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Here’s The Debut Trailer For Dragon Quest VIII On Nintendo 3DS

We have finally received the debut trailer for the Nintendo 3DS remake of the critically acclaimed Dragon Quest VIII : Journey of the Cursed King. Japanese Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to get their hands on the game on August 27th, but sadly there’s still no word regarding a western release. The port will add additional features not found in the PlayStation 2 original, including two new playable characters, new scenarios, full voice-overs. Dragon Quest VIII will also feature music by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

17 thoughts on “Here’s The Debut Trailer For Dragon Quest VIII On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. OOOOWWW not only are thay adding new characters but there also adding a new little story how the hero got to be in the castle OOOOOOOOWWWWW

    and not only that it will have voice acting unlike the one made for phones n shit WAAAHOOOO

  2. This is nothing new Japan got the good Dragon Quest games back in the 1990s the were anounced in usa for Snes for release that never got released in usa we will never get Dragon Quest 7 or 8 in usa yet we get ok games like Bravey Deavfault it makes me sick ….im glad we have emulators with english translations

  3. I guarantee the West will never see this game.

    Because that would make sense, and Nintendo doesn’t do anything that makes sense anymore..

        1. I’m “butthurt”? That’s your response to Nintendo’s region locking stupidity? You know, it’s fans like you that are keeping region locking in place. Fanboys like yourself are too afraid to stand up against Nintendo and voice their opinion. Instead you just blindly and ignorantly support everything they do..

          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            I so want to mention one such feature in games but I’m tired of that one sided debate. *cough*voicechat*cough* Oops… lol

          2. 1. I am definitely no where near a fanboy lol
            2. I just wanted to see if you would reply lol
            3. Of course I want many Japanese games
            3. Iwata has already stated he is talking to people about the region locking but will it happen who knows
            4. I have a good idea why Nintendo is region locking but I don’t feel like typing it
            5. I just sit back and see what they do but I don’t care what they do they are a company lol and obviously make the decisions whether you like it or not
            6. There main goal is to make money and to make more money put happy familiar faces people will come to like over time iwata and reggae and bill trinen and I’m sure there are other small ways companies have been doing for many years
            7. You should know that the fans change very little every once in a while
            8. I am a fan of some of their games but that is it as a matter of fact my favorite game of all time is metroid fusion and I still have the game and gameboy advance from when they first came out but I can’t play the game on the gameboy advance anymore because the buttons are jammed from me playing the system so much but I may get a ds lite so I can continue to play the game with a game shark
            9. I am playing it on the computer with the cheats lol and my main focus is to get a vita which has a lot of rpgs I want to play and which I have freedom wars and ordered a vita and will buy another tomorrow just in case because the first one is for repair so I bought a battery and a charger and a memory card

        2. Morrie looks great, and that other playable character looks like Aira

          Aaaaaaaaaaahhh this new and improved version of one of my fav games will probably never come to the U.S.! If only region locking didn’t exist. Owwwiee

        3. This trailer makes me so sad. Considering they haven’t released any of the latest dragon Quest games in the West this unfortunately will probably pass also

        4. DragonQuestenthusiast

          I would love to see even more playable characters. there is so much room for potential. They could easily make enough content to stretch this game out for another 25 hours.

        5. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Look, guys! It’s Hercule from DBZ but slimmer & taller! lol Anyway, if this game by some miracle makes it to the west, I can see myself using Jessica a lot for traversing the game’s world. Whenever I can use a female character in a video game, I take it since there are so few games that feature female heroines.

        6. I already lost every hope of ever see these games in the west. It’s not that important, but it’s just not cool. Damn you square enix and your pessimism towards the sales in the west.

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