Here’s Some Lovely Fast Racing NEO Screenshots

It has been a good couple of days for Fast Racing NEO fans as developer Shin’en showed off the first footage of the game in action yesterday, running at a blazing 60fps. Today, the developer has shared some luscious screenshots of the impressive and speedy futuristic racer. Fast Racing NEO will be exclusive to the ever-growing Wii U eShop and is due to be released sometime this year.


        1. It’s like a mix of Wipe out and F-zero, but if there are weapons then definitely Wipeout, if there is Captain Falcon, then F-Zero.

  1. Im buying this instead of Super Mario Maker,which is just New Super Mario Bros U with
    Editor Mode, how lazy can Nintendo
    be,instead of giving us Super Mario
    Sunshine 2,they give us this rehash.

    1. Haha! Super Mario Sunshine? Are you serious? Super Mario Sunshine was the WORST mario-game ever made. And i’m glad they don’t waste ressources on a successor.

  2. Realistic racers aren’t my bag, but it’s nice to cover the entire spectrum for those whose bag this be.

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