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Square Enix Apparently Have 5 Announced & 6 Unannounced Games To Show Today

Today, as I’m sure most of you are aware, is Square Enix’s E3 press conference. The show starts after Nintendo’s and promises to be something special. Kingdom Hearts Insider is reporting that Square Enix have five currently announced games to showcase, as well as an impressive six unannounced games. I know lots of you are hoping for some western release dates for the Dragon Quest titles, which are currently Japan only at present. We should find out soon enough.



  1. Now what sad to me.. haters gonna still try to hate. on such a good day. Even tho nintendo going to be revealing games for both handheld and console. unlike others… Wacth as the E3 for nintendo finally comes to a end. This site, aswell as other will be flooded.. all the hater gonna say is. Oh well ya still got no voice chat sounding immature & wii going to use the age old argument that once was use on us three years ago (example1) like those that library live up too the HYPE yet…lol

    Cant think of another ya can feel free to make (example2)


  2. “gay tok Then I must watch it for fun, it will be
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    How will it be better then Ubisofts conference when everything showed at Square Enix conference is ONLY coming to PS4 and XBox1,lol you must be retarded atleast Ubisoft is bringing Just Dance 2016,so you and Sickr can play together. lol.


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