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Digital Foundry Goes Hands-On With Project CARS

Update: Digital Foundry now says that this wasn’t a near-final build of the game and wasn’t meant for testing. Interesting.

Digital Foundry has managed to get some quality hands-on time with the near final build of Project CARS. I should make it clear that they didn’t have access to the delayed Wii U version and instead tested out the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. The publication mentions that there are problems with the target resolution which is 900p on the Xbox One, rather than the original 1920×1080 we were promised. They also mention that tearing is an issue when the frame-rate dips under the designated 60fps in both versions. I wonder how the Wii U version will hold up?

“Looking at resolution first there’s clearly some work to be done. We were originally promised a true 1920×1080 as the target for both consoles, but now we see just an internal 1600×900 frame-buffer in effect on Xbox One – as confirmed by the developer earlier this week. Image quality does suffer in this case, and its post-process anti-aliasing method (which falls close to the PC’s higher FXAA settings) struggles to cover all its rough spots. A motion blur effect helps disguise the upscale to 1080p to an extent in motion, but pixel-crawl remains noticeable across chrome highlights on cars, and foliage elements especially.”

“The game’s frame-rate is also a sticking point. Project Cars targets an ambitious 60fps on each platform, but the sheer breadth of options gives players the power to determine whether it hits this mark, or drops closer to 30fps. For example, our first race is on the Dubai Autodrome International circuit, a manic 35-car race with light clouds overhead, camera set to interior cockpit view and no damage physics enabled. Even with this number of AI racers, the game sticks to a 60fps line throughout, and only drops for one stretch on the circuit (to 50fps on Xbox One, and 55fps on PS4).”

“For moments where the frame-rate goes under, tearing is an issue – especially on sharp turns with lots of camera motion. This is a bigger deal once we push the boat out a bit more; our next race featuring a whopping 44 cars on the Circuit Des 24 Heures du Mans track, with a more taxing chase mode camera and heavy rain in play. The impact is immediate, and PS4 tears constantly with drops to 35fps at the busy starting grid, while Xbox One breaches the high 20s. This improves over the course of the race as cars splinter off into packs, though we never catch a glimpse of the 60fps line.”

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  1. Fellow Wii U owners, are there any worthy third party controllers with analog triggers (so I can use for Project CARS)? Thanks.

      1. Analog triggers are better in every way. Sucks that the wii U doesn’t use them. I don’t know why you say they wear out, I have never had that issue, which makes me think you’re just damage controlling nintendo’s mistake to not make analog triggers the norm on the wii U

        1. I agree about analog triggers (Luigi’s Mansion, Wave Race: Blue Storm, & F-Zero GX are good examples as to why Nintendo should’ve retained them). Hopefully, the Wii U port of Project CARS supports GCN controllers (1st & 3rd party).

          A damn shame Nintendo excluded analog triggers on the Wii U-specific controllers. Also a shame they excluded them on both Wii Classic controllers, especially since those only had 2 shoulder buttons. 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

    1. Only thing I can think of is gamecube controllers. Not sure if the 3rd party “gamecube” controllers that attach to the wiimote have analog triggers

  2. i new this game would be a choppy tearing mess better a solid 30 than a choppy as hell framerate.. tearing is a no no

    gamepads super gyro motion and controller shape is PERFECT for racing sims

    mimmic a real f1 race wheel and gamepads layout and gyro would offer amazing realizm and tifht realistic steering

    i doubt the wiiu version has been polished at all if it exists that is

    they did however state wiius cpu handles multithread rendering amazingly well vs the x86 set up of ps4

    1. Oh My GOD I hate Gyro controls. They need to DIEEEEEEEEEE. Disappear from the gaming world never to return. I have never used gyro controls that were even remotely usable. It seems like just when I think gyro controls are finally DEAD, Nintendo brings them back to life! Stop Nintendo…… Stop!

    1. Nah, theres alot of racing sim fans out there, and this game will be on all three consoles, plus PC. It will sell a couple million copies at the very least.

  3. Devs need to focus on a single platform for once. Shit is fuckin old working the same into 90 platforms at a time.

  4. Bad news. But let’s remember that Driveclub was a horrible product when it was launched last year, and now it is a pretty good game.

  5. I think the team behind Project CARS go full ego boost and try to bite more that they could and now the promise product is suffering, I have no hope anymore on the Wii U version been even decent after hearing of their current behavior.

  6. The hype is dead to me. I won’t get this game because I bet it won’t come to Wii u. So sad. Nintendo what happen?! You was best now you suck. Play station #1 Nintendo is 💩!

    1. That is funny. This game has had over a year delay and this is the state. What 4 years in the making and this is the result!!!!

      You think 6 month delay for wiiu will make it great. 3 = 4 years and it still sucks.

  7. If anything, it seems like the delay for the Wii U version is actually a good thing. With all of these frame rate issues, I’ll definitely be skipping this game. Maybe the extra time in the development process will let the Wii U version be the most stable. Who knows. Only time will tell.

