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Alex Ward Says Working On F-Zero Wouldn’t Be His Idea Of Fun As Not His IP

We heard earlier this week that Burnout and Need for Speed developer Criterion games were offered the chance to work on the F-Zero franchise. The company sadly didn’t have the time to take on the project as they had too much on their plate. However, former Criterion creative director Alex Ward has said on Twitter that it wouldn’t have been his idea of fun to work on someone else’s IP. Who would you like to see take over the reigns of the F-Zero series?

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79 thoughts on “Alex Ward Says Working On F-Zero Wouldn’t Be His Idea Of Fun As Not His IP”

        1. If you’ve never played a Metroid game before, then nothing is wrong with Other M. It’s a fantastic game, with amazing visuals and a deep story..

          If your a fan of Metroid and have played every game in the series, than Metroid Other M completely isolates itself from the rest of the series. It changes the personality of the main character Samus, and turns her from a bad ass bounty hunter, to an emotional, moaning, whinning insecure mess…

          1. Thats was me btw. But yea, if Metroid Other M is your first Metroid game, then be prepared for a pretty amazing game..

            1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

              Other M was my first Metroid game. It was only $10 at GameStop and I hadn’t heard all the outrage over it. I knew it wasn’t received amazingly, but for $10 I figured what the heck.

              It was amazing as a stand alone game. Like you said, great visuals, deep story, etc. The authorization was stupid but I rolled with it. If anything my biggest complaint was that I beat it in only 15 hours and I expected a longer game.

              Now that I’ve played Super Metroid and Metroid Prime I can see why people didn’t like it, but even then I think the hatred for it is a little too much. But you’re right that it is completely different from the other Metroid games.

              1. The game shows samus in a different light before she turned into the samus we know and other things and it is a lot to explain but I like the game and I just got it

              2. I think the hate towards Other M is a little ridiculous. I played Super Metroid and I didn’t even like it. I played Metroid Prime and thought it was great. But not THAT great. Personally, I don’t even think the Metroid series as a whole is really that good. But Other M does not look that bad to me.

                1. I don’t mean to offend you, but if you don’t understand what makes Super or Prime that great you don’t have the criteria to evaluate Other M as a part of the franchise. What you could do is evaluate it on its own merits, and if you stop to analyze the design choices made in a lot of moments (the “death run” through heat without activating the Varia Suit and the power bomb moment with the Queen being two of the most prominent ones), you’ll see that overall is not a well-designed game at all. Team Ninja is capable of much more than this.

                  1. That’s fair enough I suppose. I’m just saying… I think it gets too much hate. I’m pretty sure there’s some long time Metroid fans out there somewhere that enjoyed it.

                    1. I enjoyed it for what it was. On the first run. On the second run, when I already knew the story, I realized how much of what’s told on screen doesn’t matter at all, how much is unresolved, what a horribly constructed character Adam is and how little Samus actually does (in fact, Adam contributes more to the plot than Samus, which is just…). Then you see the inconsitencies the game creates with the rest of the games in the frachise and it all falls apart.

                      I could get behind the gameplay (even if it’s really not at goods as it should be, it isn’t unplayable either), but some baffling design choices (Pixel hunting? Octodirectional movement in a 3D game?) just carry too much weight to forget and forgive.

                      1. Who exactly is Adam? And why is he so important? I seem to hear a lot of people complaining about that guy too.

                        1. He’s Samus’ former CO, the one she obeys like a scared puppy. The premise of Samus losing her abilities at the beginning of the game is that Adam doesn’t authorize them, so she just obeys him even when her life is danger (the previously mentioned death run is the best known example of this). Besides that, he does some completely retarded shit, like shooting Samus on the back when she finds a metroid hatchling so she doesn’t go to Sector Zero (where the metroid are bred), leaving her totally exposed to the hatchling. Furthermore, he shot Samus with an ice gun, and then he later says that going to Sector Zero is too dangerous, since those metroids are probably unfreezable. What the fuck, Adam? What if that hatchling WAS unfreezable? He’s just a character that contradics his own characterization so he can get away with being the hero at every instance possible.

