Get Your Questions Answered From The Nintendo World Champion

Do you have burning questions for Johnny Numbers, the official 2015 Nintendo World Champion? Head over to reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) to drop a question and you may get it answered.


Offering proof that this newly-created reddit account was the “real deal,” Johnny posted the picture above (for the uninitiated, that Nintendo 3DS was one of the Nintendo World Championship Finals’ rewards). While Johnny has just gotten the thread started, the reigning champ mentioned that he would not be replying until after he got home from his flight.


    1. gotta say that those last levels on mario maker….wow! this guy is a F*uckin pro!!!
      and Im glad he won and no one of the others posers youtubers

      1. >>>Indeed, it’s warriors like him that makes me continue fighting for the cause>>>

        1. Ooooh man i couldnt watch the end because of ny college timetables… Do you know where i can watch the super mario maker part? I had to go when it started

  1. How do u video game? How does one expand dong? How do you internet? Why does sxrillex suck so much? Why does red meat turn brown?

              1. Why do people record “aliens” peeking into they’re windows instead of taking action and bagging they’re next door neighbor for screwing around! ?!?!

                  1. (Oh that’s a good one actually)

                    Where exactly is the Danger Zone? And why is he even going there! ?!?!

      1. >>>He presented backwards compatibility for the Xbox Done a while ago and seems to be the only one presenting anything of a worthy opponent’s weaponry>>>

        >>>But I’m satisfied as the Electrons, Ubisians and the rest of their mongrel inbreeds of friends made this conference incredibly boring and shows games already announced last year for the most part>>>

          1. >>>Watching the Electron Leader was like watching Hitler talking and about 85% was FPS games as usual while the rest either sports or newish>>>

          2. >>>The best part was when they started showing this jungle that had this cartoon like vibe, it felt like Banjo or Conker, only to fool everyone and was revealed to be some sort of pirate game ahahahahaahahah>>>

            1. haha what?! when was this X’D
              maybe they were thinking hey black flag did good we should also make a pirate game!
              what developers?! pls! XD

              1. >>>Seriously?! The Electrons invited Pelé as a guest to promote their garbage Fifa 16, I mean really, how low can you get?>>>

                1. Haha you’re kidding! XD EA has to stop! They’re making the gaming world look bad and setting bad example to other developers. And really another FIFA? Like the “next gen” FIFA they put out wasn’t enough!

      2. >>>Our empire already won by just showing Starfox tomorrow, our enemies are just useless enslavers with cattle followers liking cars instead of games>>>

  2. Welcome to The Numbers Game. Congrats to John “Numbers” Goldberg for winning the Nintendo World Championship!

  3. You’d think that Nintendo would have had a special NWC 3DS for a prize instead of a boring black one.

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