Here’s Lots Of Off-Screen Disney Infinity 3.0 Footage For You To Check Out

Disney Infinity 3.0 is coming out later this year and FamilyGamerTV have lots of off-screen beta footage of gameplay for you to see and decide whether you fancy it or not. The video embedded above shows the toy box speedway, which shows the different types of races you can have and how they work. The videos below show different aspects of the Toy Box Hub and the Star Wars elements of the game. What do you think of the Disney Infinity 3.0 gameplay?


  1. Yup. Getting this one. Looks good. It will give me an excuse to buy a second controller too. (Assuming it has co-op.)

  2. I might actually buy this game. I’ve been needing an excuse to start collecting all those marvel figurines so this might just be alright, that is if I don’t get 2.0 on my vita first

  3. those tracks look really bad… and I really dislike the art style ugh.

    why don’t they make an epic mickey 3 instead. epic mickey one was so good

  4. I’m more interested in Lego Dimensions but goo to see they are trying to fix the problems of the previous games. It needs better online and Gamepad capabilities

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