                          Besides that, he’s important because he also appeared in Fusion in the form of the ship’s computer, and this is the first time we actually got to see how the man was when he was alive. Which brings me to:

                          Other M doesn’t show Samus acting acording to the characterization Sakamoto himself established. It’s just a total clusterfuck of a game.

                        2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>Adam was Samus’ Commander and more importantly some sort of a father figure since he was closest to her in a way when she left the Chozo>>>

                          >>>I guess some complain about him because of how he makes Samus look like a little helpless girl, typical macho crap and that’s not what we true fans want for the Goddess of the Universe>>>

                    2. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

                      “I played Super Metroid and I didn’t even like it”

                      I bet you didnt even get to the part where you obtain morph ball in SuperMetroid, just face it, you couldnt handle the awesomeness of that game.

                      1. Nah, I got to that already. I think the farthest I got was to Kraid before I stopped playing. It’s not my type of game, honestly.

                2. I’m aware of the faults that Other M carries, I was asking him personally. From his comment, what I understood was that Nintendo gave free reigns to TN. Which from what I read in the past, Nintendo oversaw the whole project and the Story portion was included because of Nintendo. If the story is what ruined the game for him then it isn’t TN to blame, but Nintendo. If it’s the actual mechanics then yeah, that was all TN.

                  1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                    Yeah. Team Ninja is now part of the trope of “misplaced blame” because people think they were responsible for the story when it was Sakamoto, from Nintendo, himself.

              3. “deep story”
                You mean the story in which our protagonist, Samus Aran, doesn’t solve anything by herself? The one that opens plot threads which are just instrumental to the story and never have any kind of repercussion at all? (Ridley, James, Sector Zero).
                The story that is narrated to you, the viewer (you don’t even play much of the game after Ridley), through monologues so horribly written they could fit in a Mexican soap opera without adapting almost anything?

                Not to mention, the game contradict the story and lore of many of the previous games (probably all of them, andbit even manages to be inconsequential with itself. Think about the power suit. Imagine you’re new to the franchise and this is your first game. Tell me, how does the suit work?

                Even the cutscenes are terrible, full of shaky cam cinematography and reminiscent of the action movies of the 2000. Resident Evil: Apocalypse is filmed similarly, which says a lot about whomever directed the cutscenes.

                Let’s stop pretending Other M did anytjing well. It didn’t. Not design, nor exploration, or story, or themes, characterization, bosses, gameplay and, most importantly, establishing itself as a part of the franchise without turning it upside down.

                1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                  I can agree with everything people hate about Other M EXCEPT Ridley’s portrayal. The metamorphosis he goes through made him seem more like a Space Pirate to me. Since most games show the Space Pirates are insectoids, Ridley going through metamorphosis made him more of an insect than his fully evolved form would have us believe. Not to mention starting off as a cute little furball creature & turning into the space dragon we all know & love made him even more badass than ever before.

                  1. How so? The Space Pirates are just an association of different species. Even the ‘main’ race of the Space Pirates (the so-called zebesians in Other M) look like that because they introduced Chozo DNA in their race (notice the beak and feathers in the neck, especially in Fusion’s redention of the design). We’ve never seen a 100% pure space pirate, for all we know.

                    About the little furball, I have mixed feelings. I like the concept and I dig the design a LOT, but on the other hand I think it takes away from the mystery of what exactly is Ridley, being the only shown member of his species and all.

      1. 1. Finally getting metroid other m today and they did a really good job with need for speed on the vita and with tty he burnout and need for speed series as whole so they would obviously know what they are doing

        1. Other M fucked up the story/characterization and even some elements of gameplay like lack of controller options, clunky Prime’s first person mode without movement and turning Metroid’s traditional “explore to discover and earn items” mechanic into a bullshit permission systems which doesn’t reward players anything but rather restrict them even more so than having to earn power ups to advance into other areas. Plus most of the game design isn’t even original which only looks and feels more like a crappier and shorter Metroid Fusion. If it wasn’t for those screw ups, Other M would’ve been a more acceptable Metroid game.

