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Humble Nindie Bundle Finishes Selling Over 82,000 Bundles

And it’s closed! The Humble Bundle offer of paying whatever amount you want for some great indie Nintendo games has come to a close, and seemed to be quite the success. Apparently, they sold 82,500 bundles at an average price of $9.18, which estimates that they made around $750,000. Not too shabby! Hopefully we’ll see the return of the Humble Bundle or something similar soon. What did you think of the offer?


    1. Why you gone donate roms should be free dude like music and food save your money bro you might need it….theres some good emulators on google play for android that let you use physical controllers….dont let these japs take your money dude


    1. It wasn’t on the Wii U or 3DS E-shop you needed to go to the the Humble Bundle website and then enter your billing information and they sent a email with the E-shop download codes to you via Email and then you redeemed them on the E-shop but it was helping out the organization and the games developers so I think it was pretty good!


      1. Why buy these crapoy games you can get better games for free on cell phone and connect physical controller


  1. It was an awesome bundle. I had never even looked at The Fall but now that I’ve played it I can’t wait for the next part to arive!


  2. I paid $15 for this bundle
    I already owned most of them
    Except for whoa dave!
    So i did spread the wealth with those who didnt already have the games.


  3. I already a some of them, but the deal was too good to pass up… I got all of them for the price of one of them, basically.


  4. Not a bad number, but I think it could have done better. I didn’t buy the bundle since there wasn’t games I really wanted. If Shantae or Retro City Rampage was in there, I would have bought it without hesitation.


      1. Well, I’ll be lying if I said you didn’t had a point there lol however, there are two other factors that could have lead to better sales:
        1) No region-lock.
        2) Better games to choose from (especially since their indie titles).


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