Fast Racing Neo Will Be Showcased In The Summer

We’ve heard next to nothing about Fast Racing Neo in recent months so it comes as a welcome surprise to get some more information. Development on the futuristic racer is apparently going smoothly and the development team have stated that FAST Racing Neo is the biggest, and most beautiful game that they have ever produced. We will see an unveiling of the game this summer.

“Development is going very smooth. FAST Racing Neo is the biggest, and most beautiful game we ever did, and we’re taking the time to make sure that it’s also the best one. This Summer, people will have seen the game in motion.”

Thanks, paid enthusiast and openrob


    1. I’m 31, totally forgot about this game lol. Was interested when they first announced it, and I’ll probably still get it if it’s really good. They haven’t said anything about it in like a year so you can’t blame people for forgetting.

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      1. shut up zelda delay doesnt mean we forget it exists

        we dont forget devils third exists ether

        we dont forget star fox u is in development FUCKING CHRIST


      2. Yea any game that isn’t part of a famous established series and is shown only once or twice then not even mentioned for over a year is gonna be forgotten by a number of people at least. I can’t remember the last time they mentioned this game.

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      3. It’s more of a problem with losing interest with an indie game like this that was sorta hyped up back in May before MK8 released, but now, the Wii U’s killer racing game has already been released, and now people aren’t as excited anymore. The hype is just kinda running down to near nothing.


    1. It’s not the consoles that are bad it is what they offer into the console which is underpowered and outdated before it leaves R&D for launch. Which is stupid to build a future product in R&D and ignoring what others are doing in their own R&D. That’s Nintendo’s problem.

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      1. So if its not the problem why we already hearing about NX? Yet Sony aint talked about PS5 yet. Oh thats because its past 20 million. If Wii U was at 20 million no code name would be relased yet.


      1. Don’t get mad at me because the truth hurts. What I’m supposed to lie just to get you to like me? Please. Thats why we hearing about the NX now because they messed up on Project Cafe in 2008 R&D.


      2. When Wii debuted and won last gen we didnt hear about Project Cafe 3 years after Wii launched. Yet less than 3 years (until November 2015) after Wii U launches we know about NX. Funny how the flopped console got a code name for next generation eariler than the Wii did huh?


  1. There better be Blue Falcon in this game, as well as Fire Stingray and Golden Fox.

    If there’s going to be a fast racing game on Wii U, it better have F-Zero somewhere in it.


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