          1. 1. I don’t care about the controller options
            2. Based on the game it shows samus as almost an arrogant child at first then she grows into the samus we know
            3. In metroid fusion samus mentions another mission where she had to follow orders now when did that mission take place I’d
            4. This is obviously that mission and she is still under the supervision of adam who can possibly still be alive who knows unless it is stated officially or possibly in the wiki and who is her father figure
            5. Samus acts the way she does with ridley is my guess that she hadn’t seen ridley since the slaughter of her parents and or since super metroid now in that instance she most likely remembered everything and had a panic attack but of course a lot of people may not like that but hey samus went through a lot of shit through her life and I’m sure anyone with a similar experience or something traumatizing happens to them all of the time and this is in game
            6. Yes the game is obviously much different and shut the fuck up and stop batching this is the mission previous to metroid fusion and apparently a lot of shit happened
            7. The place she went to was most likely my guess a beta version of Sri
            8. I’m sure there are many fan explanations that explain most likely everything but that is what I got from the game that I can remember and since I just got the game I will obviously play it again and take notes and look up fan explanations whenever
            9. I will also look at the official wiki but most likely everything won’t be explained because fans go more in depth about everything or almost everything
            10. Unlike you I try to understand games and where they fit in and what they are trying to explain and I do research etc etc so once again eat shit ya dumbass kid and you better read this and thoroughly

            1. 1. Then you’re dumb for thinking that D-Pad only movement controls is practical for 3D environment.
              2. The problem with that little BS display of Samus’s supposed strong character is that it takes place way after so many games which already build up Samus so going backwards on that is a very stupid move. If Other took place after Metroid 1, it would make a little sense but turning her into a hysterical bitch with PDST by encountering Ridley for the seventh time…*facepalm*
              3. No shit but Other M’a plot is a train wreck for many reasons. Turned Samus into a pussy and Adam into an asshole not respecting Samus better after everything she has done in the past as a bounty hunter saving countless lives and almost single handedly stopping every evil. Other M pretended that none of it happened (Including Prime) and that’s how it fucked up everything according to REAL experienced fans, not moronic pretenders like you.
              4. And why still be under supervision after she has so much experience and trust with the GF? So much for a “father figure” who can’t even trust the one person who has defeated the Space Pirate/Metroid threats on her own.
              5. There’s absolutely no fucking excuse on Samus having PDST over seeing Ridley again after fighting him so many times before. If it was her first or second encounter in the timeline, then maybe it’s acceptable. Since it not, again, no fucking excuse over it. Remember Prime 3 Ridley fight with that reactor core, where you free fall thousands of meters down? That right there would likely trigger PDST because you’re falling to what seem like certain death but did Samus had a panic attack? No. She, like always, faced against all odds and still kicked ass despite knowing that she could die with Ridley. Other M, the motherfucker just stands there screeching at Samus while Samus just stands there having a moment instead of just preparing herself for an attack like in Zero Mission when Ridley appears out of nowhere and Samus starts fighting him. Again, ALL BS BROKEN CHARACTERIZATION TO MAKE IDIOTS CARE WITHOUT KNOWING THE REAL SAMUS BEFORE IT.
