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Reggie Explains Why Nintendo Didn’t Show Zelda Wii U At E3 2015

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has explained why The Legend of Zelda for Wii U wasn’t featured at E3 2015 in any form. According to Fils-Aime, although new footage of the game has been captured, Nintendo decided to not show it at this year’s expo because there’s still a while before the game is released. Zelda Wii U was originally planned as a 2015 launch, but it won’t arrive until sometime next year.

“We just fundamentally don’t believe in showing content at E3 that is going to be a long term proposition,” Fils-Aime said. “We like to show content that typically will launch in the upcoming Holiday and maybe extending into the first half of the following year. And at this point, the new Zelda for Wii U is not a 2015 project.”

119 thoughts on “Reggie Explains Why Nintendo Didn’t Show Zelda Wii U At E3 2015”

    1. And the fact they showed Zelda WiiU LAST year. When it was over a year and a half away with their release plans at that time. Kinda contradicts their point.

      1. In the lengthier, he did answer the question. It kind of made sense, but it sounds like the original plan from last year got derailed.

        1. no, still makes no sense. He said that it was originally planned for 2015 release so they felt comfortable showing it a year out. Then they delayed it to 2016. But now all of a sudden a year out is too long? He is a lying hypocrite. He and Iwata need to be fired.

          1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

            I agree, Shibata should become the CEO of Nintendo, because atleast Shibata cares about doing work.

          2. Gosh, you Nintendo fans need a nap…. The games at this E3 were great (excluding Merio Tennis), and although Reggie’s basically throwing excuses as to why Zelda U wasn’t shown, we got some great titles that we’ll definitely be enjoying for the holiday and early 2016. My main fear is what the NX is, because Gamespot’s “What Does the Future Hold for Nintendo” interview theorized that it could be an app for a bunch of cool games, but on other systems like Xbot. I hate that idea because it basically makes Nintendo a third-party like Sega.

              1. Funny… I have both halves of my brain and the taste of someone who is satisfied with the hard work Nintendo puts into their games. Apparently the majority of Nintendo fans need what they want, just the way they want it to be even somewhat acceptable. They disregard the blood and sweat Nintendo goes through to give you guys new and fun experiences, and what do you do? You say, “Sign this petition to cancel 2 years or whatever of hard work.” I’m personally hyped for a lot of these games and can’t wait to play em, and while they didn’t have that big title, they def will in the future

    2. Hahaha, they’ve shown Yoshi’s Wooly World, Xenoblade and Bayonetta 2 like 2+ years before they came out. They’ve announced so many games years in advance. Zelda U, Starfox, Smash, Mario Kart FE X Whatever the fuck…

      They also showed games at this year’s E3 that are coming 2016, so from that we can deduce that they haven’t shown Zelda because:

      A) Development went to shit.
      B) It’s gonna be on NX as well as the Wii U and they’ve mostly been working on the NX version
      C) I don’t know, man. From people that made that Direct, it’s possible that they just turned it into a Kirby game.
      D) They see that they should’ve shown the game, but as usual, they’re too proud to admit any of their mistakes.

      1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

        It seems to me that Nintendo has taken some business lessons from Sega, they sure do know now better than ever how to screw up their fanbase and ditch their system in favor of another one and also have learned the lets invest in shitty mobile releases no one cares for.

        Some would say that trying what hasnt worked before expecting different results is madness, for Nintendo its called “innovation”.

    3. thats crap though, they have shown lots of games that were even years out (smash and xenoblade, and bayoneta, w101) and its not like its a secret, they have even shown gameplay….i dont mind it not being at E3 but they should be honest.

  1. but they believed in showing it last year twice, even at some small videogame award show in december saying it would release in 2015.
    reggie talking bs as usual . smh

  2. Translate: We are moving it to the NX.

    Why do not you show Fatal Frame V and Devil’s Third, then? is Nintendo ashamed of having those two exclusive games or what?

  3. Nintendo is just fucking stupid. And yet Wooly Yarn and Xenoblade been showing footage since Wii U launched almost 3 years ago. Also why would they think it was wise to put that bullshit Metriod on overrated 3Ds? That was stupid. Also stupid for not putting Devil’s 3rd at E3 which launches in August yet Dumbtendo’s says they don’t want to show games not releasing anytime soon.

    1. Maybe they thought they would be released sooner. Remember, Nintendo was having trouble learning how to create their games in HD and make use of the Gamepad. It makes sense why Project Treasure and Mario & Sonic was put into the Micro Direct that Nintendo had. Only thing is IGN should have asked why Devil’s Third was not in the Digital Event.

      1. “We just fundamentally don’t believe in showing content at E3 that is going to be a long term proposition.”

