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K.K Slider Hat And Outfit Confirmed For Super Smash Bros As DLC


Nintendo Europe has now confirmed that the beloved K.K Slider will kinda be appearing in Super Smash Bros. You will be able to download the K.K Slider hat and outfit as paid downloadable content for your Mii character. The K.K Slider outfit joins the Splatoon Inkling outfits and Link outfits amongst others.

Thanks, billyg83

23 thoughts on “K.K Slider Hat And Outfit Confirmed For Super Smash Bros As DLC”

      1. Same, I bet this sells more then the Monkey or Cat suits. Also they need to start pumping out the DLC characters!

        1. Space Pirate Initiate

          I get the feeling we’ll be seeing more info on DLC Character’s at E3. We know Lucas is coming out sometime this month.

          1. You have to learn, Windows is the best operating system… Though I prefer sticking to 8.1 right now… (Wish I could keep up with 7)

    1. Why would K.K. be more than other costumes? Nah probably not dude, dont be negative just for kicks.

  1. Only being for the Mii character is a waste imo. I’d rather more costumes be for actual characters.

  2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    Ugh! I love the idea of more outfits for Mii Fighters but where are the bloody alternate outfits for Link, Samus, Ganondorf, Zelda, etc etc?! And I don’t want fucking palette swaps, Sakurai, like what you did to Samus!

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