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Rumour: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Project Has Died

Details about the long-awaited project of Beyond Good And Evil 2 are few and far between, and a reason why this might be is because the project is no more. Nothing is 100% confirmed, but according to Tamoor Hussain of Gamespot in this interview (at 7 minutes), the project is “abandoned”. He says key people from the studio have moved to work on projects outside of Ubisoft and he’d heard it’s gone, but he “couldn’t corroborate it enough.” Although, all the signs point that way.

18 thoughts on “Rumour: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Project Has Died”

  1. The nintendo magistrate

    only thing i didn’t like at the e3 is they milked Mario AGAIN! and after i gave that fat bastard one more chance! Well im sticking to Zelda, Fire Emblem and other titles.

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