        Believe is a very strong word. For an entire enterprise to change its “beliefs” over a short year is upsetting and alarming. It took several years for them to change their beliefs on releasing mobile games. However, they seem to quickly change their beliefs when it comes to their E3 showcase? It was a poor decision and they fully intended to have E3 like this because their beliefs no longer align with their loyal fanbase, but moving towards whatever is necessary to regain the casual “Wii market.”

        1. You do realize they have meetings to decide these things. This could have been the collective thoughts from one of the meetings. I’m not saying this was a good decision. People overreact or over read what any little word so one says.

      2. lol. Complete bullshit regarding HD. Making games is what they do. There’s no way they’re having trouble with making games in HD. As for making use of the Gamepad – that’s just incompetence on their part for rushing a system to market without having any games that take advantage of it…because it’s not something gamers want.

        1. Create a game in HD right now. Let me know when you finish. They said it themselves that they were having trouble with HD development. This is their first HD console.

            1. If I have billions of dollars in my pocket, I should be able to make games. Have you ever done any programming? Have you ever had to create a program for a business to use? I have. It is not easy. I was helping two experience programmers (15 plus years of programming). No matter the experience if you not use to doing something, you are going to have problem with it. Thanks for the insult, you really show me.

              1. Wow, that was an insult. Now it’s not anymore. It’s my honest to God opinion.

                The point was that you cannot compare one fucking guy with a huge company that makes games for 30+ years, you dumb fuck. You helped programmers, wow, I’m proud of you buddy. You’re acting like there is one type of programming and one programming language so now since you helped them, you know everything. Come on, explain to me what you did. What did you help them with? What was their project about? I had programming courses in my highschool. I know some things.

                1. I will tell you basic but only can go so far. The program was to connect their POS to their warehouses in all 35 countries that will allow them to be more efficient in pleasing their high end clients. It was not just a simple program job. I mostly help with Visual Basic.Net. I’m glad you learned how to curse. That is wonderful. I did not say I know everything. Since, you cannot just have a conversation or explain what you disagree about then I have nothing else to speak with you about. Your wording seem to have some angry or aggression with it and I have no reason to do the same with you.

                  1. Idiots often make me angry, yes. Ok, whatever. Let’s say that you know how to program and didn’t google someone’s project and paraphrase it here, it still has nothing to do with games and especially nothing to do with Nintendo not being ready to develop HD games for this long.

                    We’re done here. I don’t plan to have a 2 hour back and forth with you.

                    1. But it’s not as simple as that, as the company is learning the hard way. The reason many alleged “launch window” titles like Pikmin 3 are being pushed back is because Nintendo is discovering that creating titles that run on an HD console is more difficult than they anticipated. Shigeru Miyamoto explained as much to shareholders in a recent Q & A session.

                      “When it comes to the scale of software development, Wii U with HD graphics requires about twice the human resources than before.”

                      “We may have underestimated the scale of this change and as a result, the overall software development took more time than originally anticipated just as we tried to polish the software at the completion phase of development… “We are almost out of this phase, and we are also trying to create something unique utilizing an easier development approach called ‘Nintendo Web Framework.


                      Here is the proof of the trouble with HD game development. I hope that shows you what I was talking about.

                    2. The only fucking idiot here is you mr HerpDerp of the new world! You missed his sarcastic point from the very beginning which clearly passed over your head. Idiots often overreact, that’s common sense. Now bug off!

                2. “I had programming classes in my high school.” Poor thing.

                  What he’s trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how much experience you have in doing something, whenever you try something new it’s not always easy to adapt to changes especially when there are millions of people who are looking for perfection. Yes they’re taking their time but at least the games that’ve been released on the Wii U are gorgeous.
                  The way you express yourself is vague and disrespectful, he’s just giving his opinion and there’s no need to be that rude. Are you sure you went through high school already? You sound just like the typical 13 year old who has temper issues and will lose his mind whenever someone doesn’t agree with his opinions.

                  1. I sound like a guy who is sick of fanboys damage controlling everything Nintendo does and trusting everything they say. HD development problems. I don’t remember that being a case for other developers. Especially not in 2012 after Nintendo has had enough time to learn. Holy shit. They are a company that makes games. If they can’t learn how to program HD games and Indie developers can….that’s a sad thing.

                    1. Although, I show a Wii U console as my picture does not mean I’m a fanboy. I am a fan of video games from consoles to PC to even mobile but do not play on handhelds as it was never my thing. There is nothing to damage control because I really don’t care what company makes a video game that I enjoy as long as I can play it.

