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Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Is Apparently A Free Download

Josh Thomas from popular YouTube channel The Bit Block has discovered that the recently announced Animal Crossing amiibo Festival will be a free to play title for the Wii U. So you certainly won’t be forking out for anything, other than the amiibo that you wish to use with the game. Interestingly the press release sent out by Nintendo of America just says that Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival will launch as a bundle that includes the game, two amiibo figures and three amiibo cards. Guess we get more concrete details at a later date.

Thanks, That Greyhound Guy

64 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival Is Apparently A Free Download”

    1. I would not call this free to play necessarily, if you need amiibo to play it. Generally free to play, means you can actually play the game to some extent without having to spend money on it first.

      If you get this free, without any amiibo or cards. You aren’t playing it.

      1. It’s almost worse. It will depend on which Amiibo. If it’s not compatible with Mario, Peach and Luigi, it will end up costing $100 in scalper fees to play. :/

    2. Star Fox with no online multiplayer mode. damn, online is cool and all.why getting butthurt on such thing? remember crybabies did not complain about splatoon because it has no voice chat… oh, wait…

      1. We need online, it’s not the 80’s anymore no matter how much I wish that era was still around. Super Smash’s excessive lag just shows that Nintendo is behind the curve.

        1. then why all the crying for a game if at this moment they say they are developing it as a 1 player experience?. They might consider adding multiplayer (do not know if online) at a later phase of development. most of the fans asked for a new star fox game and we wil have it.

            1. the multiplayer mode on star fox 64 3d was good. Yusuke Amano promised online on a future star fox, and i am sure he’s not on the project. the only hope you and people who want online is what Miyamoto said about including it at a later phase. did it say online multiplayer or just multiplayer?

        1. That’s true and I can see the appeal to that one. I’m sure that people will enjoy Animal Crossing as well. It’s just that…it’s not the same as the full AAA experience.

        2. Is it really? All I hear about is the number of downloads, which doesn’t mean much. How much money are they actually making off the game? I am just wondering. Be interesting to know, since many of the people I talk to who play it often, never spend a dime on the game.

          I’ve yet to spend money on it. Never will.

                1. I agree, if people can actually get hold of the Amiibo Required to play. I can’t get my Fire Emblem Amiibo, I can’t get my Xenoblade Amiibo, so I have games with locked content I can’t reach. With this game, I wouldn’t even be able to play. So… :/

        3. Irrelevant. Nintendo has serious Amiibo supply problems, bruh… So, “free” is hardly how I would catalog this game.

            1. When I see Nintendo keep ONE, promise, I’ll consider sharing your optimism. “We won’t repeat the software drought and lack of 3rd party with WiiU” comes to mind.

  1. Yay free to play! A game I don’t want but it’s free to play! Oh and I just need amiibo which as everyone knows are a huge pain in the ass to come by!!! So now I gotta jump through hoops getting amiibos just to play this free trash! Yay!!

    1. You don’t HAVE to do anything. I’m sure there are some kids (hint: intended audience) who will love this title though.

      1. Yeah. Kids that have parents willing to pay $$$$$$ for amiibo scalper prices. Right. How did everyone miss that until Nintendo fixes their cluster fuck amiibo issues, this is irrelevant??

  2. This is wrong. It’s not free to play. You are required to buy a bundle with 2 amiibo and 3 cards. So it’s still $60, but you’re technically just paying for the amiibos and the amiibo cards. Although that doesn’t average out to $60 since the amiibos are only $12 and the cards would have to be $12 each also to average out to $60 which we know they aren’t. This dude’s wrong.

    That makes me respect the game a little more. Also, it means developers can use the assets from this game to create a REAL Animal Crossing U. So I guess I’m fine with this, still doesn’t make up for the shitty E3 though.

  4. It’s less so free-to-play than it is finally a Disney Infinity or Skylanders or etc game that doesn’t require you to pay a large sum each year for just another portal. We’ll still be spending hundreds on the Amiibos.

    1. Inb4 Amiibos Festival 2.0 Wonderful 101 Superheroes Edition and Amiibo Tap: Giants requires a GamePad 2.0 for $69.99.

  5. I’m just so tired of this constant amiibo pushing on nearly every. single. game. The fact that games like this one are being made to completely revolve around them just makes it worse.

  6. HEY. I hate to be the grim reaper here. But you are not going to be able to get the Amiibos for less than $30 EACH anyway?

    Guys. This could be the most expensive game Nintendo announced, and this is terrible news. Even the peoplw who Might have enjoyed it will pay out their Ass to get the Amiibo.

  7. That’s a relief. If Nintendo actually tried to sell this, it would be hilariously sad. Being essentially a free Mario Party Lite, this is a nice bonus to anyone who wanted the Amiibo anyways. Which I think will actually only be difficult to get on release.
    Yes, I’m just being optimistic.

  8. That’s good to hear. Calculating it out, it’ll be around $55 for 4 people to play (given that all amiibo will be bought at their intended price). Less than an AA Wii U title, but a bit more than what I would expect it to be if it didn’t require amiibo.

  9. Absolutely wonderful. Now god damn nintendo is doing FTP, even when iwata said he doesn’t like it. *applauds*

  10. “Free Download” means, “casual crap”. That figures. I was actually more excited about this Animal Crossing game than the other one. Because I like how it reminded me of Mario Party. Plus it was a Wii U game. I’m sick of 3DS games.

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