Game Informer Cover Reveal Is Disney Infinity 3.0

Star Wars is officially coming to Disney Infinity with Disney Infinity 3.0. The news was kinda leaked early last week but it has now been confirmed by none other than Game Informer. The game features Star Wars along side new Marvel characters. DmC developer Ninja Theory will be helping out with the combat aspects of the game, while Sonic Racing Transformed developer Sumo Digital is helping out with the racing sections. Should be good!


        1. So you can’t play as a character unless you have the figure? And people complain about Ammibos…

          1. People complain about Amiibos when the content is locked on the disc unless you buy the figure. The difference is that with Nintendo games that do this, the rest of the game can be played without it. With Disney Infinity, the game is entirely up front about having you buy the extra figures if you want to play as them, but the game comes pre-bundled with 2-3 figures right off the bat for you to play with anyways.

    1. Considering the popularity and sales of these things, the addition of the game to Nintendo’s library certainly isn’t irrelevant and can only help with its third party support.

  1. If all the previous figures are compatible with this one, I’m getting it.

    1. Disney Infinity 1.0 figures are compatible with 2.0, so I expect it to be the same with 3.0. Regardless, I’ll still be picking it up. Hulkbuster Iron Man figure? Hell yeah.

    1. Sure it’s Star Wars but it’s also INFINITY Star Wars. Like the last game was Marvel but it’s INFINITY Marvel. I hope they announce more Marvel characters not part of the Avengers scene. Let’s see the X-Men or Dr Strange. They don’t need a figure promoting their movies which seems to be how most characters are chosen to be in the games

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