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Splatoon Was Inspired In Part By Perfect Dark

In a recent interview with Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami it was revealed that Splatoon was inspired in part by Rare’s cult classic Perfect Dark. The revelation came when Nogami told Games Radar that Splatoon director Yusuke Amano spent most of his college years huddled away playing Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64.

The development team is made up of people who play games a lot, and among them are people who play shooting games a lot, including Mr. [Yusuke] Amano, one of the game’s directors, who I’ve heard has spent his college years playing Perfect Dark.

As game designers who play games, you can’t really help observing things you like and don’t like, and having those have some degree of influence on your thinking. The best way to express this is that it forms a base of thought that you bring into game development, but it doesn’t directly influence the game development.

31 thoughts on “Splatoon Was Inspired In Part By Perfect Dark”

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Somebody please tell me! I played this game for TWO YEARS without an expansion pack, and it was one of the best games I owned. Even after being stuck in the Combat Simulator. The first day I inserted an expansion pack changed my life. It was all story mode from there! And the later stages of the combat simulator made me a killing machine. Didn’t like the sneaking missions though.

  1. I smell a fucking lie. Where the hell is the inspiration? All see is a mixture of super Mario sunshine, with a little mario galaxy vibe in there, and fucking squids.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Goldeneye=Perfect Dark! Neither was better or worse than the other. If you played Goldeneye but skipped Perfect Dark or vice versa, you were missing out.

  2. What? Those games are completely different…

    Anyways, whenever I see Perfect Dark as a subject of anything just increase the pain I feel when I remember Rare going away back in the day.

    1. bots, co-op, challenges, superior weapons, superior campaign, superior multiplayer.

      Nobody with a brain would define Goldeneye as the better game.

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