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Dragon Ball Z Theme Released For Nintendo 3DS In Japan

dragon_ball_z_3ds_menu_themeBandai Namco has released a HOME Menu theme based on Dragon Ball Z for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Priced at 200 yen, the theme’s main image is a still of Goku and Frieza in a tight match between each other. 3DS themes can be purchased in the Theme Shop, which can be accessed via the handheld’s HOME Menu. Some themes even include music, sound effects and animations.

61 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Theme Released For Nintendo 3DS In Japan”

  1. WTF? Why is the theme not coming to the USA!? I mean it just theme so there no English dub really need? And even if there word to turn into English I don’t think that would take long to do! Why do we not get one I mean it big here in American too…

      1. Yeah, maybe in your little world… But here in America (the continent not USA) DB/DBZ is huge, LATAM people actually did everything they could just to gather the series original cast for the Battle of Gods movie

  2. A lot of themes make it to the US and Europe 3DSes, too. They come out in Japan first. Give it time.

    I mean, I’m not getting this theme, so I don’t care. But hey!

  3. Not a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z… If people think women are oversexualized in fictional material, then DBZ is like the number one example of oversexualization of men. Oversized muscles, ego superiority complexes, increased levels of testosterone which leads to exuberant and unnecessary fighting.

    It’s one big “terrible” male stereotype that projects male-kind poorly. Young boys actually grew up watching this show admiring the heroes yet in their brains, were etched the idea of what being a “man” is despite the show being a terrible example.

    But, that’s just my beef with the show.

    1. Goku is the best role model of all time, he’s motherfucking purehearted. For real though have you always been this much of an idiot

      1. Goku is not the best role model. He has good character but teaches boys that violence can be justified in certain circumstances. Only problem for boys (in real life) is that they will never be faced with world destruction and will have to beat up a supervillain. They will be faced with problems that might seem unfair, which aren’t, and then they lash out believing it is what males do.


          Goku doesn’t say that violence is okay, he enjoys fighting for sport but never likes to hurt anyone. He forgives every enemy no matter how evil they are or how many they’ve hurt. He has pure thoughts only, never tells a lie, loves everyone no matter what, and forgives his enemies. He wants every villain to become his friend, literally. The motherfucker even came back from the dead, he’s basically freakin Jesus.

          Seriously, you have no frame of reference Donnie, you’re like a lost child wandering into a conversation. Actually watch a show before you write a 12-page dissertation about it’s moral ambiguities, because all I’m reading is “blah blah blanket social justice warrior comment that could be interchanged for any social issue blah blah I’ve never fucking watched this show or experienced any kind of joy blah blah violence”

          1. Kids do not retain that part of the show. They only retain the violence, because it is the most exciting part. When Goku is trying to “make friends” with his enemies at the end, the young boys watching the show are too busy jumping on the couch and throughout the house reenacting the fight scenes they just watched to bother listening to his heart-felt speech.

    2. Honestly, I think I turned out just fine. I open doors for little old ladies. I recently turned in a master card I found. I dont have a weird half computer half human issue. ; ) .

      As a male I just feel that, obviously to say every child who watched this cartoon fell victim to your statement couldn’t be realistic. But I guess children who aren’t raised properly could account for such things. Ah well. Happy 420.

      1. “But I guess children who aren’t raised properly could account for such things.”

        Exactly. I watched things far worse than DBZ when I was kid, when anime used to be really good, really dark and really brutal. I was watching Ninja Scroll, Goku Midnight Eye, Vampire Hunter D, Beserk, Wicked City, Pet Shop of Horrors, Ghost in the Shell, Bubblegum Crisis, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Tenchi, Perfect Blue, The Slayer ect. DBZ is like child’s play to some of these movies or series.

        The list goes on also, many of which had adult content in them, but I was raised well also. And like you said, if your children are basing all of their morals from hand drawn cartoons, then you’re probably doing something very wrong.

      2. I’m not saying every boy who grew up watching DBZ would be some seriel killer. Actually, I am not arguing that DBZ led to ANY boy being rude, obnoxious, or murderous. What I AM saying is that the show very well contributes to uhealthy body image issues where boys, as they grow up, feel it is necessary to have large muscles which are unobtainable yet the idea has been instilled in their brains from a very early age (DBZ) and then reinforced in superhero movies, action flicks and more. Male depression based on body image has been increasing steadily over the years and DBZ is one of the shows to look at for why (also comic book superheroes).

        The same argument can be used with female characters in fiction being unaturally skinny and this subconsciously tells girls that they need to eat less to stay pretty (like a princess).

        Also, male violence has always been a problem, yet children shows aimed at young boys CATER towards violence. Do ALL males grow up to be meat heads who will pummel someone who looks at them cross-eyed? No, BUT it instills the idea on society that men NEED to be tough and are REQUIRED to take action when in reality, that is not true. For boys who are afraid to live up to this unnecessary expectation, it can harm them mentally (which is why more males than females are mentally struggling with things such as depression and anxiety due to society’s expectations) and also, for those who are more physically capable, they may feel more inclined to contribute to the “fight culture” in the U.S.

        Haven’t you ever seen a “fight” in high school or even at a bar or on a college campus or somewhere. It’s almost always between two males. While biologically it is more likely that this would be the case, the added addition of violent children’s television shows certainly doesn’t help.