                    2. Yeah, I am kind of with you… Nintendo is clearly scrambling to push out the last of the Wii U content while setting up an NX launch with Zelda attached. It makes too much sense not to be so and working in HD? Well, yeah… theat is a hurdle that shouldn’t necessarily be tripping up the most recognizable, solely gaming company in the world

                    3. It’s apparent that the only reason you come on this website is to complain and whine, like a small child who didn’t get their way. Was Nintendo’s E3 disappointing? Yes. Are there still good games coming though? Yes. Have they had worse E3 presentations than this? Yes.

                      Stop throwing around your big-boy words like it’s the first time you heard them, and you gotta say them to sound smarter than you are.

                      Honestly, what was he supposed to say? Imagine yourself as Nintendo America’s president who is answering to the absence of a game that would have made their presentation better – and not only that, but was already said to not be appearing this year. And don’t forget, Iwata basically issues an apology for this mess. Were Reggie’s words bullshit? Of course. That’s basically his job in terms of PR speak. It’s stupid, but that’s the way of the world.

                      So please stop sounding like a spoiled brat – acting as if everything Nintendo has done the past few years is awful. If you don’t like anything, don’t buy it. You and that strangablog guy, who is just as whiny and rude (if not more so), could probably get along.

                      1. Yes, almost everything they’ve done in the past few years is awful. You can call me a spoiled brat, but at least I’m not just taking it in the ass from them like most of the people here.

                        Nintendo fucked up the Wii U, it’s features, it’s games, it’s everything. It’s a whole generation they fucked up. 3DS is doing fine financially, but it’s not well done as well. Lack of features, games that shouldn’t exist, N3DS, a system that devided it’s install base and so on. Nintendo did so many wrong things and the only thing I can say they’re doing right are games. And even those aren’t on the level their games used to be on.

                        It’s his job to make consumers happy, not to JUST damage control. I don’t know if he ever admitted a mistake. Even if he did, it’s obvious he did nothing about it.

            2. It’s pretty easy actually, just change size of the framebuffer. Of course, things would look blocky as hell, but that is not exactly related to being HD.

        2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>That’s exactly one of the main problems, if they were having so much trouble with HD from the beginning, why not delay the Wii U for 1 year and launch with everything they intended to in the first place?>>>

          >>>A delayed quality game is better than a rushed one, the same should apply to machines, period>>>

          1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

            I agree, WiiU came too early, they should had made beefier hardware in favor of 3rd parties and launch the system with Mario3DWorld, Pikmin3 and W101, would have been actually great launch. But they destroyed their image, trying with the Nintendo Land minigames. Thank goodness there was atleast ZombiU (which isnt perfect either).

    2. “Upcoming Holiday and maybe extending into the first half of the following year. And at this point, the new Zelda for Wii U is not a 2015 project.”
      So Zelda wiiu is not coming at the first half of 2016 either :(

      1. I think you are right, it’s a like a hint is in this sentence.
        But it is like a knife in the back, with this delay after delay, after delay.
        Didn’t they learn anything about Zelda roadmaps?
        Also, the WiiU needs a resurrection and more A game(where this is an A+ game), as soon as possible…

    3. Smash Bros was shown at E3 2013… released November 2014. Super Mario Maker was announced last E3… coming out this September. Twilight Princess was announced at E3 in 2004 (11 years ago), and released in 2006, with a trailer a each E3 still.

      To say this is how your company operates is a complete lie and bullshit excuse. 11 years ago you showed a game that would not be released for over two years later.

      As a publicly traded company, I hope literally nobody invests in Nintendo. Why would you invest in a company with NO clear vision? Are they going back to hardcore gaming? Are they going mobile? What is Quality of Life? What are you doing with your franchises? Seriously, the lack of any clear idea is amazing. The Wii U is being treated like a piece of garbage and nobody has truly any clue what’s going on besides upcoming, lackluster 3DS software titles. “Wait until 2016.” Okay guys….

      1. Do you people even think that this was a decision that they made this year for E3? A bad decision but was a decision made for this year. Reggie did not say that Nintendo always look at E3 this way. In the full interview, he did say they look at it on a case by case basis.

          1. yes it was said by the interviewer but Reggie agreed with the case by case statement. I’m not saying it is right not to show Zelda but if that was their process when they had their meetings about what they would do for the Digital Event, then it makes sense.

            1. Actually, Reggie started his statement following said suggestion of the interviewer with a “no”, so I wouldn’t really say he agreed to it.
              To me, the whole interview was a huge mess of Reggie trying to make up excuses and answers that are supposed make sense, but really just ending up contradicting himself and Nintendo’s past actions.

