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New Splatoon Update Brings N-Zap ’85 And New Map

Looks like today we’ll be getting a new update for Splatoon, which sees the release of the N-Zap ’85 as a new weapon, a new map called Port Mackerel and a brand new Ranked Battle mode to play! You can check out how these look in the gallery below. Looks like they’re keeping the game fresh with new content. How are you enjoying Splatoon so far?

57 thoughts on “New Splatoon Update Brings N-Zap ’85 And New Map”

      1. This would be awesome as a weapon to erase or “clean” all ink and install kills “dilutes” opposing inklings…. most likely would be a power guage weapon. I really like the idea. Perhaps they could have a Mario sunshine themed dlc pack too!

      2. This would be awesome! It could be used as a power guage 3rd weapon that wipes ink completely off and kills “washes away” opposing inklings immediately. Would be awesome if Nintendo did a Mario Sunshine themed DLC pack. I’d pay for it.

    1. I just hope that the update for the uk comes very soon as im looking forward to taking on the rank matches

        1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

          I haven’t gotten the game yet. Waiting until next week to pick up. I would buy it digitally but I don’t think I have enough Damn space for it. Unless I delete that lame ass injustice game.

          1. Get a USB storage. You know you can get the 16GB at Best Buy around $12-15 tops.

            As for the game, probably wait a while because at its state with barebone content at full price, I would just try to find one at $50 or wait when all of the missing stuff is updated.

            1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

              I can’t fucking wait though. My wii u is dry. I haven’t had a new Damn game since smash and Bayonetta. My wii u is literally starving for splatoon.

                    1. Why would any person with any intelligence on this matter, hate to hear any of this?

                      Is that supposed to be a bad thing, when Samsung is making most of that money. How many times do I have to educate people on this matter? I’ve told you Samsung manufactures many of the chips and processors used in the iPhone and iPad. So again the iPhone selling more, doesn’t make a damn difference, or prove anything at all. I don’t even own a Samsung phone, and I know all this.

                      How the fuck you people can spend so much money on something, without even knowing its origins or how it was made, is so sad to me. It really is, that is why every couple months, everyone, including Apple release a product that isn’t much different from their next, because they know so many of you fools buy this crap without even caring or knowing what was actually improved or what’s inside of what you buy.

                      Most people could careless if it was a fucking piece of shit with a brand stamped on it, as long as everyone else had one, it would sell… That is the society we live in.

                      So all of you, whether you prefer iOS or Android more, just stop embarrassing yourselves. You act like either are superior to another when the smartphone industry is god awful period, and that includes everyone involved in it.

                      Sure Apple innovated at one time, but that time has long passed. Now everyone in the industry, including Apple does the same relentless bullshit, ripping their customers off with each iteration that has barely been improved from the last.

                      1. Actually, it’s design origin was from Apple. Other companies just supply other materials and mass produce the phones. I get how manufacturing works.

                        Believe me, based on you own similar feelings, I too am tired of the same nonsense myself. But why I would comment like this once in a while is to make other ridiculous fanboys squirm or either learn a thing or two.

    1. Well, that was quick.

      Glad to hear it though. Can’t wait to try ranked battles. And the new map, too.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        If you are going to troll, at least do it right. Learn to spell & punctuate. *long pause* You’re welcome!

      1. I wouldn’t mind some paid dlc sprinkled in over time too. Just flesh out the main game with free dlc, then work on added stuff. They need to add events on specific weeks to keep people invested too. Super fun game though. It’s blown my expectations away.

    2. It’s funny how people look for reasons not to buy a game. Bare bones is hardly a reason not to buy Splatoon. The single player campaign is a blast. The online mode Turf War is as addicting to play as Smash and MK online. The fact that Nintendo already has an update is a great sign of things to come. Summer will be a constant flow of new content. You can wait till August to maybe buy Splatoon, while everyone else will be leveled up to 20 and beyond. I’d rather enjoy Splatoon all summer than wait till the end of summer for new content. Splatoon is a great game.

      1. agree 100% but even if i wasn’t agree with your opinion it couldn’t matter because the thinks you said are facts and not a opinion and facts>opinions.. anyone got my point?oh forgot! Bad english alert

      2. Second that. It amazes me of the ignorance of people who knock the game or give a low score for being light on content when Nintendo has clearly set out plans for the free update schedule.

        If Nintendo delayed the game four months these ignorant people would be complaining of no releases or delayed releases. “There’s nothing to play on my Wii U…boo hoo hoo.”

        Splatoon is soooo much fun too play. I’m finding it just as addictive, if not more than MK8.

    3. Stranga doesn’t like it because it doesn’t come with Voice Chat or iOS because he’s pretty much a hipster

      1. WTF! I don’t need voice chat for temporary friend and I assume most Splatoon players are underage. Is he lolicon or some nasty pervert? No one iOS will come out for other product beside Apple.

    4. This game is a great example of how Metacritic is broken. The Toronto Sun (hoser newspaper) gives it a 4/10 and Time gives it a 10/10. The avg is in the low 80’s which is not where it should be. I haven’t played a game this addictive since the original marioKart.

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    6. So… is this world wide, or just US?

      Either way, I’m having one hell of a great time with Splatoon. This game is Nintendo at it’s best: they delivered an incredibly fun game. When I start playing Turd War, I go into it with the expectation to play “a few rounds” and when I want to stop, I usually end up playing another rounds and another round and another round and ANOTHER round, before I actually stop playing.

    7. Gotta say, I’m gonna wait until a few more maps and other content unlock before I buy it. I really didn’t like the way Nintendo released this game so bare. I will buy this game though, just a matter of time…

    8. Let me ask, can you at least change the time limits on 4vs4 mode? I mean are all the battles 3 minutes long? If so that really sucks..

      1. I’ve been holding out on buying it, but for other reasons. So I can’t say specifically. If you played the demo though, you know the matches cycle very quickly, so although they are short, it isn’t like your spending a lot of time in a lobby. If that makes any difference to you.

      2. They are but that’s fine. It’s so fast and frantic 3 minutes is all you need. Perhaps if they introduced very large maps then an extension to the time would be appropriate.

        And this is one of the reasons why voice chat is so unnecessary. You barely have time to check the map let alone speak to people. If your teammate is in your vision you see what they’re doing so you know what not to do. It’s so fast and energetic there is just no time to plan your attack. If you do you will lose.

    9. Cant say I am pleased that all of this content (at least weapons) that we knew about from before the game got released are not even in the actual main package and need to be added with updates through out the year. Doesn’t even matter if they are free, if they had the time to have the content confirmed before launch then it should be in the game. Really not a fan of how Nintendo is handling DLC, no matter how “good” the content is. There is something to be said for a game that is released complete with all of the content it will ever have or need always in one neat package and not having to worry about bits and pieces you need to scurry around collecting or paying for later on to get the “full” experience.

      Hopefully Nintendo has the wisdom to re-released this, Smash, Kart and Hyrule Warriors as best sellers some day with all the extra content.

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