    1. Hating and facts are two different things kiddo.

      Xbox One is in 900p but still can’t handle a game like this which is kind of disappointing to be honest. Nintendo’s NX system next year will in no doubt be more powerful and most likely have the ability to play this game at a smoother frame rate at 1440p

      1. That comment makes no sense, you have no clue how horrible the programmers code is that prevents the console from showing what it can do. As a programmer I see this all the time. Crappy coders claiming this is the best that can be done when its not even close.

        Do until you see the code, you have no clue if these coders are doing a good job and xbox1 is at fault. the PS4 was dropping to 30fps. It tells me these are poor programmers.

        Example, we had a live map showing intersections of all street lights on a map. Current coders claims it was not possible to push over 300 intersections on a map at a time. I pitched a new idea an got the job. Trashed their code, and rewrote it because it was so poor nothing was worth while. It now can handle over 3000 intersections as a time with second per second updates for every single intersection with only a 40% cpu load.
        Even ssaying that, I would bet there is something behind me that would say my code sucks an can make it do even more.

        So before bitching about a console, consider the source. 4 years in the making and they are only at this.

        1. Agree. 2017 minus 2012 = 5. I’m expecting Nintendo to do the honorable thing and support the Wii U for a minimum of five years. Announce it now so people know there’S something new on the horizon, threat us to some goodies for e3 2016, and release it q3/q4 2017. Mark my words.

  8. Well, the Wii U and PC versions were in development WAY before those two version so I’m not surprised. Wii U and PC will most likely have the definitive versions of the game.

    1. If only wiiu had analog buttons for breaks and gas, it could be the best. but without that it will never be the best.

  9. UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that the build of Project Cars used as the basis for this article was not intended by the developer Slightly Mad Studios for technical analysis. We weren’t aware of this, which was the unfortunate result of some miscommunication on our part with the game’s publisher. It was an honest mistake and it is not our intention to misrepresent the game, so we’ve unpublished the videos that form the basis of the article.

    We’ll be able to bring you a full analysis of a more advanced build of the game in the coming weeks.

    We’d like to apologise to our readers and to Slightly Mad Studios for this unintentional misrepresentation.

    1. Just because it wasn’t intended by the developers for technical analysis, doesn’t mean the game is in any better shape. This was still an accurate description of where the game is at right now.

        1. The wait will be worth it. Within the next two months, there are two of my most hyped games that will release. Batman Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3. The hype is real.

                  1. What is there anyway? Apple Watch is an expensive POS, Bloodborne is forgettable within 3 weeks, half of 2015 sucks ass and only kick off around May, Splatoon is ruined, COD won’t stay dead, Nintendo goes mobile (fuck…) and Wii U is now phasing out due to Zelda being delayed into next year for NX.

                    You like 2015? I hate it.

                    1. Your expectations are probably too high. I’m enjoying this year. A few games I plan on getting are Mortal Kombat X, Batman Arkham Knight, and The Witcher 3. And while I wait for some new games, I’ll be playing stuff that I missed. This year will be amazing for me.

                      1. No. They’re supposed and as expected. But when shit goes down like gimped or not included when supposed to (no voice chat or customs in Splatoon), then of course I’ll be disappointed and probably move on to something else.

                        And your list of games you mentioned brings up another point of mine: People here wanna complain about Wii U having a period of game droughts in between big releases. Well let’s all be realistic in this part: How many of those games in a year are we gonna buy? All of them or just a few of the good ones? Because we have other financial needs besides just buying video games and it’s unwise to waste all of your cash on just garbage and then some good stuff. We’re only gonna buy a few games anyway so they’re complaints and bashing on Wii U for that reason is pretty invalid and fucking stupid; forgetting that on other platforms they’re doing exactly the same shit..waiting for only the good games they’re craving for and another thing: Just how long it’ll take for them to get bored of such games before they stop playing or resell them?

                        1. Everyone has different tastes. Like for example, my cousin recently bought Assassin’s Creed Unity, but I have no interest in that game right now. So instead of getting that, I can choose to buy a different game. (Like Mortal Kombat X) But neither one of these games are on the Wii U. That’s the problem. The Wii U’s drought is not like the other consoles. They can deal with having a few games delayed because there’s still many others that are releasing to back it up.

                          1. You can thank Ubishit’s lying delusional ass and the MK director/creator; whatever, talking shit about Nintendo which BTW doesn’t need that game anyway. Smash Bros., Injustice and that Pokken coming is more than enough and better.

                            1. Not for me. I’d rather have Mortal Kombat than Injustice. See? Told you everyone has different tastes. And Smash Bros is fun but I’ve already played that to death.

                                1. Well, I’m talking about Mortal Kombat X. But I’m not saying I don’t want to play Injustice because I do.

                                  1. I’m really disappointed with this generation. Nothing but a dumbass pissing contest between 3 boxes that can never be compared to PC and fighting over which has and can produce the biggest dick for fanboys to enjoy watching.

                                        1. Just build a PC. It’s not that hard. Why would you want a Surface for gaming? It’s not good for gaming. Unless you like playing everything with the lowest frame rates and graphical settings. Seriously. A $500 PC beats that thing easily.