              1. Maybe. I’m not here to disagree. There is always two sides. I look at both sides not just one side.

                1. I certainly respect your view on the matter. I also have tried looking at it from different sides, but for me personally, the things that have been said just seem very implausible and unconvincing, no matter which side I’m looking at it from. That’s just my personal opinion, of course.

      2. “To say this is how your company operates is a complete lie and bullshit ”
        lies? ok what is good company.. sony for not lieing? ONE WORD THEN

    4. And sont Win This years e3 with 2017 title like final fantasy 7… Cam somebody explain to Nintendo how “hype” work and make money!

    5. IMO Nintendo gave up on the Wii U. Next year’s E3 is going to be about NX anyways. #Nintendoarefags2k15confirmed

    6. I just read the entire article on IGN, and I must say, every single answer he gave just seems ridiculous to me. He’s being extremely hypocritical, and very obviously trying to dodge the questions.
      So his main argument as to why they didn’t show Zelda “U” this year is, at E3 they, apparently, only focus on games scheduled for the upcoming months, and not next year, and since Zelda “U” is a project for 2016, they wouldn’t show it at E3 2015… Excuse me? Then why did they show it at E3 2014 as a 2015 game? Why did they show Starfox, Mario Maker and Devil’s Third, all games scheduled for the upcoming year? And look at that, it’s been 12 months and the games still won’t be out for another couple months. He’s completely talking out of his ass, if they truly have footage of the game running on WiiU, there’s absolutely no reason as to why they shouldn’t show it. If it has been shifted to the NX, then just be honest instead of giving your supporters false hopes.
      Oh, at some point in the interview he said they didn’t want to frustrate the consumers – yea well, good job on achieving just that, Nintendo.
      This is just outrageous, seriously.

      1. Huh. I’m just not gonna waste my time bitching about it and just wait until the game gets closer to release. It’ll be more exciting that way anyways.

        1. Different people have different ways of dealing with certain situations, I suppose. :)
          I hope you’ll enjoy the show of the likes of me who choose to bitch about it, hah.

        2. Yes. Bitching is the only thing we can do. If you prefer we take a more direct approach, some of us could form a fucking militia, storm Nintendo HQ, take everyone in the building hostage, & point a gun to their head til they do exactly as we want. Pfft! No. That would be way worse than bitching because we’re breaking the law & putting people’s lives in jeopardy. I’d rather people bitch & moan publicly & express their anger then actually go out & shoot up a building!

          So this goes to anyone else complaining about the complainers, fuck off! You idiots are not fucking helping the situation & only piss us off even more.

      2. Yeah, and if they had just now decided to move to this new style of presenting only the games coming between E3’s, then they should have communicated that clearly. More likely is that the Wii U just doesn’t have that many games in development for it anymore (or that is the feeling everyone got).

    7. Zelda U is likely the last big Wii U title. Nintendo is probably gonna launch the NX aside with like 5 big games and our pockets are gonna be empty…

      1. The part about them launching the NX with a bunch of Wii U titles is correct. The part about it emptying our pockets is not. If they bail on the Wii U, I will have no confidence that they won’t do the same with NX. They’re actively breaking my trust in them right now.

        1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

          THIS! You are on the right track, i have saying this too for a while, who the fucking sane person would bother with NX if they Nintendo hasnt confidence to support WiiU? Who´s to say that if NX fails they dont pull the same bs again.

          They have to earn their fans this time with NX, it must be the fucking god like machine, with super powerful hardware, 3rd party support, 10-20 great exclusives releases within a year after launch, loyalty program for WiiU owners and such. Its sad to say though that they cannot in any realistic way achieve all this, so the NX isnt gonna turn their fortunes and get more consumers buying their system.

          1. Sorry, but the powerful hardware thing is never going to happen. I happen to believe the rumor that the next console/handheld combo will run Android. The hardware won’t be much more powerful than Wii U I bet, and the fact that it runs Android as an OS will fit in with their mobile vision and the new Nintendo accounts that work across all devices including phones….

    8. Seriously? Nintendo has ALWAYS had a bad reputation of always showing games at multiple E3s because they don’t get finished in time:

      -Pikmin 3: E3 2012 and E3 2013.
      -Yoshi’s Wooly World: Nintendo Direct January 2013, E3 2014, and E3 2015.
      -Mario Maker: E3 2014 and E3 2015.
      -Smash Bros: First mentioned in E3 2010, shown in E3 2013 and E3 2014.
      -Star Fox Zero: Technically E3 2014 and E3 2015.
      -Twilight Princess: E3 2004, 2005, AND 2006.
      -Bayonetta 2: E3 2012, 2013, AND 2014

      That’s just to name a few. Don’t feed us that shit, Nintendo. Everyone knows the REAL reason Zelda U wasn’t shown is because Nintendo finally realized they need to stop doing that shit. Also, it wasn’t delayed to give them more time to “make it better”, it was delayed because Aonuma pulled people off the dev team to make that shitty new casual Tri Force Heroes thing.

