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Fire Emblem If Download Size Revealed For Nintendo 3DS

Fire Emblem If requires 24,666 blocks to download from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. That’s a little over 3GB. It was recently revealed that players will be able to build and share their own bases in the upcoming tactical RPG. Fire Emblem If is set to release in Japan on June 25.


    1. I believe its just one. I might be wrong but Japan is getting the games in 2 different packages. Us on the west should have an even bigger file if the game is bought digital.


      1. Click on your icon at the top of your screen and go to account settings and you can change your picture there.

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      2. Is that edition for Japan as well? I was under the impression that that edition was only coming out in the west.

        As for the picture, you need to create a WordPress account.


      1. Umm no. Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 has almost the same file size near 5GB. Not even close to being that small like 3DS games.


      2. Mario Kart 8: 4949.8MB = 4.5GB Mario 3D World: 2397.3MB = 2.4GB

        You said 3D World is 1.8GB. Doesn’t even match to eShop info and since when 3D World shrunk in size? Last I remember the game was over 4GB at one point.


    1. Unfortunately, because of Nintendo doing exactly what Destiny did; releasing an incomplete game at full price going against their “Delay/Rushed games” philosophy plus being chat-less with stupid fucks defending it like no-lives without realizing that making it friends only eliminates their “rude players” excuse, is what making me second guess my decision to buy the game.


      1. Your loss bud. The game as of today isn’t completely perfect but is pure fun, most fun I have had in a multiplayer game in years. It does feel like it needs more content (modes and get rid of some silly annoyances) I sure give you that. But full price? It is being sold at £24 (about $32) in UK! I would argue it is half price compared with other current-gen titles. Destiny is still a fragmented game after 2 costly expansions.

        And then we have voice chat… unless you meant exclusively with friends, the feature is not really needed nor desired -the game has been rated for an audience of 7+ years, unknowns of that age should not be in direct contact with unknowns of older ages. It is just not a good idea. Depending on your age you may or may not understand what I am saying but still, it is called it protection and in all honesty it must be more applauded and less criticised. I don’t have children yet but if I had them I would want them to play something where they are safe from the crude outside world. On the other side kid and teen population in adult games is also the reason why people always mute everybody in Cod titles and similar.

        It will be really welcomed if added for only friends matches. Perhaps is what they meant by the only friends mode coming in August.

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      2. It is at full price in U.S. for what it has and misses..which is a lot.

        Thats what I meant about voice chat which should be in the game for friends only to rid the rude players problem because you’ll be playing with people you know. So that automatically resolves itself.

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    1. Because then they would have to charge you extra, plus you are not required to get the downloaded able versions. Physical copies work just fine.

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    2. Why not input flash storage into the system “8-16GB” with SD Card to make things easier or have a Cloud Storage service like Pokemon Bank.


  1. This game better come with both versions on a single cartage or that’s going suck. I don’t like downloading games, because they’re are too many things that can happen to them and I don’t want to buy an even bigger SD card. Only games I download are games that are on sale in the eshop, cheaper on the eshop, have a promotion, or are eshop only. I already have two separate SD cards for just eshop games. X(


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