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New Details For Yoshi’s Woolly World As Well As Screens Of The Gorgeous World Map


We’ve now got some lovely new details regarding the sumptuous Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U. As well as the new details there’s also a number of screenshots that have been released which perfectly showcase the game’s gorgeous art style.

  • Enemies cannot be simply unraveled with Yoshi’s tongue, but instead have to be bested by first being bound in wool and then jumped upon
  • Enemies with the likes of Shy Guy, Nipper Plant, Lakitu, and Gusty
  • Every enemy has been rendered beautifully to reflect the artistic style whilst retaining the look and feel
  • Yoshi has a more traditional health bar and takes damage as you’d expect him to able to recover health by collecting hearts that have a distinct resemblance to the jumping star collectables from previous Yoshi games
  • Handles essentially identically to previous games in the series, with Yoshi’s iconic tongue being his primary method of despatching enemies
  • Yoshi doesn’t consume enemies and turn them into eggs, rather he unravels them and turns them into balls of wool
  • Can be used to bind larger enemies made of materials other than wool, create warp pipes, boxes, platforms, and many other parts of the world to help Yoshi achieve his goal
  • Also uncover hidden areas simply by unraveling them via a loose bow, revealing secret passageways or hidden items
  • Plently of collectibles throughout the journey
  • Flowers allow you to achieve 100% in a stage and access a mini-game to garner more Beads
  • Beads are used as a generic currency and can be used to buy special badges that can assist you in a level
  • Stamp Patches are used to unlock Stamps to use on Miiverse once a certain amount have been collected
  • Collecting all five Wonder Wools in a level unlocks a new Yoshi design to use throughout any and every level should you so desire
  • Ranging from Flower Yoshi and Circus Yoshi to one that’s based upon the Shy Guy enemy
  • Yoshi can transform into an umbrella, a mole, a giant version of himself, and a motorbike
  • These transformations occur a few times per world and task you with reaching a goal within a certain time limit, or face having to restart it all again
  • Mellow Mode doesn’t remove all the challenge from the game
  • Difference in Mellow Mode is that you control Winged Yoshi whose Flutter Jump is replaced by the ability to float at Yoshi’s current height indefinitely
  • Easier to play in this mode, but you’ll still take damage and failing a level is still a very real possibility
  • You can have a friend join in the fun as a second Yoshi
  • Run around simultaneously in an effort to reach the goal, and should you run out of balls of wool, one Yoshi can be used as a short-range substitute

Thanks, Kyle and Gamerprince1999

77 thoughts on “New Details For Yoshi’s Woolly World As Well As Screens Of The Gorgeous World Map”

  1. This game looks heavily inspired by the Kirby games. The way Yoshi transforms into different things to traverse a level and the way the level designs are and how the Shy Guys are throwing bombs and the mini-games at the end of stages and the colorful cutesy environment PLUS Kirby was once made of yarn and this is Yoshi mad of wool.

    Very very similar things going on here. I like it though. I’ve always been a fan of the Kirby games!

    1. All I could think of was Epic Yarn when reading this. Yoshi’s Epic Yarn. Oh well.

      When the hell is E3 or anything, we need some actual news up here man!

      1. E3 is on June 16-18 I believe… Which really sucks for me because I have a school camping trip from June 15-20 at my school, and they don’t allow phones xD (which obviously means no E3 news for me until 2 days after it)

  2. One of the many reasons I own a Wii U. The creative artistic style and solid gameplay of Nintendo’s games are unmatched. Yoshi’s Woolly World will compliment an already amazing collection of exclusives. Fuck COD! Lol.

    1. My main problem with COD is two things: For one, each game is either practically the same as the last one with better graphics and possibly better online stability, and two, it feels as if they are slightly lowering the quality of each released game to lower expectations whilst keeping the popularity of the series. Because, seriously, if COD Ghosts came out with anything not at least something somewhat different the next game, that would have been the beginning of the end for COD, but Activision was smart in lowering expectations for the next COD after that and then they hit back with a game that was still better than Ghosts, but basically Titanfall without titans and with COD traditions, which kinda feels lazy to me.

    1. Shut up you silly nig you too poor to play video games can’t even buy a used white 360 for $20 broke ass nig ga

  3. I really want to like this game, so I’m seriously hoping it won’t be too short or not challenging at all, like it’s been the case with some of Nintendo’s recent games.
    It’s so cute and reminds me a lot of Yoshi’s Island on the SNES, which is one of my favourite games on the platform, so here’s hoping it will turn out as good as it looks.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>I can’t remember where I’ve read it but I think this Yoshi game would have more challenge than any other Yoshi game to date. although I don’t really like easy games, this game sure does look like something to relax with when you’re bored or in need of a comfortable time>>>

      1. Yea, I actually remember reading something like that too, now that you’ve mentioned it. Let’s hope it’s true.
        And about the relaxing thing, I believe a game can still be relaxing in some sense even if it’s a bit tricky and difficult. I just really can’t stand it when a game is not challenging at all and you can just breeze through it with ease, ending up having 20+ lives at the end of a world or something. Makes me regret spending so much money on a game if I barely need to put any effort into finishing it.