      1. Now here’s my two cents (that’s worth nothing in real money). Many a Nintendo game have been delayed in my 30 years of existence and almost every time it was always for the better. Can I wait another year for Zelda? Sure. There are many other games I’ll play until then. Then when Zelda comes out, I’ll be enjoying it.

        Also, about Triforce Heroes, you can obviously tell it was built using the same engine as A Link Between Worlds and when LBW came out my wife and I pre-ordered two copies (one for each of us) so that we could each play without having to fight over a single cartridge (we got cartridges because I had a lot of GameStop discounts to use at the time). We spent our entire Thanksgiving vacation completing that game separately. If you didn’t like A Link Between Worlds, then you missed out on probably the best handheld Zelda of all time. Anyway, when she got stuck on a dungeon I had already beaten, she asked me for help and vice versa. One of her big complaints when we played that game was not being able to play together and puzzle solve together. Triforce Heroes allows us that. At my local Best Buy, there were three guys playing the Triforce Heroes demo together and were loving the shit out of it.

      2. What shit nintendo is feeding us? you eat shit maybe. you getting reggie words and using them against him? you and the other people here must be morons or 10 years old for saying his own words against him while you haven”t talk with him to explain better what he means. and those games you mention are what? facts? on reggie’s speech? did you notice that they had problems? like bugs on that “huge world”? while some other companies like Ubisoft maybe ignoring those bugs and just publish the game no matter what. or maybe they notice wii u cant handle the graphics they want to make. nintendo is a small company what are you talking about exactly? they don’t have 10 million people working on each game they always having problem and never making games fast since for ever! and what are you saying other companies don’t do that? they do even worse… well..
        -Silent hill 2014 release date?
        -Halo 5 e3 2013?
        well im boring to search more for you go look by your self the things are like that they dont feeding us shit you people getting feed by shit. they never announce a release date on those games you mention and then they delay it so..when you don’t see release day don’t complain they always gonna mention games early on development because they had to for marketing!!!!! So what? you wanna see e3 2015 and games only for 2015?not gonna happen. this is not your world. they gonna show us games for 2015 and also we gonna taste games for 2016-17 they never said guys next week is the game ! they just sharing the development early! and you the fack are you and you wanna stop that early trailers on the games from the release date?

    9. Because you intentionally made this E3 a sheer cold revelation that you’ve just abandoned Wii U and many of its supporters in favor of the NX and it’s not even 3 fucking years old yet plus giving us garbage party games and ruining many franchises in one fucking day that even eclipses what Sega, Konami, EA and even Capcom has done to there own IPs combined.

      This is the end. Fuck you, NX and whatever your future will bring. I’ve had enough of your bullshit over the past few years. I’m staying with PlayStation..permanently. Thanks for the memories and fun but now it’s time to bury it all as it will become nothing but poison in mind.

      1. This wasn’t even their worst E3. I’m beginning to wonder who started this over-dramatic reaction to their presentation. Yes, it was bad. But man, some of you guys are just plain brats. Nintendo is being forced into the position to abandon Wii U due to gamer’s obsession with powerful machinery instead of fun games – and majority of the market ignoring the console.

        You know absolutely nothing about business. You also know absolutely nothing about being a fan. Absolutely pitiful. Nintendo has had much worse E3’s, and although this one sucked, it could have been even worse. Their last two were great, and there are still great games releasing this year. Nintendo is in a weird spot, so give it time. Or don’t, because I’m sure no one on this site would miss your constant moaning.

        What’s the whole point in pledging allegiance to Playstation anyway? lol It just sounds ridiculous. Gamers these days are just plain trash, in the most garbage generation of gaming yet.

        1. No. 1. It is THE WORST E3 for two reasons: They didn’t show shit and the games they did show was insulting to fans who wanted a core game. They never asked for more Amiibo and locally played party garbage. No core Animal Crossing for Wii U and they once again disrespected the Metroid franchise and fans with that POS that looks no better than Prime Hunters 2004 demo.

          Nobody disliked Wii U because of its power. People dislike it because Nintendo didn’t advertise that damn thing and confused people of that and Wii being different. They just throw it out there for the hell of it and now even before its 3rd year, they abandoned it..instead of you know making the fucking games fans wanted and promised so much of third party but this time never delivered. This is the final straw of them toying with their fans like Sega did back then.

