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Fire Emblem Awakening Has Now Sold 1.79 Million Copies Worldwide

According to a website promoting the music for Fire Emblem If, as of December 2014 the most recent game in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem Awakening, has sold 1.79 million copies. And now Fire Emblem If will be released on June 25th in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary. Do you think Fire Emblem If will do as well as Fire Emblem Awakening, or better?

Fire Emblem – Nintendo’s SRPG series that has been beloved by fans for 25 years. The most recent entry, Fire Emblem Awakening, sold 1.79 million copies worldwide (as of December 2014), and now, this world-beloved series’ latest entry, “Fire Emblem if”, will be released to celebrate the 25th anniversary.



    1. Fire Emblem is a niche series that never even had a million unit game before Awakening. 5 million is something the series won’t ever get to since the genre is still very niche.


  1. Awakening killed the integrity of the franchise. Dumbing down and casualizing the series, and pandering to the Fatlus otaku crowd.
    FE14 deserves to flop.

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    1. I disagree with you. I’ve been enjoying the Fire Emblem franchise since 2005 (not as long as many of course, but still, it has been a big part of my growing up), and I found Fire Emblem Awakening to be an incredibly refreshing improvement. For starters, they didn’t casualize the game- Hard/Classic modes still exist; now there’s simply an added casual option for people who like to play games at a more relaxing pace. Of course the fact that they removed some of the variety in victory conditions was a little disappointing, but even despite that the game as a whole offered a lot more than any of it’s previous installments. I’m certainly not a big fan of the whole “waifu” craze, but I’m not so close-minded as to decide that I actually dislike the game because of the fact that they’re catering to a wider variety of people. I’ll continue to play Awakening on Classic/Hard and Classic/Normal mode, and I’ll continue to enjoy it more than any of the other Fire Emblem games. Don’t get me wrong- I loved the previous installments; Fire Emblem 7 and Path of Radiance closely tied as my personal favourites, but Awakening definitely takes the cake now.

      I definitely don’t see how Awakening killed the integrity of one of my favourite gaming franchises of all time, and FE14 looks to be even more of an improvement so far- barring the whole ‘two separately purchasable routes’ thing, which does admittedly sound like a bit of a hefty money-grab. Still, I’ll wait before I pass judgement. It all boils down to how realistically priced the routes are, and how much content you’ll be getting for your money. If it’s all reasonable, then damn, I’m excited. It’s like two Fire Emblem Games being released on the same day.


    2. And yet it won’t, because pre-orders are already selling out in Japan and most likely Awakening fans will come back for this game.

      So screw you for being close-minded.

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    3. Wow. The selfishness of this comment. “They added easier modes! Boo! This game sucks even though I can still play it the old fashioned way! Boooooo! Flop, bitch, flop!”


    1. Yes because it’s not like Awakening allowed you to play the game the old fashioned way. As long as they still have the original way of playing them, why cry about the easier modes that will attract more people & keep this series afloat?


      1. lol Perma-death is still available if you choose to keep it & you can ignore the stuff that makes it easier by just going straight to the story quests. So again, how is Awakening not allowing you to play the game the old fashioned way?


      2. Only broken if you use the things that make it easier. If you ignore it, the game isn’t broken at all. Unless you’re saying you don’t have the self control to not use it.


      3. you can’t ignore mechanics of the game. game’s broken. it seems like if will be even more broken.


      4. Well if having more options that allow people to have an easier time is the same as broken, then it’s a good thing it’s broken. Perma-death is such a huge nuisance.


  2. What is Nintendo celebrating? According to SEGA “That is Weak” Nintendo should be closing studios, fire some people and going mobile¡ Making good games on a budget is not the way to make busine$$ in the videogame industry. What the fuck is wrong with you Nintendo? Get with the fucking times or GTFO.


  3. I loved awakening. It was just fantastic and I still have DLC to play. So glad I downloaded it. I’ll be playing it for years.

    I’m a bit worried about the upcoming FE, but then, I was really worried when they said Zelda would be Cell-shaded, and that turned out great. ;D

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  4. I loved Awakening, and will continue to support the FE series. I found the marriage system to be a fun inclusion, and never found the difficulty dumbed down. Hopefully FE: IF will retain that same greatness as Awakening did.

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  5. Glad to see Jaded_Drybones, DeJtheGamer, Sentinel, & Some bloke liked Awakening & aren’t being selfish by complaining about the easier modes & the removal of perma-death. Hopefully the selfish Fire Emblem fans are few & far between. I wish I could say the same about the voice chat haters that like Splatoon as there are way too many selfish fans of it. :/


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