Nomura Wants More Final Fantasy Remakes This Time From The Nintendo Era

The reaction was extremely good when Square Enix announced that they’re remaking Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation 4 and possibly the Xbox One, but will they stop there? Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura has hinted to Venture Beat that he wants more Final Fantasy remakes but he is setting his sights on older Final Fantasy titles like those for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo and Gameboy Advance. Specifically he is interested in Final Fantasy V and VI. There’s clearly money to be made from remakes so it’s not too surprising.

“Considering that we have remakes of Final Fantasy up to IV and then we have VII — I’ve been working with Mr. [Yoshinori] Kitase since Final Fantasy V, and we’ve noticed that V and VI are missing. That bothers me,” Nomura said. “How come we skipped over those two?”


  1. V and VI would be sick for the 3DS. I have been saying this should happen for ages now.

      1. Yeah, these were home console titles and the remakes should also be. That said, I hope to see V, VI, VIII and IX remakes, anything later can be forgotten.
        IX would probably be the easiest to remake, VIII could benefit the most from it (as it had a lot of good ideas mixed with not-so-good ideas, like the draw-system [where the bad part was how boring the grind was], melee-magic-GF -balance [where the bad part was the delegation of magic as support]).

        I just hope SE doesn’t make too many changes, we don’t want another FFXIII.

  2. Well there’s that iOS remake of VI, I won’t touch it myself, the playful looking sprites kill even trying it for me

  3. Words can not describe how extremely excited I am for the FFVII remake. I’d definitely welcome remakes of other old FF games as well, though I doubt that they could capture the same charm the original games had.

    1. If Nintendo would had done their research with WiiU and looked at what 3rd parties wanted in terms of power, without a doubt this game would be on WiiU, Square even said that they were looking to bring FF main titles back to Nintendo, but the power wasnt enough. And now we are to the point where Nintendo is desperately ditching their system with piss poor support from day1 in favor of NX, its like Sega is giving them business lessons with these decisions (except Sega atleast cared about hardware power).

      1. I still don’t believe Nintendo will have learned their lesson with the NX. The system is likely a console/mobile hybrid that will once again cater to the casual crowd and focus on 1st party titles. I like the Wii U, but it’s clear where the company is headed.

        It’s sad because I actually think fixing what’s broken is a no brainer. Rather than selling themselves as a “family” console, or a “casual” console, they should sell themselves as a party console. They’ve already got the games. They just need to tweak their image a little. This is what will get the console into college dorm rooms and the flats of young and single 20 to 30 somethings. Nintendo hasn’t emphasized the cool factor for a long time, but they could…easily. Your girlfriend probably won’t play Halo with you, but chances are, she’ll probably play Mario Kart. They also need to stop releasing underpowered consoles that chase the third parties away. Lastly, I’ve argued for a while that they should enter into more close partnerships with Japanese studios and become known as “the console for people who like japanese games.” Nintendo needs to be cool again. They’ve got this stupid idea that they need to market to children, but kids just want to play what the bigger, more “mature” kids are playing. Market to teenagers and young adults (I’m looking at you, Splatoon), and kids will flock to it.

        1. I don’t think the NX will be a powerhouse either, not sure if that would even help it, seeing how it will be coming out in a rather weird time; too soon to be much more powerful than current gen or be powerful enough to compete with next gen, and too late for anyone to care as they will have purchased a competing device, with an established line-up of games, already.

  4. IV, V and VI already reached their full potential with the GBA ports, just re-release those on VC. They’ll just wreck whatever inherent magic was there, like they did with the godawful remakes of III and IV (though granted, III was never a good game to begin with).

  5. I’d kill for a VI remake, it’s my favorite Final Fantasy game. I get the feeling he isn’t considering Nintendo consoles as the default option, though.

  6. At last, after about 4 years someone from Square says that they still want to remake FF V and VI, which, btw, are my favs from the franchise. I would be really glad to get them on 3DS, if they decide to bring it portable, I just hope they won’t recycle Bravely Default engine but make new one for those 2 remakes.

  7. I have a Wii U. I love my Wii U. And alongside it, I also wanted to get a PS4, but only waited on it until both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III were officially released.

    I’ve been playing every single entry in the Kingdom Hearts series, but not exactly so in the Final Fantasy series. I’ve played the GBA and DS Final Fantasy Tactics entries and will soon play the PSP Tactics. And in terms of the MAIN FF games, the first for me was IV DS, then I got I and II for the GBA, III for the DS, and I recently got my hands on V and VI for the GBA.

  8. Any FF6 remake NEEDS to be on a Nintendo platform somewhere somehow. If not WiiU, NX. Definitely no more handheld remakes. I wanna see Sabin fighting Vargas in the graphics I just saw Cloud in, or something close.

  9. I would love to see any of these you guys have mentioned on the VC or remade for the NX. Sadly, I just don’t see this happening anymore, I love everything about Nintendo, but third party support has been plummeting. Nintendo lost their chunk of the pie by not being legit enough to roll max hardware or price cut Wii U to push more units. We’re lucky to get the few third party’s on the 3ds that we get…I mean, weren’t we supposed to wait and see about third party support at e3? Didn’t they say that? What a joke! I’m really depressed about this.

  10. So um, FF7 remake…umm once upon a time they said if they made that remake that Final fantasy is over

  11. Yes let’s make remakes of Nintendo Final Fantasy games.. but NOT for Nintendo. Mark my words.

  12. Holy crap, thanks for the heads up on FF7.

    I hope it comes to NX, if not I’ll be getting a PS4 for both FF7 and KH3. Curse you Square Enix for having my wallet.

  13. Fingers crossed for an FFVI remake. That one was one of my favorites, if not, my absolute favorite.

  14. Just Another Remake

    …. what is there to get excited about? Do not get me wrong, I love FF VII, but how many iterations can we really have. I understand they are going to change some elements of story, (this time around) but the main plot line will still be there.

    Square Enix should really concentrate on trying to have new IPs or work on some older IPs

  15. Please! Please! Just do it Nomura and stop talking about it. I’m getting older over here.

  16. I never had any interest in Final Fantasy. I think it’s due to the fact that I hate anime. And that’s all it ever reminded me of.

  17. Don’t go too overboard, Square Enix. Only remake the ones that people actually ask for, like many have been asking for this FF7 remake. Nice little magic trick with the HD remaster of FF7 being called a remake awhile back. It kept us from seeing your other hand where the true FF7 remake was being made with. I now have 4 reasons to get a PS4: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV, No Man’s Sky, & now Final Fantasy VII! Well 5 because that Nier game being made caught my eye. Oh & maybe Shenmue 3 if it does well in kickstarter, which makes 6. Oh and then there is my 7th reason why: the Wii U will most likely be getting pulled off life support next year when they not only announce but release the NX.

  18. *looks around*

    No love for Super Mario RPG or even…possibly RPG 2?
    Or did Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series of games take over the helm?

  19. am i the only person who wants it on the 3ds or both wii-u? i think that would satisfy me as i could barely afford my 3ds and i really dont want to buy another system just for a game ill stop playing once finished.

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