        1. “Haven’t you ever seen a “fight” in high school or even at a bar or on a college campus or somewhere. It’s almost always between two males.”

          It has been proven through many studies that women are just as, or more violent than men, which I think is party due to that fact it’s perceived to be okay to hit a man, but never a women. Also largely due to the fact, many men would not report that a female is abusing them because they are probably in fear of being seen as weak, or would be made fun of by their friends.

          Also proven that many women are far more controlling in relationships than most men, which leads to a lot of violence on both ends.

          Even in countries where women outnumber men, the violence there is no different than a place that has more males.

          The universe is a violent place, period. Take away humans, and the world would still be just as vicious. Take away the world we live on, and the universe will still be just as cruel. That is life.

          1. Women are more likely to be mentally abusive, but they are in fact physically abusive, as you said. The problem is more males are open about their physical acceptance of violence, which is unacceptable.

            Fight one problem at a time, right now we should deal with male’s frequency towards violence.

    3. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

      “increased levels of testosterone which leads to exuberant and unnecessary fighting.” Yeah……… you never watched the show.

    4. Dragonball is a Shōnen anime, which is an entire genre that is mainly targeted at boys and focuses on action, which obviously includes a lot of fighting villains or monsters, and things like that. So you’re basically criticizing DB for what it’s actually supposed to be, and for what it’s doing right, according to its genre.
      There are many many other examples in fictional material doing a far “better” job at conveying a wrong body image, and Dragonball isn’t even remotely close to being number one, considering the anime as a whole very obviously meets barely any standards of realism anyway.
      To me, the things you’ve said sound about as silly as saying Pokemon promotes catching animals and locking them up in tiny cages, and that it gives kids the idea of making their pets fight until they faint is fun. Ridiculous.
      I grew up watching animes like DB, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailormoon and such, and they contributed to my childhood being absolutely wonderful, honestly.

      1. I criticize Shonen anime in general. DBZ is just one of the front runners and so takes the brunt force of the criticism. I personally like some Shonene like Naruto, but I do not believe it is suitable for younger boys (even though it is marketed towards them).

        The image of being “male” is so convoluted in society today that boys are growing up with the mentality of children, are having body image issues, emotional issues, and other mental problems. A LOT of the problems are linked to how we represent males in children shows. Men (especially dads) are depicted as “dumb,” but “funny” and men are depicted as always saving the damsel in distress, so women are “prizes” to win after a long hard-fought battle.

        We encourage women to be studious, kind, appreciative, intelligent females, but don’t do the same for me. More women are in colleges across the U.S then men, because of this. We aren’t encouraging males from an early age to be the type of person they should be IN REAL LIFE. We are showing them how to act like instinctive males (which was acceptable in the past), but then criticize their every move when they step out into the real world.

        Males should basically be taught the same way women are taught. With characters that reflect the way males should behave in society. No pervy tendencies, no impossible muscles, has average to great intelligence due to hardwork and determination, is respectful towards all women, is generous, not worried about masculinity, a bit feminine, patient and not hotheaded, etc. And the bad guys should convey the opposite attributes, but are punished for doing so.

        Does EVERY show need to be like this? No, of course not, but it would benefit society greatly if television shows developed this characterization of males.

    5. Seriously? That’s what you got out of the show? You must have skipped Dragon Ball. It is all about doing what is right, protecting the oppressed and using your powers for good. Goku and the Z fighters are no different than the Justice League or Avengers. What you are describing sounds much more like God of War or Gears of War.

      1. You see that now as an older person, but as a kid all you absorb is the violence. It is what you become interested in. Noticed how a lot of guys, even to this day STILL find they are most excited when it comes to the violent aspects of movies and television shows. “I watched Transformers to see giants robots fight,” “I only cared about the fight scenes, they were pretty good” are very, very common lines said by males when watching movies or television shows if the show itself is not very sophisticated.

        That right there tells us something about the way we teach boys to react and behave. Violence is an outlet, has entertainment value, “is appropriate.”

        We should NOT be encouraging this.

      2. Yes let’s go watch Dragon Ball and have Bulma show off her vagina to Roshi or watch Goku’s curiosity on why Bulma lacks a penis but has breasts.

    6. Admiring the heroes? Well, I don’t mind my kids seeing Goku as the idea of a man.
      You seem to be againist judging people by their looks, yet you ignore the fact that Goku’s a kind and considerate character.

      1. “Looks” are important too if they are unrealistic. That is where false body images are formed. The Disney Princesses might be well mannered girls, and Barbie might be an all American sweet heart, but the way they look instill false images in young girls heads in the same way Goku and other male superheroes instill ideas of male body image on young male heads.

  4. If this theme comes to Europe I will probably get it… and I know that themes are a rip off. I doubt they’ll release the theme with no DBZ game to go with it, though.

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  6. Forget the US :-) LOL, in Europe we had DBZ since 1986 and lot of people grown up with goku. France is the second country which consumer the most manga and animes. Toryama-san say several times that without Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain) DBZ would not be as famous… I am for an european release.

    1. Yeah, DB has been in France and Germany for ages long before the US. So if anyone should complain it’s Europeans. Then again I think the theme should be available worldwide as soon as possible.

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