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Check Out The New ‘Honest Game Trailers’ Video For Splatoon

Smosh Games’ Honest Game Trailers are often entertaining albeit a bit harsh, but that’s why we love them. The latest target to be put under witty scrutiny is Nintendo’s very own, much loved, brand new Splatoon. Highlighting all the little niggling problems with Splatoon, but also admitting that despite them, it’s highly addictive– which I think we’ve all discovered! Take a look at the honest trailer for the game above, do you think it’s fair? Either way, it just might give you a chuckle or two!

35 thoughts on “Check Out The New ‘Honest Game Trailers’ Video For Splatoon”

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    1. Haha, could you learn how to spell please? I couldn’t tell if that was an insult or not, because I could barely read it!

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                    2. Actually, he succeeded pretty gloriously. He posted a purposefully dumb comment in order to get people riled up, and now most of the comment section is filled with replies to him.

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                1. I think he is xD! You’re the mature one here and a few other’s of course. Hope to see you here in the comment sections more often! :)

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  2. i can agree on the things he said XD
    and if the game had voice chat ill be banned atleast twice a week :p my language became more vulgar as i progress with the multiplayer and i hate those damn rollers and .50 gal >~< ITS LIKE THEYRE INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!

  3. Wait, there’s no map selection for online multiplayer? And did I only see 5 stages? On top of It’s already lacking basic online functions and launch DLC, It’s not like Nintendo to release such an unfinished product.

  4. yea.. yet they didn’t trick us nintendo said it that its missing thing and are gonna come with free “dlc” well 2 weapons and 1 stage is already out in 1 week

  5. I appreciate online multiplayer, but I think the solo campaign should have a lot more content. Sixty dollars could be used to purchase many great titles. I might wait for a sale for splatoon because their are many games releasing this year for many platforms, and I prefer local multiplayer features to online imo. Who knows if online multiplayer will still be functioning several years later since Wii and Ds consoles lost their online features.

    1. This game isnt worth 60 bucks spend your money on some other titles i recommend Sonics Genesis Collection for Ps3 or Xbox 360 its cheap

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