Super Mario Maker Includes Pre-Made Courses

Super Mario Maker will come with a number of pre-made courses when it launches later this year. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, players will be able to alter portions of the upcoming Wii U game’s included courses in addition to creating their own courses from the ground up. You can also upload and share your courses with other players from around the world, as well as play levels created by others.


      1. Wow, I can’t believe it was that simple… I’ve been thinking about it for a week now, and concluded that my lack of English skill was the reason I didn’t understand it.


      1. They haven’t even gone yet. So how can to say who beat Nintendo yet? O.h wait, you can’t. You can say who did better between Sony and Microsoft, but you can’t add Nintendo yet. Wait until the Digital Event is over, before making claims on ‘Who won E3.’ Okay?


  1. It’s almost here folks! Get hype! I was pretty accurate with my Sony predictions and the Microsoft ones I said in my discussions. Lets see how well I do tomorrow!

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    1. 1. What are the better games to you and you already heard what the Canadian representative said they would be spending a lot of time on mario maker
      2. Unless if Nintendo canada has a different direct
      3. Of course they will focus on other games a lot that are releasing soon and only so much on games that are releasing just like every other direct and the past e3s duh dumbass

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      1. Well, delusional dumbass, there are plenty of other games better than Mario Maker, not sure why you would even ask that. Lol. And I’m just saying that they shouldn’t spend too much time on this spin-off game….
        Dumbass. :P

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      2. 1. Can you read lol I said what games are better to you
        2. You are fuckin stupid and can drink shit through a straw
        3. You usually from when I have read the comments sometimes make sense or you are whining or bitching about something
        4. Like tetrach said they will talk a lot about mario maker which will most likely be in the treehouse live
        5. So once again and read it slowly this time what games do you think are better than this game that you know of before the direct and of course games that are coming out this year and or you can answer after the direct


      3. >>>They are going to show if off that the Treehouse event, not Digital Event>>>


    1. After seeing the Nintendo World Championships where they displayed actual live gameplay of this game I got so hyped! This game is one of the most dope games shown off at E3 simply for how much creative freedom it will allow. This will be a game worthy of the Mario title. That’s for sure!

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  2. I want this game and all, but I hope they don’t show TOO MUCH of it on the already short Digital Event tomorrow.

    I’ll never forget the year they wasted half of their E3 Press Conference just talking about the casual NintendoLand. I think that was probably their last regular E3 before doing the Digital Events. One of the most disappointing E3’s from Nintendo.

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  3. I hope it comes with the ones from the Nintendo World Championships, because I want to try those courses out!!! Either way, though, I am excited to see what Nintendo’s cooked up.

    Mario Maker is going to be a hoot!!!


      1. I don’t think this game will need a sequel. At the very least, some DLC or updates.


  4. How stupid can some people be, to all you dumb asses who call yourself nintendo fans, you do realize it IS MARIO’S 30TH ANV.
    YES , THEY ARE GOING TO SPEND TIME ON THIS GAME. you people are so fucking stupid. It is MARIO YOU BRAIN DEAD FUCKS!!!! I am very excited for this game.


    1. Yea the game is cool and all but not e3 worthy this time… They showed it last year and we know a good bit about it. It deserves to be shown more in the treehouse events.

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  5. This is just New Super Mario Bros U with Editor Mode, how lazy can Nintendo be,instead of giving us Super Mario Sunshine 2,they give us this rehash.


    1. While I would prefer a Super Mario Sunshine 2, a lot of people are interested in this game and it will sell a lot. I honestly see nothing interesting about this game and rather not see too much of it today, but the majority likes it, and so Nintendo will appeal to the majority. Other amazing games will be shown today too though, so that’ll be great.

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