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You Can Create “My Castles” In The New Fire Emblem For Nintendo 3DS

New details emerged today regarding Fire Emblem If for the Nintendo 3DS. You will now be able to build and share your own bases in the upcoming game. AS you can imagine the game will be a lot more social than previous Fire Emblem games. You can also use your Marth, Ike, Robin, and Lucina amiibo figures in the game and this will allow you to bring them into your My Castle area. You can then battle and interact with the characters. Fire Emblem If will be arriving in Japan on June 25th. We have yet to hear about a western release.

You’ll be able to establish facilities such as weapon and item shops in vacant lots, appoint comrades as salespersons, interact with allies, and interact with other players via StreetPass functionality. When you visit another player’s My Castle area, you’ll be able to buy weapons and items not available in your own land. You can also use My Castle to battle against other players.


  1. With all the news Nintendo is releasing today, it tells me HAVE to be hiding a lot of HUGE stuff for E3. HYPE LEVEL 900P AND BEYOND!!!!!


  2. “You can also use your Marth, Ike, Robin, and Lucina amiibo figures in the game and this will allow you to bring them into your My Castle area.”

    Except none of us actually own those fabled Amiibo. Up until I either have my hands on them or the non existent NFC cards, I won’t be getting this title. I need a full experience, and yes that includes Amiibo now for better or worse.


    1. You won’t be getting a game because… Marth can’t visit your castle? Forget the fact that the game has hours of other things to do, like actual strategy missions, building a castle, choosing branching paths, but because Robin won’t be at your castle, you claim the game is incomplete an not worth buying? That’s the completely wrong attitude to take towards amiibos. They add optional content, not essential content.

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      1. If I’m an avid collector but I’m hindered due to supply constraints, it leaves a sour taste. I like fully experiencing a title, especially this series, and Amiibo are now part of the gameplay experience.


  3. I just need Lucina, n I’ll get her cause FE is leet. I say leet not as Ninty fanboy but as a fan of the game style, dating back as far as we can go in retail here, then dating to fan made translations, dating back to shining forces for sega as well.

    But the guy before, who won’t get a game cause he can’t score a toy? Bwahahaha. There are people who still get the experience of eating and they don’t have arms or legs, get bent


  4. Yay! Another game I can look forward to not using Fire Emblem amiibo in because only a few dozen people can find the motherfucking things! Thanks for yet another middle finger, Nintendo. Hopefully they’ll stop being dicks with the amiibo supply by the time this game releases outside of Japan next year & I’ll actually have Lucina and can use her on this game. But I doubt it. Nintendo will probably just fuck us out of the figurines & force us to have to buy hundreds of amiibo card packs til we get lucky & find Lucina in it. Yay for card packs with random cards! *sarcasm*


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