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Nintendo’s Market Cap Currently At 24 Billion Which Is Highest In Four Years

We all know that stock in Nintendo sky rocketed once they announced their partnership with DeNA to produce video games for smartphones and tablets and their intention to launch a next generation platform, called the NX. However, it now appears as though Nintendo’s market cap is currently valued at ¥2.95 trillion, which is around 24 billion US Dollars. This is basically almost double what it was back in January.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord and Paidenthusiast

81 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Market Cap Currently At 24 Billion Which Is Highest In Four Years”

    1. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

      I understand why sales are important to gamers, but why should people care about this shit? Just play and enjoy the damm games! Oh wait, gotta wait 6 more months…

      1. Developing games is not free, you know. If there’s no demand for a certain game, they’re not going to make a sequel of it, get it? High sales means there’s big demand, like Call of Duty or Battlefield series.

      2. Because fanboys keep saying Nintendo is losing money but those same fanboys can’t accept the fact that Sony is in deep doo doo and the XBO need to hype because just like the PS4 the console is Still sold at a loss even if they sell more than the Wii U.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Odd. If it’s dead, how come I see games for it being sold? Oh wait. It’s just a Nintendo hater/troll. Nevermind & carry on, little one.

          1. What do you mean “that state”? Are you talking about when no one cared for Nintendo even though they were fine? Making the people think that Nintendo was quickly dying because of a stupid critic’s opinion?

            1. Not talking about Angry Joe (If you mean him). I’m talking about ever since they’ve released the Wii U they’ve been going down.

              1. No, I actually agree that Nintendo’s Youtube polices are stupid. I’m talking about the idiots like Michael Patcher

                  1. Its just as I said, name me one business of gaming that IS NOT, I REPEAT, IS NOT GOING mobile and then I’ll take back what I said. You claim me to be “doubting myself”, but its not I.

                    1. They are moving on.

                    2. Its more about the design and future consoles like the NX.

                    3. They don’t want to lose what faith they have in fans, as rich from reviewteckUSA said “Don’t fuck this up nintendo”.

                    4. Yeah they are getting in the mobile department but that’s not what raised the interest at all, that is more of the DeNA’s claim and invest holders are wanting to see it through. (as for me, I fear this will end in ruin but lets see what happens)

                    5. If they are building from scratch on the mobile, then that is a very smart move. That just means they are back on track, just like they did with the 3ds…shames me to say it, but yes. As I said before, its not just mobile, there are lots more reasons behind it. Maybe more than I can think of that you are not seeing.

          2. Every video gaming company is heading in this direction towards mobile gaming. Nintendo didn’t have a choice. They talked the talk, but were bullied economically into simmering down.

            Ubisoft has headed that way, Activision, EA, SEGA, Capcom, Sony, Microsoft. All the video gaming companies are entering the mobile market or have been there for a while. It’s just a necessary fact of life at this moment in time. The market has changed.

      1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

        Your butt is salty and hurt its funny hahahahahahaha. 1889 todate, make hearts happy.


    1. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

      Nintendo will be doomed if they keep making more price of sbit consoles like the Wii U lmfaoooo!

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>You’re just butthurt you didn’t get Battlefield 4 and other misguided games on it>>>

  1. Nintendo releases a unique system the market disagrees with it the fans like it fuck the market fuck the mainstream video game market fuck you fucking fucks

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    Happy 26th birthday gameboy you are and will always mean more to video game history then sony and microsoft.

  3. I actually timed my trade perfectly and sold at it’s high when it peaked that day. I was hoping to buy back in but it has remained high (though lower than where I sold). When people start piling into stocks they can run for awhile. I was being too cute. Still a great trade. Mobile news was huge but a new console would be even bigger especially if it had 4K..something the others can’t do as it stands now.

    1. You do realize even gaming PC don’t really play 4k, unless you put thousands of dollars into it, don’t expect 4k consoles to happen next console generation, maybe 1440p 30 fps

  4. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Everything is quadrupling ever since they created me, their wisdom and power goes a long the path of the Fourth>>>

    1. I can assure you wii u games will still be coming out after nx is out plus it wont be showed off for a few years and after that it wont be on the market for a few more years. . . . Enjoy waiting almost 4yrs or more

    2. LOL I think it’s still worth it. Who knows when Nintendo NX is officially coming out. Might be 2-3 years for now.

      IMO, I regret buying PS4. All games I play are also on Steam. Wii U and PC and I’m all good to go.

  5. Kinda makes you chuckle at all the people that were laughing at Nintendo because they were “slowly dying”.

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