                                          1. I want one as a drawing tablet and PC. I’ll just have a console on the side. I just don’t know which. Every one of them has me looking the other way except my 3DS.

                                            1. How about instead of getting a Surface, you buy a much cheaper tablet dedicated to drawing or whatever it is you’re talking about, and then invest your other cash into an actual gaming PC? Seriously, the Surface is too much of a risk. It costs way too much for the performance you get in games. A gaming PC around that price will easily destroy it as well as the PS4 and XB1!

                                                1. It’s all about the parts that are put into the PC. A normal desktop can be turned into a gaming PC if you wanted it to.

                                                    1. Dude… It’s not as hard as you think it is. I used to think that too when I didn’t know much about PC gaming. All it takes is a little research. It may be a little intimidating at first looking at all the parts thinking you’re gonna mess up and lose hundreds of dollars, but nah. It’s more like putting together Lego’s, really. You don’t need to be an expert to know how to do it. Anyone can. I’ve seen kids do it on YouTube. Just follow some guides and watch a few videos. I’ll be building my first PC eventually too so I could help you learn how to do yours if you wanted. If you seriously believe that it is too hard for you (which it really isn’t) you could always buy it pre-built. Which I really would not recommend doing. Because that costs more and they put weaker hardware in those PC’s.

                                                      1. I don’t care about it anymore. I tired having to fight and spend my hard earned cash on fucking hardware just to enjoy a goddamn video game. I’ll just stick with a portable or cheaper home console with a tablet PC (Surface 3) and be done with it.

                                                                1. I’m talking about playing games on PC at a higher resolution and frame rate with extra details.

                                                                      1. It’s just a rehash of AW and a ripoff of Deus Ex. Plus it’s completely different and not continuing the storyline of the Masons. Oh and multiplayer is, indefinitely, gonna get fucked with all of these OP futuristic crap. Forget Exo suits. Mechanical arms with Commando-like attacks from MW2 and even more complexed maps of Ghosts? Hell no.

                                                                          1. Well for starters; 1. Better story than any current shithole games COD spams out now. 2. Superior and balanced multiplayer with one of the best map designs ever like Crossfire and Overgrown and 3. It was actually innovative at its time. Afterwards, it’s just one cosmetic update after another making the series even worse for each and every new game. Although WaW was great too and I love me some old school WW2 shooters and that game had vehicles and real Co-Op which COD stupidly ditched after.

                                                                          2. 1 should also consider PC exclusives & decide from there. However, console exclusives tend to perform better, as they lend themselves more to optimization, being designed predominantly for gaming & using the Power PC architecture. So PC exclusives really should be judged on their genres.

                                                                            If you want a PC mostly for multiplats @ a price on par w/ PS4:


                                                                          3. I stopped wanting a Super Smash Bros. game after Melee. I’d prefer Guilty Gear Xrd on Wii U, but most Fighters lost their rich, single-player experience, & everything’s either unlocked from the start (online parity), or available via DLC. Ironically, Super Smash Bros. provides what’s missing in those key areas, but it’s just too chaotic for my tastes (even the original which, looking back, was a novelty to me).

                                                                            If only there were 8th gen fighters like Virtua Fighter 2, Tekken 3, Soul Calibur II, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, & DoA Dimensions.

                                                                            I also have Mortal Kombat II, but I never really cared for its style. It too was more a novelty to me.

                                                                          4. “People here wanna complain about Wii U having a period of game droughts in between big releases.”

                                                                            They also seem to forget that Wii U is reverse-compatible w/ Wii games. Wii’s library is huge, though I can only think of missing out on Klonoa, Phanton Brave, & Arc Rise Fantasia (though I’ve yet to finish Xenoblade Chronicles & have yet to even start The Last Story), & that’s w/ a total of 59 titles in my Wii library.

                                                                            Also, they seem to forget Wii U’s indie library.

                                                                            Still, I do wish Wii U would get proper 3rd-party support w/ the likes of 8th gen Prince of Persia, 3D Rayman, Red Steel 3, Ridge Racer; a real Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Sonic, & Tomb Raider…etc.

                                                                            Then again, the masses have either forgotten, never gamed on, or abandoned home consoles. & most 3rd parties are chasing a different kind of subculture than what Wii U, Nintendo, & indies have been left to represent.

                                                                            1. The only thing third rate parties are after now is cheating out $$$ from false promises and hype of their halve assed games that turn up broken or disappointing aside what what they showed. 2014 proved that they’ve turned greedy and lazy and it’s not just Nintendo they screwed over. It’s PC as well.

                                                          1. The Wii U has got this hands down the best version, except for the pc. The Xbox.2 and Ps3.2 are not what it says on the tin.

                                                          2. Slightly Mad bit off more than they could chew. The negativity and hate has never been higher on releasing unfinished games, so Slighty Mad is in a very serious situation. Do they delay another two years to finish this beast of a game they decided to release on all platforms, (huge mistake btw) or do they release it broken and fix it with day one patches? Hmmm..

                                                            This game will either make or break Slightly Mad Studios..

                                                            1. I think it was namco that decided to release on al platform when they decided to publish? Anyway, Games arent easy to develop so give them.time.

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