    10. While I understand why they choose to wait to give information on titles, it’s still a really crappy way of doing things. We are all already aware of the game’s existence, so why not give us more information on it if you clearly have game footage available? So what if it’s not coming out this year, revealing more won’t hurt anything, in fact it would likely drum up even more interest.

    11. After the fact that they had no problem showing it last year…come on Reggie.

      Nintendo just don’t get E3 do they? It’s not merely a “direct” to show some gameplay of your upcoming games. E3 is huge, you’re supposed to amaze the audience, this is where you bust out your big guns and show people why your console is the best. It’s not just to show more footage of games we already know everything about. (MarioMaker, Xenoblade, Yoshi)

      And there should be at least some focus on your home console…this E3 was all about 3ds, and even its 3da lineup isn’t as impressive as it could be. I’ve been defending Nintendo for too long, I still love you guys but get your crap together, they clearly need some new Leaders to bring them out of the past.

    12. I’ve been saying for a long while now on this site how much of a politician Reggie is.
      I absolutely cannot stand the guy. You just know whatever comes out of mouth is utter BS.
      Its abundantly clear that Nintendo gave the worst E3 presence ever delivered. I was hoping a potential interviewer on either IGN, Gamespot or Eurogamer would grill this guy for that pathetic excuse of a show.

      1. Glad to see more feel the same way. I feel you, I did the same ever since I joined this site, but now people are just finally seeing it. He really is just like a faceless politician. Fucking textbook, he exudes bullshit.

    13. But really, would it have made E3 any better if they had shown more of the new Zelda? Not for me. I was wanting to hear some surprise announcements to some unbelievably awesome games. And it didn’t happen. THAT is the reason that I myself was disappointed. Not because Zelda wasn’t shown. Everything they DID show was sub-par (or a 3DS game, which I’m not into anymore).

    14. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>That’s why you had to show Federation Force as well right? A game at Alpha Stage that should never have been shown>>>

      >>>It’s time for Lord Shibata to take over the empire as he seems to be one of the few among High Command that actually understands the world right now>>>

            1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

              Balls for what? He does his job, just because he doesnt swim in fame and money, showing his face all the time like a bitch doesnt make him lack balls, actually i would say he has most balls in Nintendo because he isnt interested to do else than bring great games for people to play and dont do bs Gamestop deals and whatnot. Shibata hasnt screwed like Reggie&Iwata, he deserves more within Nintendo, fuck he is almost like a Batman, dealing with others bullshit and not seeking fame within the fanbase.

    15. Wow ok Nintendo, I haven’t heard an excuse this bad as to why a game was a no-show on Wii U since a 3rd party dev lol

    16. I have to say, I’m on the fence with the sides for Nintendo. I have to admit, they really did mess up recently and right now. It’s obvious that they’re trying to drop the Wii U, which makes me utterly mad. The games on there are great, all 4 that I play. I never see 3rd party support, which they said they would bring more of, yet I have seen none. The thing that really irritates me, is that they listen to us, but not really at the same time. We wanted a new Metroid, but then we got a weird Spinoff Metroid. We wanted an Animal Crossing for WiiU, instead we got an Animal Crossing X Mario Party game for WiiU that relies only on amiibo. This goes to show that Nintendo is showing us that they’re ready to move on and leaving the Wii U in the dust. I’m giving them some fair chance though. But if they happen to screw up next years E3, and decide to release the NX completely too early, I just might as well back out. I’m a huge Nintendo fanboy, but sometimes enough is enough. LISTEN TO US NINTENDO!!!

      1. Also that whole Reggie thing makes me like him a little bit less. He’s completely hiding stuff from us. I just…. Fix yourself Nintendo… and your marketing, but that’s another whole, long discussion

        1. Also, they need to stop giving us games nobody asked for, seriously. Did anyone literally ask,”Oh my, I just SO want an Animal a Crossing Game for Wii U, EXCEPT it’s like Mario Party!” Nobody. This years E3 only had like, what, a few new games to announce, and the rest were games we already saw. The rest of it was just long, long, Developer Stories. That’s not what E3 is for, it’s for showing off secretive games, that’ll amaze folks, like what Splatoon did. I’m honestly tired of seeing SMM, and Yoshis Wooly World thanks to E3, it was everywhere in the Digital Event.

          1. Sorry guys about this long rant of mine. I just needed to vent out because I’m scared of Nintendos future. If I lost Nintendo, then so God help me. I’m close with Nontendo, about the only thing I truly love, and there’s a long story why.

