The Next Game From Next Level Games Should Have A Big Emphasis On Story

We know next to nothing about the latest project by Next Level Games. The latest batch of information taken from an employee’s LinkedIn account suggests that the game will have a big emphasis on “story”. This basically counts out something like Super Mario Strikers, but still leaves us guessing what’s next from the respected development studio. I guess we shall hopefully find out during E3 next month.

Thanks, Don Billbo



  1. Metroid? Luigi’s Mansion? A remake of a classic game? A new IP?

    Next Level is a great studio. They could make any one of these games and I’d be happy.

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    1. It was enjoyable, but I feel like I’m one of the only people who enjoyed the first Luigi’s Mansion more than the 3DS installment.


    1. They can’t avoid a Spinoff title, if one out f many don’t want it. They’ll do it for the majority, not the minority. That pretty much goes for every developer.


    1. 1. It seems you don’t get other m it is simple really
      2. This was samus before she was all bad ass like a prequel in a sense
      3. I figured that out either as I was watching the playthrough or when I played the game
      4. Apparently that is too hard for people to find out
      5. It seems like in other m it was samus second time seeing ridley and she was still a child in many ways and a defiant teen etc etc
      6. I thought it was done really good
      7. The only bad thing for me was that samus was monotone until near the ending of the game


      1. The issues I had w/ Other M were mostly w/ its story. I haven’t played it since its release, but from what I remember watching:

        1. There’s an air of accepted sexism, which is bad enough in of itself, but Samus was subservient. Regardless of how green she might’ve been, her character would not stand for that BS. Hel, her superiors (militarilly speaking) should’ve either already been disciplined or discharged for that crap; yet in Other M, that behavior was normal. Had sexism been treated as another enemy for her to defeat, it would’ve actually added more depth to Other M’s story; instead, it was sexist & relatively shallow. Sadly, accepted sexism is tied to the Japanese culture & is only recently being addressed.

        2. Samus was given blatantly counterintuitive orders, which she obeyed w/ out any real resistance, & the player was forced to comply. In any other Metroid game, as far as I know, Samus loses much of her arsenal & abilities because of a crash, an attack, or a malfunction. In Other M, it was orders & her compliancy that prevented her from using what she had. Not only is that bad for her character & equality, but it felt like a flimsy mechanic that cheapened both the story & the gameplay. & while restraint can be beneficial, a lot of it was just plain nonsense. Even if every Metroid game just so happens to inhibit her actions in the beginning, @ least it’s out of her control & retains her strong disposition; not @ the mercy of sexism & stupidity.

        & 3. Too much story for a Metroid game. Both because of the amount & length of cutscenes, but also because it simply revealed too much, killing some of the mystery. & I take issue w/ an outsider writing an origin story, & the person(s) who approved it. Artistic freedom vs. an established IP’s integrity: Samus as a character lost.

        Of course, the story element in games is @ the bottom of my list. I enjoyed Other M’s gameplay, but others do take issue w/ that aspect, & I can appreciate where they’re coming from there (the camera angle was an odd choice, & switching to an FPS view could be annoying). But I do take issue w/ those who criticize Other M simply because it was not another Prime; diversity & spinoffs are healthy.

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      2. Her following orders & not going all out with what her power suit was capable of can easily be explained with the fact they don’t know if there are any survivors aboard the Bottle Ship & some of the power suit’s capabilities, like the Screw Attack & Power Bomb, would tear asunder most things which would include humans since we’re so fragile, but I can still understand the complaints about sexism since it eventually becomes obvious that there are no survivors on board aside from Madeline & Melissa.


      3. With that said, a reimagining/remake of Other M would be the best thing to do at this point since 90% of the Metroid fanbase utterly despises Other M.


      4. Huh, the issue of collateral damage does sound better. @ the very least, they tried to provide a different reason for the standard inhibitor (i.e. her suit malfunctioning).