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I sometimes regret buying Captain Toad earlier than I wanted to, but I still bought it for a bit cheaper because of bonus points I had in some swedish site>>>

          1. Yea, I know how you feel, I’ve had that happen to me too a couple of times, with Mario games in particular. Super Mario 3D Land probably was one of the cases I was most disappointed with; I bought the game on release day and it was so ridiculously easy, I actually returned the next day or so because I had already finished it. It’s the only game I have ever returned in my entire life. Something similar happened with Mario Galaxy 2, but I didn’t return that one, it wasn’t as bad as SM3L, at least. I even skipped school on the day it came out so I could play it all day, lmao. Good times.
            But anway. At least you didn’t have to pay full price for Captain Toad, your regret would have been even stronger otherwise, so you should feel lucky. :p

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>My biggest regret to date has to be NSMBWii and Mortal Kombat Armaggeddon, such disappointing games that cost more because of that damn pre-order fee GAME had or probably still have of 15E, I’ve never gone to them ever again since then>>>

              >>>Well SMG2 was entertaining anyway so Iguess it’s acceptable even though it might be too easy for warriors like us>>>

              1. Wow, you actually had to pay extra money for preordering? Sucks.
                And yea, luckily, I haven’t bought any of the New Super Mario games, hah. My close friends have them though, and since we lend each other our games, I still had the chance to play them. They’re actually not bad when playing with friends, both co-op and against each other can be quite fun, but playing alone really isn’t very entertaining, imo.
                About SMG2, I honestly didn’t like it all toooo much. It wasn’t a bad game, not at all, but I don’t know. I guess it came out too close to the original SMG, which I liked better btw. Probably because it was the first Mario game to be in space and all, and everything about it was just all new. And SMG2 was a bit too easy, as you’ve said. I honestly don’t remember how difficult I found SMG1, but I guess that means it didn’t bother me enough to stay in mind.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>Yes, I didn’t even know about it until I read it soemwhere in their page in very small letters>>>

      1. Shut up dumbass. No way you can look at a game like this and say the Wii U is underpowered when compared to last gen standards. Fuck outta here you loser ass troll

    1. Nintendo is for kids, that’s the mindset of most kids in school so most of them don’t have Nintendo consoles. Nintendo’s fanbase is mainly adults and a few kids here and there.

      1. Also while you are criticizing about a colorful game. A developer van do more with creativity than a developer who makes a game based on the laws of nature. You can’t do much creativity on COD. On COD the developers had no choice but to allow the characters to go putter space with space suits. Why? Because COD must obey the laws of nature. Mario on the other hand can go outer space with or without a space suit because he doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. Which is why Mario Galaxy is one of the best games created. Also Banjo Kazooie doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. DK doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. Zelda doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. Smash bros. Doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. Pokemon doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. Kirby doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. Mario Kart doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature. Now what can Rockstar do differently when GTA VI compared to GTA V besides make the cities larger and maps? The laws says if you shot out in public the cops will chase you. It has not changed since GTA 1 to now.

      1. There was no validity to that poll lol. Just go on Miiverse and you will see that it is 90% kids that play Nintendo WiiU.

        1. Miiverse is a second party. You can’t go by Miiverse. That’s like saying if you want to see how Wii u games sale go on Mii verse and count the people playing. Bullshit.

          1. So let me get this right, Your saying that using an actual real time app on the wiiu is not valid as a research tool BUT you can go on the internet and a poll is valid? You fanboys are something else I tell ya.

            1. Um it’s more accurate than miiverse. Unless you can get all 10 million Wii u owners to go to miiverse all at once. Just like you can’t use miiverse to tell how many games go on sale.

            2. Fanboys? Ignoring I said Nintendo was stupid when project café was in R&D in 2008 and the Fanboys attacked me. You can’t use Miiverse to determine shit. It wasn’t designed for that.

    2. “Mama, get me some chocolate milk. No mom! Strawberry milk is for pussy. God you got me killed mom. I hate you and I wish you were never born.”
      -COD Player

  4. Lol cod is trash unless it has a good controller like the wiimote and even then its still a shitty wannabe fps game for fuckers with no skill. Fuck bf also

  5. Teens think they cool for liking cod and gta its funny because a lot of kids from ages 7-12 play more cod and gta then teens and adults combined

  6. Leave the 2d side scrollers to the indies. Stop wasting valuable resources on this shit Nintendo. This might have worked as a launch title. Nintendo is one of the poorest managed companies I can think of.

  7. I really hope this game won’t be a letdown like Epic Yarn was.
    That game was ridiculously easy. And the fact that Kirby lost his trademark ability which Yoshi apparently did in this game as well didn’t really make things any better.
    Please don’t let this ship sink, Nintendo.

    1. Well, Epic Yarn wasn’t a Kirby at first, hence why it was so different. This on the other hand was meant to be a Yoshi game from the start.

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  9. The only Yoshi game I really had a decent time with was the first SNES one, and even that I probably wouldn’t put on my top 20 SNES game list. Yoshi Story was stupid easy and short and the music irked me. Yoshi DS I didn’t really like either, haven’t got to play Touch & Go yet. Topsy Turvey was ok I guess for a handheld motion game, or at least I thought it was better then some of the reviews it got. Have not played the 3DS one yet, but wasn’t that impressed with what I saw of it.

    Now for Wooly World I was at first not really interested at all, mainly because it looked to be a sequel to Story instead of the Island games. However, after seeing more screens for it I am starting to get a tad bit more interested in it. The visuals look good, I liked the unique art styles of Epic Yarn and Rainbow Curse so this looks to continue with a good idea of experimenting with different aesthetics. The main selling factor for me will be if the game obviously plays good, while I didn’t really like Story, I did think the basic controls were ok. The lack of egg throwing doesn’t really bother me as long as they have a good trade out mechanic for it. As long as this game is decently lengthen and at least challenging at times, I may just enjoy it (and would certainly buy it day 1 if they do a special bundle or preorder bonus).

    Also I really hope the soundtrack is good. With the exception of the first game I never cared for pretty much any of the music in the Yoshi games with maybe a few decent pieces here and there.

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