    17. I agree with some of these Comments some of these idiots are dumb at Nintendo Zelda should come out this winter but pushing it back to late 2016 is retarded this game has been in development for a while should be finished by now

    18. “maybe extending into the first half of the following year” This means that it will be TP launch. The NX is confirmed to be at E3 show 2016, maybe holliday launch, and of course with Zelda NX(former U)!

    19. Couldn’t care less Reggie. I’m not giving Nintendo another dime until management is fired including yourself. You spat in the face of every Nintendo fan in that dogshit digital event.

    20. NX should be free for Wii U owners. NX should be successful else the stakeholders will force them to go third-party.

    21. We should fussing at lying ass nintendo of canda for more third party games for wii u nobody whats legos , skylanders, and im sick of just dance. Wii u could great but poor choices by iwata

    22. Yet another stupid decision by Nintendo, as if not having online for Star Fox Zero wasn’t bad enough. Nintendo gotta realize that E3 is their chance to reach out to people who don’t already have a WIi U/3DS. People who don’t own a WIi U or 3DS are more likely than not, not going to care for Nintendo directs, heck I didn’t even watch Microsoft’s conference because I don’t have their console and have no plans of getting it. Holding this back while the others happily showed titles that won’t see the light of day before 2017 or beyond was a dumb move Nintendo. You pretty much just killed the Wii U entirely this E3 by willingly disappointing everyone.

    23. OK, so this must be a brand new policy, eh? Cuz, you know, there are more than a few games you announced at LAST YEAR’S E3 that haven’t even come out yet…

    24. Nintendo should be slapped silly so they may realize this nightmare of an e3.

      Studios are making fun of them as they add characters from games both the Wii U and 3DS are never gonna get. Studios that have nothing really worth talking about for the Wii U or 3DS. Heck, the Vita is even getting a Final Fantasy while the 3DS will only have a PS2 title.

      You may talk smack about their decision now, but how many of you will eat your words when the game does come out next year?

      I’m not happy with Nintendo and the games they showcased, but I hope that when Zelda U does come out next year it wouldn’t be too late for the Wii U.

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    26. So now that E3 is over, all the companies have had their conferences, who was probably one of the worst at E3. The answer is Nintendo and I hate to say it. They had such a great build up in the past several days and then…they got to the direct and it just flopped, and it flopped hard.

      Let me run down the list. You had the pre-E3 stuff and then you had the digital event at E3. The pre-E3 was amazing! They announced Earthbound 1 (or Earthbound beginnings as they called it), they had the return of the Nintendo World Championship, and then there was the Smash Bros Direct which was pretty good too. They led in pretty strongly on that into the actual E3 show. They had the muppet versions of Miyamoto, Iwata, and Reggie which was cool and started off with starfox which was cool to finally see some footage of. And then from there it went downhill.

      Nintendo was focused primarily on the Amiibo’s and a couple of 3DS games. Is that bad, no it’s not. For a 45 minute presentation it is. After Starfox Zero, they showed a new Skylanders game and how they are incorporating two Nintendo characters into it that can also be used as Amiibo which is pretty cool. I’m not into the Skylanders games so much so it didn’t hold my interest too well. What was next, Yoshi’s woolly world…The only purpose it was there was to give a release date, which wasn’t really needed. Then after that they showed us Animal Crossing home designer.

      That honestly looks pretty fun since that is such a large aspect of the Animal Crossing Series and could even help with making a better home in previous animal crossing titles! So once again, that was pretty good. Then you had the Animal crossing game on the Wii U which honestly looked like a Mario Party clone. I wasn’t too interested and apparently you have to have the Amiibos to even play so I’m unsure of this one.

      And then there was the game that sparked such negative feedback a petition to cancel the game was made. Metroid Prime: Federation Force. I’ll be honest a Spin-off of the prime series isn’t something I would exactly welcome. I think the petition is just ridiculous but I guess fan lashback was just that great. It looks like it’s in a very early state of development which honestly probably shouldn’t have been shown then but I digress.

      They did show a Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi Cross over game which honestly looked like a lot of fun. They showed Xenoblade Chronicles X again but this time it showed a release date…and then they ended off on…Mario Maker…Yes we got a release date, yes more features were shown off…but why the heck was that needed in the direct when it was in the Pre-E3 show…There was no need for it to be in the E3 direct, and even the tree house had a lot of focus on it…it was just unnecessary.

      The Direct had a lot of repeats we’ve had for the past couple of years. I personally think that is because they originally planned on having Zelda U be the main thing at E3, but due to set backs it had to be delayed till 2016. They didn’t want to show it at E3 so something had to fill in the gap for the missing game.