        I think a reimagining/remake would be a good idea: take all the gameplay elements that worked, yet start all over w/ the story; almost a different game. But maybe put that & the more traditional 2D style strictly on handheld, while the 1st-Person Adventure Shooter (à la Prime, even Hunters) is solely for home-console. Just a thought, help keep both platform libraries unique, yet they both get Metroid & a few variants.

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      5. Exactly. Since some of us loved the finishers & some of us hated them, I think they should relegate the finishers to high tier enemies, mini bosses, & bosses. Having finishers for even the weaker enemies was kind of pushing it. >.< I loved the ability to switch between 1st & 3rd person so they can keep that but make it to where 1st person isn't stationary. In fact, I think for more intense battles like boss battles or when you are under siege from a torrent of enemies that 1st person should be a necessity & you have to switch to it in order to survive while the 3rd person is for less strenuous battles. Better yet, you can actually stay in 3rd person for the more strenuous battles if you want to actually up the challenge.

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      6. …You clearly aren’t familiar with the Metroid chronology.

        1. Metroid (Zero Mission)
        2. Metroid Prime
        3. Metroid Prime Hunters
        4.Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
        5. Metroid Prime 3 Corruption
        6. Metroid II: Return of Samus
        7. Super Metroid
        8. Metroid: Other M
        9. Metroid Fusion

        If Other M Samus was before she was a badass, this leaves her ONE game in which she is, and that’s Fusion.

        This is also far from Samus’s first encounter with Ridley. She witnessed him kill her parents, she has fought (and “killed”) him at least 4 times before Other M, in the original Metroid, in Prime 1 and Prime 3, and in Super Metroid, making Other M her fifth encounter. All of a sudden, she has a fucking panic attack upon seeing him in Other M. Are we to assume we were playing as a teary-eyed, mortified woman when we battled him in Prime or Super?

        Everything about Other M story-wise is un. For. Giv. A. Ble.


      7. Not to mention, Other M deliberately flies in the face of previously-established lore and events of other games.

        In Other M, Samus states this was her first mission collaborating with the Federation since she became a solitary bounty hunter. FALSE: she worked alongside them for much of Prime 3 Corruption, and many of her other missions we see in the games are issued (or at least suggested) by the federation, including her missions in Hunters and Fusion.

        The opening scene depicting the battle with Mother Brain in which she killed the last remaining metroid was NOT how it actually happens in Super Metroid, which takes place only a few months before Other M.


      8. 1. Yes I am familiar with the time line but you shohld know timelineds don’t mean shit in video games lol like how the official legend of Zelda timeline is wrong
        2. hey I call it like I see it samus looks young and is trying to get her shit together and adam is the father figure
        3. Like I said before it is like a prequel so it can be based at the beginning of metro I’d of something I obviously don’t know what they were going for with this game but I think it was good
        4. Pother shut the fuck up sexism is everywhere and you can bitch and whine all you want there is nothing you can do about it


      9. “sexism is everywhere and you can bitch and whine all you want there is nothing you can do about it”

        I can @ least express my condemnation of sexism. I’m not going to quietly accept injustice. Video games–among other mediums–can influence benignant change; conversely, they can also influence malignant change. I prefer the former.

        Video games, books, movies, TV…there are quite a few heroes & heroines to emulate, & their struggles–real or fantasy–are often more difficult. Sexism might never go away completely, but progress has & is being made. Of course, if you give up, if you fail to even try, then ideals too will fail; a self-fulfilling prophecy. But maybe I can help spark benignant change, or @ least keep the cancer from spreading. Beats giving up.

        Sadly, in Other M, Samus–usually a strong, female character–was portrayed as being weak when confronted by sexism & counterintuitive orders. It would’ve been fine if she was simply naïve; after all, Other M was a prequel or an alternate take on Metroid. But nope, that Samus & that universe accepted injustice, & w/ out the satire. But again, it’s been years since I played Other M, & the gameplay is what I remember the most. & on that fundemental element, I feel the game was good.

