Here’s Some Footage Of The Gorgeous Fast Racing NEO For Wii U eShop

Shin’en has finally lifted the lid on Fast Racing NEO and given us some adrenaline fuelled footage to look at in 60fps. The company has confirmed that the game will arrive on the Wii U eShop this year and it’s certainly looking promising. Hopefully we will see more of Fast Racing NEO at this week’s Nintendo Digital Conference which takes place on Tuesday at 5pm BST.


  1. Looks pretty good. I just wonder if that’s actual gameplay footage or just cutscenes. I’ll hold judgement till I see more and decide if this is our Project Cars substitute.

      1. Fuck Reject Cars. Now it’s just another Kickstarter con on Nintendo fan’s expectations for a good third party. All of them are just taking advantage of them and when the new system comes, I hope the fans still don’t forget what they all did and kick them fuckers to the curb when they decide to release actual good games, crying for our support again when they don’t deserve it anymore.

      2. actually they used a different method to raise money for the project, it wasn´t kickstarter but it was something similar… and many WiiU fans helped them because at a certain point of the game development it was schedule for release only on PC and WiiU

      3. Different method my ass and doesn’t matter what fucking method they used. They conned many Nintendo fans money for a false game release bullshit. Wii U version was never gonna happen. I suggest the fans better start commuting threats of lawsuits to get their money back if they were tricked to give money for that lie.

      4. Those who pledged money are allowed, at any time, to get their money back. Also, please stop making this a Wii U owners outcry. PS3 and 360 owners dealt with the same thing, but unlike that situation the Wii U version is not confirmed to be dead. You are overdramatizing this.

      5. You don’t fucking read do you? They did cancel it and should be while refunding all of the money they falsely solicited; all just to wait for the NX reveal which won’t be mentioned until next year or 2017. Face it, it’s there BS excuse to dodge themselves from saying “it’s canceled”.

      6. I do read. I read exactly what they posted on the forums and it was along the lines of ‘we’re struggling so we will wait and see about hardware announcements at E3 (they never mentioned NX until they answered a specific question on it, contrary to what was reported). If not we will try again but to make it work a lot of features (effects, visuals) must be removed or downgraded and tire physics must be downgraded to pre PS4 and XB1 development’.

        Basically, the best they can manage is 720p 23fps after attempts at optimizing the game. They didn’t work so they are stuck.

        Rather you are the one who didn’t read about this. Instead of reading one secondary source how about going to the primary source and doing your homework before talking smack about it to others.

      7. I understand your grip with regard to Project Cars. But let’s be reasonable and understand that one thing os one thing, and another thing is another thing.

      8. Asswipe, they conned Nintendo fans money for a game that was never gonna happen on Wii U. Hell, the port probably never existed in the first place. They fucking lied millions of dollars out of the fans pockets and for what? Open your fucking brain.

      9. You obviously dont know about the updates the developers gave on the Wii U build… They provised early insight into what the Wii U was able to handle, just like Shin’en, especially because Nintendo was keeping a closed lid on it.

        Read up on the actual development of the game or read the posts on their forums. There were supposedly only a few dozen or so active Wii U owners who backed the project. The pledged amounts by those who did give money to the project, for a Wii U version, probably wouldn’t even account for more than (optimistically) $100,000 let alone a million or more.

      10. Lol people act like Wii U owners are the only reason that Project Cars exists.

      11. Its really annoying how people are acting like this this now. I was looking forward to buying it on my Wii U too, but rather than act like a child and complain and hate rthe developers, I investigated the matter… It was a good choice.

      12. I never aknowledged the funding thing. I was talking about gameplay wise.

        Calm down, lad.

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  3. What?! This can’t be! 60fps again?! But…..but….but last Gen hardware! I hate idiots.

      1. Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, not even your precious flammable Xbox One (again, a dumbass name) that couldn’t even push past 800p period. lol what a disgrace.

      2. Yet somehow they’re more aesthetically pleasing than anything Sony or Microsoft have to offer.

      3. And you were too busy still being stuck at level 14 in BF3 for years. Who’s the joke again? Oh yeah. Martin Luther King still is?

      4. Mario Kart nor is Splatoon 1080p. The only confirmed 1080p, 60fps games on the wii u are Smash Bros. Rayman Legends and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which cannot even maintain a steady 60fps. So, realistically, Smash Bros and Rayman are the only Wii u games at a stable 60fps at 1080p.

      5. And yet, still deny that Wii U can do 1080p when you just said it. Doesn’t matter of what or how the game looks. PS4/X1 still has issues to pull it off even with there BS “PC” horsepower.

      6. A side scrolling 2D platformer and an on rails camera motion brawler getting 1080p 60fps isn’t technically impressive. Monster Hunter 3 is the only open world game on Wii U that is 1080p 60fps but it cannot even maintain 60fps. Apparently it sticks around 40fps.

        So no. Just because some other games can do it doesnt mean other can. You have to consider more than that. How the game is suppose to use the hardware, when level of details are involved in the game; the level design; the physics… So many things you are not considering. Project Cars boasts a lot of physics calculations. More than what the wii u can handle aa those would be floating point calculations. I forget if this is the Wii U’s weak point or not, but floating point calculations would require more qork than integer based calculations.

      7. thats true, but porject cars was aiming 30fps and this one is 60, so cut the framerate to 30 and likely is gonna match project cars, the game alreadsy has descent physics and graphics

      8. While you so concerned about resolution why is Xbox One still getting a lot of 30fps 2015. The people got weak mixed up. Wii U is weak in stupid when it comes to needing an outlet to handle a hardrive, can’t work 2 gamepadd. Barely can handle N64 virtual console. When playing DK64 a character on certain stages swimming and water, the Wii U has a tough time playing music and swimming and collecting items at the same time. If they thought about adding more gigs to the OS in 2008 then it wouldn’t be a problem. Also weak that the gamepad can’t identify the Wii games on Wii OS. That’s where Wii U is weak and stupid at. But graphically PS4 ain’t much better than Wii U.

      9. >>>You can’t even handle a Lv 4 CPU in Smash>>>

      10. Shoot most the “next gen” can’t handle 1080 and 60fps. Most ps4 games are 1080 30fps and many Xone games are 900p

      1. we never saw the wii u version so who know, besides the game is running at stable 60fps, so just cut the framerate from 60 to 30 and imagine how much better the graphics could be

    1. I’m assuming sarcasm because of the fact there are people that still believe the Wii U is last gen.

  4. I hope this game does very well so Iwata can acknowledge his mistake in choosing not to support an F-Zero sequel for the Wii U. Also, let this be a test to see how the controls are. One of his main arguments was that the controller didn’t lend itself well to the gameplay of F-zero, after all.

  5. Like I said, if a developer wanted to Wii U graphics can be on par to ps4. It’s just weak when it comes to can’t work 2 gamepads and weak when it comes to needing to plugs to handle a hardrive and weak when it comes to 1gb for the OS.

  6. Wow. I love it!! If gameplay is that gorgeous, I’ll def buy it. Seriously, who needs FZero if this game pans out? Looks Nintendo-quality. If it has online racing ability, i can see it being a hot game!

  7. Fast Racing Neo… Fast…F Racing Neo…F Cing Neo… F Ceo… F-Zero

    I can’t wait to see this game and play it. I hope it is everything we hope it appears to be.

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