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Hyrule Warriors Sales Exceeded 1 Million Units Worldwide On Wii U

Hyrule Warriors has proved to be a lucrative title for both Koei Tecmo and Nintendo. The developer has revealed today that Hyrule Warriors has sold over one million units worldwide, which is nothing to be sniffed at. Koei Tecmo has also announced that it plans to create more collaborations this time with a huge western IP. Guess we shall find out more at a later date.

Koei Tecmo confirmed that more collaborations are on the way. One title in particular is being developed with the Western market in mind and is currently being prepared. Whilst no details are being given yet, Koei have told us to look forward to a collaboration with a huge western IP. Negations are still on-going and final development plan has not been decided yet. Koei Tecmo see growth opportunity in the western market after the success of Hyrule Warriors, Dead or Alive 5 and even Uncharted Waters Online.

  • Hyrule Warriors sales exceeded 1 million units worldwide on Wii U
  • Dragon Quest Heroes is approaching 1 million units in Japan across PS3/PS4. The overseas release is scheduled for later this year.
  • Dead or Alive 5 free to play editions have been downloaded over 3 million times whilst the latest version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round has sold 330,000 units across PS3/PS4/One/360 & PC.
  • Samurai Warriors 4-II has sold a cumulative 180,000 units in Asia across PS3/PS4/PSV.
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation has reached 300,000 units in Asia.
  • Hit mobile smartphone game, Nobunyaga GuruGuru Dungeon has seen cumulative 333,000 downloads across iOS and Android.
  • Toukiden Kiwami has been a hit in Japan and Asia with cumulative sales of over 200,000 units in the two regions across PSV/PSP. Overseas sales have been in line with expectations.
  • Koei Tecmo’s My Gamecity platform has reached over 700,000 members.
  • Koei Tecmo’s Musou series in Japan have exceeded 22 million units across all “Musou” series.

39 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Sales Exceeded 1 Million Units Worldwide On Wii U”

  1. Congrats to both Koei-Tecmo and Nintendo for reaching the 1 million goal on Hyrule Warriors!

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Link in some Triforce armor with red, blue, green, & gold colors would be awesome, so yes! MORE COSTUMES FOR HYRULE WARRIORS, DAMN IT!!!

  2. This isn’t surprising at all. Hyrule Warriors is a very good game so it deserved to sell well. Now Koei Tecmo, we (Nintendo fans/Wii U owners) gave you your most successful game in the ” Warriors ” franchise now it’s time for you guys to start giving. If Fatal Frame also reaches a million sold, there will be no excuses for you guys to not to start supporting Nintendo platform owners with YOUR own games

    1. Hyrule warriora is an average game as samurai warriors and dinasty warriors are but nintendo fanboys are giving this a lot of love. I like that im a huge dinasty warriors fan (since dw2 for the ps2) and this means more warriors crossovers and i love them but you are all showing how hipocrytes are… Is like when bayonetta 2 was released, most pf nintendo fans didnt give a shit about the first one but now is a fan favourite franchise… Okay… I do love my wiiu i do like a lot hyrule warriors but im not an hipocryte, HWis a guilty pleasure just as the DW games.

      1. Actually, I feel that statement is obviously just your opinion (and I respect that).

        Most Nintendo fans did not have the option to buy the first Bayonetta, as it was not on the Nintendo Console to begin with. So no one can actually be hypocrites and that statement of yours becomes invalid.

        “Everyone” who purchased the original Bayonetta had an XB360 or PS3.

    2. You do realize that a HUGE portion of people bought the game just because it has a bunch of Zelda characters? Some bought it because the Wii U lacks games and the smallest portion of people bought it because they thought the gameplay looked interesting. Do you think it would sell even half of what it did if it wasn’t Zelda themed and Wii U had a number of games coming out? If you think so, you’re fucking retarded.

  3. This is good news! I really wanna play this game once I get a Wii U! No doubt I’m buying it now after hearing about this! The game must be good if it sold this well!

    1. I bought it on launch and played it with a friend all day, it IS good. It will get tedious after a bit, but even then the fun factor remains. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    2. The variety of characters and collectables scattered throughout the game really makes it fun IMO. Being able to play as LoZ characters such as Fi was fun for me. The game is repetitive in gameplay, but the game itself, especially the adventure maps, are fun. :)

    1. All I hope is that they actually improve a lot of he things that didn’t work as well and keep the things that did work well, instead of being the usual graphics upgrade sequel with some more maps and story

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Like adding online multiplayer. Some of our peers here skipped the game because it lacked that feature. Apparently they haven’t seen how lame the matchmaking in Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper was. Whether Hyrule Warriors would have made it better or not is moot since we may never know… unless the game gets an update that adds it in… but I’m not holding my breathe for that.

        1. They need to add a “Tactics” mode that lets you command where groups in your army go to on the battlefield, and this mode would work best in a online scenario, if they were to include it in a sequel.

          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            It doesn’t need to be a mode by itself but be part of the main modes altogether. Before even starting the mission, we should be allowed to give each platoon in our army on the field certain orders to follow. If they are worried it might make the game too easy, they can just allow us to issue orders to other main characters on the field that usually travel by themselves.

    1. In my opinion, Pokemon gets enough love as it is. I think Fire Emblem, Kirby, or Kid Icarus could also fit the Warriors series more too. (Kirby might sound weird at first, but then think about it for awhile to see what I mean. Kirby could switch between different “weapons” or power ups during battles to become Fire Kirby or Ice Kirby and such. Also, I think Kirby has some good source material for Koei-Tecmo to work with.)

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  5. Daamn. Congratulations! I used to play the crap out of the dynasty warriors games, and this guy I know is always saying how kick ass this game is. Im starting to see what iv been missing. But, unfortunately I cant go in on one yet.

  6. “More Tecmo Koei collaborations are on the way and one with the Western market is mind is already being developed.”

    Metroid: Other M 2 confirmed? XD

      1. I would seriously do anything to see Anthony Higgs appear in another Metroid title. He was practically one of the more likable human side characters in the series if we don’t count the other Hinters.

    1. No. Out of the question. Absolutely not. Do not even THINK of suggesting that another game like Other M could be possible. Playing the original felt like ingesting arsenic.

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  8. *thinking out loud*
    Why, oh WHY did I have to accidentally delete my Hyrule Warriors save file? *sigh*
    All that work for nothing, and too boring to do it all over again.

  9. Good to know. Now come on and re-release the game with all the DLC with it and I will gladly add myself to that number.

  10. Wait. I thought it would reach that number within a month’s time. Damn. I didn’t even know nor begin to describe this performance. I guess people wanted the real Zelda to happen and that this is just a temporary offering that won’t last long in content and fun. No wonder I gave up on this game. XP

  11. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Yay..? Nah. It should be better. It should have hit that number many months ago. It would have been better if Japan was just as obsessed & caring of the Wii U as they are the 3DS. So, Koei Tecmo, did adding that greedy bastard wannabe fairy Tingle get you the huge fanbase for Tingle to buy the game? No? Hah! What a waste of a character. You really should have gave us Skull Kid with Majora’s Mask instead of Gringle, short for Greedy Tingle.

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