              6. No it’s not motherfucker. The setting and even the premise of the plot is all too familiar to Fusion. You’re in a GF space station and then discover a GF conspiracy of secret Metroid breeding experimentation which is ruled illegal and immoral. We’ve already heard this story before but Fusion did it right by keeping it suspenseful and secretive until near the end for a revelation. Other M didn’t suspense nor surprised anyone WITH A BRAIN AND REAL METROID EXPERIENCE. Now on to enemy designs, not even one original design is in the game, not even any new suits or weapons either which you can’t find on your own. They were all already there with that BS permission system only granting you it at certain times. Wow, I feel SO accomplished with that shit. Back to enemy designs, all of them were ripped straight out of Metroid Fusion, Super Metroid and Metroid 2 (which I would like to recall it “Metroid Extinction”). Phatoon had no reason to be in the game, Nightmare (who was supposed to be held up in the B.S.L station in Fusion) had no reason to be there plus they shrunk his size down and downgraded his abilities (WHY?! I loved Nightmare for being huge, powerful and disgusting) and if he was killed in Other M which took place right before Fusion, shouldn’t he not be in Fusion? That makes no sense. I get Metroid Queen’s return but everything else is just tact on fan service. Nothing more, nothing less. Oh and what’s even more fucked about that is many have wanted to see Kraid return in 3D glory. Still never happened and Other M was his second chance (Metroid Prime scrapped the idea for Omega Pirate which is still an epic boss but heartbreaking for Kraid fans like me) Again, a huge missed opportunity for Other M to win some Kraid fans to get the game just to see him in 3D.
              7. Beta version of..what?
              8. Nothing at all is explained and I’m pretty sure after Fusion, many have figured out that this Adam was her past CO and became a significant important character in her life, like a father figure kind of way. His acts towards Samus in Other M were cold hearted and speaking of it, WTF did he shoot Samus in the back and let that Metroid attempt to kill her?! Instead of fucking warning Samus in the background or trying to brush that Metroid off of her which leads me to this rant; why try anything at all when he knows that she’s the only one who can defeat the Metroids without a problem? Metroids invulnerable to ice is what made him shoot her and then pointlessly killed himself to eject Sector Zero (I bet many fans wanted to see and play that area but got two middle fingers from Nintendo) thinking Samus can’t handle a few dozen Metroids not being able to be frozen…which in many games before, she can still destroy them with power bombs, other powerful beams and missiles WITHOUT USING THE FUCKING ICE BEAM! *double facepalm*
              9. How could the fans explain to themselves about Other M when Other M didn’t thoroughly explain shit? Other games before it didn’t happen, plus the game didn’t even reveal who was the Deleter from Adam’s group so strike that down as well. The game and the world design is suppose to be self-explanatory to Samus (YOU) as the player. Other M epically failed on all accounts of plot and design.
              10. No you don’t. You only played one BAD Metroid game and think you’re an expert on the subject? I may have started playing Metroid late in 2004 with Metroid Prime 1&2 on GameCube with Fusion, followed by Prime 3 and Super Metroid but I quickly learned and caught up with what Metroid is supposed to be about; playing as a fearless, again, FEARLESS (not that bitch wannabe Samus Aran from Other M who BTW, is voiced terribly. Why not hire back Jennifer who voiced Samus from Prime trilogy? I would love to hear her full mature voice acting) female bounty hunter who can kick all kinds of alien asses single handedly that would make the Contra series blush. Exploring planets and labyrinths on your own, uncovering stories and secrets behind those worlds, new weapons/technology from other races and villains. THAT’S what Metroid is like from the very beginning. Other M felt nothing like it and it’s plot is a huge mess of polar opposites of the series. You kid have no fucking clue about Metroid’s true nature of their tried-and-true isolated exploration. I know many have once bashed Prime because of its gameplay change but soon after it was well accepted because it made sense. You feel more like you’re Samus Aran herself but Prime’s core design still feels similar to that isolation and world exploration ideal of the classic 2D. That’s how Prime 1 changes worked because it respected Metroid’s ideals. Other M failed that by trying be a some epic tale CGI movie when all it became was a poorly written fan service of a game without trying to be an original game of its own.

