in this game, and though making a new character is the hardest single part of these games, I suspect they will devote the resources needed to keep Smash in peoples’ minds.

          If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll see at least one more returning veteran in addition to Mewtwo and Lucas. Wolf or Roy strike me as likely choices. There will also probably be a character to tie into Splatoon, considering how much Nintendo is pushing that game. I suspect the public ballot is meant to fill in the two remaining spots. If early results are any indicator, that means Isaac from Golden Sun is likely.

      1. I wasn’t expecting more 8 player stages but I’m glad. STILL waiting on the boxing ring lol. I hate how stages like Luigi’s Mansion don’t function properly in 8 player though. Like you can’t break the mansion.

        1. Yea there was one setting to make it fast mode, but it was super fast. I think it’s still in this games special mode but I haven’t played special mode enough to confirm.

    4. Yaaay! Too bad this all released on my busiest day of the week… 3 freaking classes and an induction ceremony.


    5. I really hoped they released tournament mode but i guess it, s not ready yet i hope for offline play that you can add your own amiibo, s i have 11 now at level 50 and are super strong speedy of defensive :P it, s gonna be a hell of an tournament here haha

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