The Legend Of Zelda Live Action Series Is Still Alive And Coming To Amazon

Remember those rumours of a live-action Legend of Zelda series that were kicking about and hastily squashed by Iwata? Well, looks like there’s more to the story! Apparently, a Zelda series is still on the go but instead of Netflix, will be piloted by Amazon. The pilot will be shot in August to be aired at the beginning of 2016, possibly around the same time that the Zelda Wii U game would be releasing since it got pushed back. The idea of a Zelda series seemed to divide opinion quite a bit, so what do we think now that it definitely seems to be happening?

Thanks, MasterPikachu6



    1. They host a pilot season every season, and viewers get to vote which pilots get funded to have a series. It’s been going on for a while now. From what it sounds like, the Zelda pilot will be a candidate in the beginning of 2016.


      1. After that one guy did a Pixar-like Zelda short in Source Filmmaker, I think there’s potential for a CGI Zelda.


  1. This is 100% an unconfirmed rumor and should be published as such and taken with a grain of salt. Click through to the source (somebody’s blog) and you’ll see there’s no actual source. The information is presented here like it’s fact – that’s poor journalism.


  2. If this live action series is true, it’s gonna be hilarious watching the guy that plays Link do nothing but grunt and scream.


  3. If it’s true, I do hope they don’t disappoint the fans and just stay true to the series… Almost everybody knows the series so nobody wants to see a different take on the series, like what they tried to do with Dragonball Evolution or (the horror) Super Mario Bros.

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  4. Fuck no, no way. Motherfucking America stop fucking ruining Japanese media. Ruin your own shitty game franchises. I’ll never forgive you what you did to Dragon Ball and what you almost did to Akira trying to star Zack fucking Efron in the movie.


  5. If Zelda got the same treatment as dragon Ball then I don’t want to hear it. I still keep an open mind but it will be a stroke of genius to think about that series like a 5 seasons series so they know what they doing.


  6. Funny how this rumor has an “exclusive” source, stating it is his own source with no real source to backup, which only makes an statement.

    If that’s the case, alright: F-Zero is coming to Wii U soon.
    Exclusive source: me, my own source.
    (See how inconsistent it sounds?)


  7. dammit, I have a Netflix account, but not an Amazon one. If this ends up to be good, I think I’ll have to fold, and get an account. Since there’s no stopping it, I hope it turns out great!


  8. Omg lame and fuck Amazon. Their Echo doesn’t understand what I’m saying, at all. Their engineers are so fucking lazy asses


  9. Live action??
    I’m afraid for Nintendo.
    This had better be good or Nintendo is going to look like a huge pile of morons. Live action shows about Nintendo never usually turn out well. I hate to mention it but I’m thinking about the Super Mario Bros. Movie. A disgrace to Nintendo. Completely.


  10. AnnaSophia Robb as Princess Zelda
    Louis CK as Ganondorf
    Kevin Spacey as Ganondorf for a more serious actor but less likeness
    Olivia Wilde as Impa (young)
    Kathy Bates as Impa (old)
    Benedict Cumberbatch as Zant
    Danny DeVito as Darunia
    John Goodman as King Zora
    Reg E. Cathey as Link’s new sidekick
    Steve Carrell as Tingle
    James Franco as The Happy Mask Salesman
    Actually, no. James Franco can’t act. Neil Patrick Harris or Johnny Depp.
    Frankie Muniz as Skull Kid
    Rachel McAdams as the Great Fairy, so the Great Fairy is actually hot for a change.
    Sarah Jessica Parker as Epona

    I don’t know who I’d cast as Link.


    1. Will Smith as Link
      Jim Carrey as Zelda
      Chris Tucker as Ganondorf
      Adam Sandler as Tingle
      Melissa McCarthy as Great Fairy
      Dwayne Johnson as Navi
      Nicholas Cage as Skull Kid
      Chuck Norris as Groose
      Shia LaBeouf as The Postman
      Jackie Chan as Impa
      Guy Fieri as Darunia
      Snooki as Ruto
      & Whoopi Goldberg as Knuckles


  11. That’s a bummer. Netflix shows come to foreign countries day and date. None of the Amazon shows from the last two years have come to my country.


  12. If a Zelda live action is EVER done, it needs to avoid what Doom, Super Mario Bros, the Zelda cartoon, & other flops based on video games have done. No reimaginings, please! When the Doom movie reimagined the games, it turned into a fucking Resident Evil wannabe as the demons & zombies became nothing more than science projects gone horribly wrong. As good as Super Mario Bros the Movie was, it did nothing right by the games themselves; not to mention the bad taste it left in the mouths of everyone that worked on it because the directors apparently were not the greatest people to work for. The Zelda cartoon was campy at it’s absolute worst & no true fan of Zelda wanted to watch it. Least the old Batman live action series with Adam West was campy at it’s best. Oh & most Power Rangers series are also campy at it’s best. Above all, the directors & writers must actually be people that are fans of the games. Oh & keep Michael fucking Bay as far away as humanly possible. We don’t want Mr. Baysplosions involved in anything Zelda. He might be a good idea for a Halo or Call of Duty live action movie but NEVER Zelda.


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