Nintendo Records Annual Profit In Latest Financial Results

Nintendo have published their financial results for the latest fiscal year, and they slightly pip the estimates for their net income. Analysts expected a net income of 30 billion yen, as opposed to the net loss of 23.22 billion yen the year before that, but this years net income was actually 41.8 billion yen. They expected full year revenue to be 550 billion yen compared to 571.73 billion yen the year before, but full year revenue actually came in at 549.78 billion yen. Most hardware just fell short of the estimates, but Nintendo 3DS software drove higher than expectations. The full details with the estimates and the results are here:

Nintendo Q4 Results:

  • Net Sales: ¥106.860 billion yen
  • Operating Income: – ¥6.834 billion yen
  • Net Income: -¥17.672 billion yen

Nintendo Full-Year Guidance:

  • Net Sales: ¥550 billion yen
  • Operating Income: ¥20 billion yen
  • Net Income: ¥30 billion yen

Nintendo Full-Year Results:

  • Net Sales: ¥549.780 billion yen (↓)
  • Operating Income: ¥24.770 billion yen (↑)
  • Net Income: ¥41.843 billion yen (↑)

Hardware & Software Guidance FY15:

  • 3DS HW: 9 million
  • Wii U HW: 3.6 million
  • 3DS SW: 61 million
  • Wii U SW: 25 million

Hardware & Software Results FY15:

  • 3DS HW: 8.73 million (↓)
  • Wii U HW: 3.38 million
  • 3DS SW: 62.74 million (↑)
  • Wii U SW: 24.440 million (↓)

Additional Information Q4 (Software/Hardware Shipments, Digital Sales, Cash & Equivalents):

  • Pokemon ORAS LTD: 9.94 million
  • Super Smash Bros 3DS LTD: 6.75 million
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U LTD: 3.65 million
  • Mario Kart 8 LTD: 5.11 million
  • Wii U HW: .35 million
  • 3DS HW: 1.65 million
  • Digital Sales: ¥10.2 billion yen
  • Cash & Equivalents: ¥915.293 billion yen

Nintendo FY16 Full-Year Guidance:

  • Net Sales: ¥570 billion yen
  • Operating Income: ¥50 billion yen
  • Net Income: ¥35 billion yen


  1. Hahahah all you cunts should give up gaming because nintendo isn’t going anywhere you only into video games to bash nintendo you fucking losers

  2. I always wonder where all that money that companies make actually goes? Probably pays for personal jets, mansions and sport cars for all employees. If only I could have just 1 million. *sigh*

    1. They save a lot of it. After the Wii era, Nintendo had so much money that they could afford to fail almost an entire console generation, then release a new console! Now, I haven’t looked at the numbers myself, but that’s what people thought of their numbers after the Wii era.

    2. It goes into R&D, Nintendo does not stop work on their newest console just because the latest one comes out.

  3. I’m impressed over how close their estimatings were. Spot on, I’d say, on all of them! +- a few thousand yen, at most!

      1. Software and the 3ds are saving them. Wii U is a sinking ship.

      2. At the end of the day, if Wii U Hardware and Software are turning in a profit, no matter how small, then it’s not a sinking ship. Yes, the 3DS is most likely the bigger contributer, but as long as Wii U turns a profit for Nintendo, then that’s all that Nintendo asks for…

      3. Too bad 3rd parties won’t use the massive amounts of money they make on PS4 & XBO multiplat ports to support the Wii U ports. I guess they can’t be as awesome as Nintendo to use the massive profits from their other ports to support the less selling ports. I guess paying for CGI trailers that show nothing of the actual game costs so much money that they can’t afford to support their less profitable ports.

      4. WiiU was the only home console that was making a profit. Until the PS4 offset its original sale console at a loss stand. Use your intellect for once and do not just bash a console because your home nation cannot make that Nintendo genius of creation.



        SAVING !!!!!!!!!!!!

      6. It’s not a sinking ship. Wii U hardware sales have increased year over year. The Wii U is far from a great success, but the term “sinking ship” does not fit the Wii U’s current situation. I would say the Wii U is a ship thats trying to sail up stream. It’s making very little head way, and at any moment it could turn around and sail back down stream…


    1. ‘This can’t be happening.’ Isn’t that your other Catchphrase…

  4. Go to the Nintendo life website, read the same story, they said that Nintendo also announced That project giant robot is coming out in the west, IN JUST A FEW WEEKS????? Is this a misprint? We have seen no new screenshots or gameplay elements, or anything on this game since it was announced last year, with no hype, or anything.

    I was very excited about this game at first, but I wonder if this is true or a mix up in translation.

    1. If that is the case, then it could be an E-Shop download title. If it will be in a few weeks, then it might very well be released after Nintendo’s E3 presentation. As ‘Project Giant Robot, will be released after this presentation.’ Type deal. Just like the Wii titles on Wii U E-Shop thing, where they announced that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be out after that Nintendo Direct Presentation.

  5. It’s great to see Mario Kart 8 sell so well. Plus, I wonder how many of the 5.11 million Mario Kart 8 owners have the DLC. I am pretty certain that the vast majority of those, myself included, own the DLC. I sure do hope that more DLC gets released in the future. Fingers crossed for an announcement at E3.

  6. Now they have Amiibo. Wait until the release Pokken fighters on the WiiU with Amiibo support. Nintendo is blessed, I personally prayed for them, so as we have real games and not broken nonsense like Assassins creed unity, and freeware FPS.


  7. They gained almost double what they lost last year…and people say they’re dying.

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