      Reggie did respond to the backlash given by fans:

      “We just fundamentally don’t believe in showing content at E3 that is going to be a long term proposition,” Fils-Aime said. “We like to show content that typically will launch in the upcoming Holiday and maybe extending into the first half of the following year. And at this point, the new Zelda for Wii U is not a 2015 project.”

      Now I don’t know about you, but personally Reggie just shot himself in the foot. Let’s go back to E3, when they first announced the Wii U we had promises of Pikmin 3 being a launch game, we had a Zelda Tech Demo, etc. Then those games didn’t come out until a year or two later…Look at Xenoblade X and Yoshi’s Woolly World, those games too were announced 1 – 2 years ago and they are just now being released. Zelda is getting the same fate here but that’s aside the point. In the past Nintendo has shown games that wouldn’t be released for a couple years. Heck the 3DS also had the same issue as well at launch with a good chunk of games being delayed.

      Reggie also had this to say as well:

      “Nintendo isn’t playing that game. The company no longer bothers putting on splashy press conferences at E3, which both Sony and Microsoft used this year to drum up excitement for their lineup of video games for the next several years. By contrast, Nintendo streamed an event online featuring puppets that looked like Nintendo executives and a lineup of games that fans mostly already knew about.”

      Again…Nintendo did this in the past. Part of why Sony and Microsoft showed what they did is to catch the fans interest, to make sure fans had something to look forward to…and to show the fans they listen and what they are working on. Nintendo didn’t really give us much to look forward to. Heck Smash Bros, announced several years before release, fans were so hyped and looking forward to it. Part of E3 is the Splashy conferences, the excitement of seeing new games. Square Enix’s E3 conference wasn’t that great, but even then they showed more Kingdom Hearts 3, they showed a game in development and fans loved it, it gave them something to look forward to!

      I don’t know why Zelda U was really delayed, but last year they showed in SEVERAL times and it looked rather functional and playable. Nintendo has been known to disappoint in the beginning and then jump back…but they’ve been doing this since the N64. They are also very good, or I should say bad at making excuses. Just take a look at Super Mario Galaxy, they said that the Wii’s hardware is what made it possible. Sure it’s just a slightly more powerful gamecube, but there were games on the gamecube that did similar gravity mechanics compared to Galaxy.

      They said at E3 Starfox zero isn’t a sequel, prequel, or even a reimagining. But honestly with what they’ve shown it looks like a reboot. I could be wrong, but when Pigma is still alive I’m going to say it’s a safe bet.

      Honestly, Nintendo has been struggling for the past several years, they really have. The Wii U has had it’s issues. Nintendo has also made some questionable calls. The New 3DS has two flavors the regular and then the XL, but only Japan and Europe get both Versions, we only get the XL, why? Because they didn’t want us getting confused…Take Xenoblade Chronicles and Last Story. Both RPG’s fans wanted, but originally NoA said no American’s wouldn’t be interested in it. A petition was formed and we eventually got those games. This is getting off the subject of E3, but I really want to stress the point here that Nintendo really honestly hasn’t been listening to their fans. They just do what they think the fans want. That’s why Sony and Microsoft had presentations, in my opinion, that were just miles better. Nintendo does their own thing and I can respect that but it’s getting to a point where it’s not as helpful as it is destructive.

      Was this the worst E3 Nintendo has had, no. But this just shows how much Nintendo is struggling to keep fans interested, to keep the Wii U a float. I have been a big fan of Nintendo for as long as I can remember, but lately I just haven’t been as excited for what Nintendo is putting out and it’s because they keep going over the same things over and over again until there is virtually no hype. I know not everyone will agree with me but this is simply my opinion. I think Nintendo needs to change it’s game plan and fix itself before the release of the NX (which honestly shouldn’t have even been announced yet in my opinion), or the NX might flop as well.

      1. Firing Reggie would be a start. He’s such a shit hawk.

        This make no sense, as with most the crap that comes out of Nintendo’s mouths. If you’re going to make up excuses, at least try… I mean damn.

    27. Reggie, please shut the fuck up! You are just sounding like a total fucking idiot. You shouldn’t be working at Nintendo. You should be at Congress instead. You’ll fit right well there with the other politicians that lie out of their asses!

    28. I have been a zelda fan for a lot of years and i have to say this is a dumb move on nintendo part delaying zelda wii u why is it taking so fucking long to just make a zelda game u didnt have no problems making wind waker hd or hyrule warriors or majoras mask 3d so whats the fighting problem whwhy make us wait until 2016 and they better not put the new zelda on their new piece of shit console they already trying to make that nx bullshit its way to soon for that to be happening give the wii u some more time first and if nintendo is really giving up on the wii u then u might as well make this new zelda game the last game for wii u before u come out with this nx shit

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