        “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”~Edmund Burke


      10. 1. It seems to me you are still whining and of course progress is being made but it still means nothing because for sexism is still here and will never go away
        2. It’s like taking a few steps forward but 10 or more steps back lol
        3. In other m samus was portrayed possibly how she was before because no one knows samus like talking about it that’s why time lines are useless in probably the majority of video games
        4. Samus was looking for a father figure or someone to keep her in check or something since she seems rebellious maybe even someone to tell her or pay attention to her to encourage revenge or even know she was alive
        5. Your quote means absolutely nothing in the real world there can be many different circumstances regarding evil or what is to be portrayed and believed to be evil since it is all a human concept


      11. “Your quote means absolutely nothing in the real world there can be many different circumstances regarding evil or what is to be portrayed and believed to be evil since it is all a human concept”

        By that logic, all morals & discussions are meaningless in the real world. The human experience, society, laws, words, & even life itself is inconsequential, both on this planet & especially in the universe & in the grand scheme of time. Even the really real universe & all that it encompasses is meaningless. Utopia, dystopia, heroes/heroines & villains, good & evil, chaos, nothingness…whatever; it’s all the same. Might as well erase our human perspectives & go back to swinging in the trees. Too bad AI is a human concept, unless it’s like Nature made an intelligent reptile, otherwise we could find a way to finally strip ourselves of all ethics & feelings & transcend into intelligent toasters.

        Other M, especially discussions regarding it & all “entertainment”, most definitely mean nothing in the real world. Certainly, controversy & errors are illusions of the ego. However, in a fantasy world–ah, that’s just silly to begin w/.
        Yet, I wonder: in a human setting, do human concepts matter?

        & it was Edmund Burke’s quote, not mine. He was a real person who had influence & was guided by a philosophy; yes, arranged by humans but born of natural selection over æons before homosapiens (or modern humans) existed. Animals, particularly mammals, have the prototype of morals; they can even share when given the choice not to, that includes rats.


      12. 1. Yes take away all human concepts etc etc
        2. You get what I like to call true humans which may be like in the genesis khan area or just ruthless beings who do whatever they want so yes it is meaningless


  2. >>>If this is the same catering as the rest of the imbeciles to do the west by focusing on story the most with mediocre to endless cinematics then no thank you, I hope you don’t go that way Next Level>>>

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    1. I don’t expect an experience like Uncharted or Heavy Rain so don’t worry. It shall be a good game and I expect it to be a new metroid for the 3ds.


    2. Big emphasis, not massive emphasis. I don’t think that Next Level will go for the ‘more story, less gameplay approach. So no worries about that…

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      1. >>>Sylux or I better make a return in some form, or at least my presence must echo through the stars>>>


      2. Ah,Prime Hunters.Such an underrated game with criminally overlooked characters.Weavel was my personal favorite,but Sylux was equally as good.Nintendo should really make a Hunters 2.Maybe then people will finally realize there’s more Metroid villains than just Ridley and Dark Samus


      3. Except for the fact they were all second rate villains where as Ridley & Dark Samus are the true big bads of the games they appear in. But okay. Lets just replace Bowser & Ganondorf in Smash with second rate villains Fawful & Vaati instead.


  3. Im really surprised that Metroid hasn’t been announced or revealed in some way. It would be amazing to get something like the old GC Metroid’s games mixed with the once hella fun Metroid Prime : Hunters for DS.

    I don’t know if that game did well or not, but the online battles were awesome. And the character attributes were well mixed. Not to mention wicked looking characters.


  4. Next Level Games apparently did have some concepts for a 2.5D Metroid for 3DS that played at a faster pace then the previous 2D games. I am gonna say I am 80% sure that is what their next title will be. The other 10% is for a new IP and the last 10% is hope that its a total reboot of a classic series.

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    1. I’d love a reboot of Ice Climbers. That way with the next Smash Sakurai can’t use the “they aren’t relevant” excuse as to why they aren’t returning. Oh & Takamaru!


  5. God I would love a Luigis Mansion for the Wii U. Imagine the gamepad functions they could implement, not to mention level design… Too bad it will never happen..


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