              Before I finish this off with you permanently, I forgot to mention one more thing; Not only Other M ruined Samus, Adam and the core ideals of Metroid, but they also gotta fuck up Ridley, Samus’s main nemesis, by turning him into a Furby with chicken legs…as its fucking shell?!…Ridley is a fucking space dragon, A REPTILE! And they turn him into a furball with his actual body inside of that thing ready to pull off a Chestburster BS from Aliens? It’s like Other M was trying too damn hard to make the fans (only stupid pretenders like you) feel more attached to whom we already know and loved about them in the past by making the game look like some horrendous version of Carebears. lol So there you have it “fanboy”. You lose just like Other M and soon Federation Force: Chibi Soccer Edition.

              1. 1. No I just don’t care lol the game is played different and that is all and if it had the same controls like metroid prime then I still wouldn’t care
                2. Then I have to look up when the game takes place but now since I think about it this game could be a retelling of samus from the very beginning up until now with more details that we didnt know before but I bet yo dumbass didnt think of that
                3. Back to point 2 a retelling and we never got to see how adam was and apparently he was cold during the beginning what matters to him most is the mission and will it get done and tell me how I am a pretender when I have played every metroid game lol this will be a nice explanation I except the game for what it is and I always wondered what samus was like before becoming the samus the fans know and it could be team ninjas interpretation of samus from the games and comic books of course with the help from Nintendo
                4. Back to point 3 a cold person who shows his gratitude in non usual ways which many people do including myself I show my gratitude or satisfaction in different ways and not how people would suspect
                5. Once again when is this game placed that would explain a lot and this game mag be early in the series or before everything in some areas that is trippy but that could be it and unlike you I will research the game whenever
                6. It is familiar but obviously different since this is the mission most likely before fusion but where does it fit in with the main story and this is most likely the place before the other or real sr388 samus goes to in fusion so this place maybe a testing or beta facility for experiments just like in metroid fusion but different
                7. I don’t care about the enemy designs there were enemies from previous games and new enemies and I don’t care who the last boss was and nightmare being smaller or what you believe to be smaller can easily be experimentation from the federation like frieza would say this isn’t even my final form
                8. A beta of sr388 like a testing station ya dumbass this could have been the prequel for fusion and if that’s the case then there could be many more stations who knows
                9. That’s the thing the fans do an intense amount of research on most likely all games and what the developers say and what is in comics etc etc they try to get information from every source possible and piece together things which may explain or not explain all of the different things going on in all of the games and since the fans give as much or much more information then the wiki then you obviously have to take what they say into the consideration for example the legend of zelda time line and what is going on in those games now I looked up a little bit of stuff and it is insane and they also have theories which may explain a little or a lot
                10. Yes I do you fucktard what I have been telling you so far about other m is what I remember in the game itself and me guessing at what can and could have happened but of course for me to know more I have to go to the wiki and the fan explanations since they go really deep into the games and any other information sources and yes it does make me and no at the same time because since I have played and or saw play through and learned about what happened with several of the games not all I have enough information to know what is going on besides with other m since I haven’t looked up anything regarding the game and the no part is because I may only go for what I want to know and not read certain parts or whatever but once I know what the game is about and what can possibly happen the information is useless to me I already have all the information about the game I want to learn or just what I need to learn
                11. Like for example YouTube is obviously another source of fan explanations in any metroid video but especially the ones that deal with the time lines and or metroid history and one of the biggest if not the biggest fan explanation channels is gamexplain
                12. For example as soon as I saw the crossover of Nintendo and atlus it was an automatic buy the same with xenoblade chronicles X and freedom wars on the vita and other games I will get for both systems and I never played a shin megami tensei game but I do have persona 3 on the psp which I still need to beat and the persona series is a spinoff series but gamexplain explained a lot of stuff from the first trailer and that helped me to understand more about the game and I also have to check them out to see if they did any e3 stuff because people were hella butthurt at the first trailer because not that much of the dark side or shin megami side was shown but the tree house live footage explained a lot about the game and showed the dark side of the game and of course there is still a lot to learn
                13. The deleter was revealed
                14. Samus obviously becomes fearless in other m it shows the growth of the character from being scared in her early days up until a certain point but having to do what she has to which is the samus we all know
                15. I don’t care about the voice acting it is not as bad as I thought it was
                16. As yo dumbass should know there are a few different ridleys and they look those certain ways most likely depending on certain things and since this ridley is human made of course he will look different
                17. Yes we all know how samus turns out but this is the story or part of it that shows that samus wasn’t always like how she is now and that should be common knowledge to metroid fans that samus was most likely not the badass we knew but through training and going on missions etc that is how she turned out
                18. I am no pretender but I enjoy different games in a series whether people like them or not but yo ass on the other hand is getting extremely butt hurt over a spin off which to my knowledge you haven’t watched the treehouse footage and the game relates to the 3rd metroid game that will come out later and like I said before people who saw the treehouse footage will get the game and or at least have more of an open mind
                19. Several of the metroid games have different art styles and that is not bad to me at all and with the upcoming game besides knowing something about the 3d game we can know what else the federation does besides the little information we know just from the games and I’m sure once I look up more information about other m and possibly the rest of the games I will know even more about what the federation does etc etc
                20. You lose retard and I’m sure you know that the metroid blast is a side game lol so until you know more or at least have a more open mind about games
                then comment at me until then eat shit and shut the fuck up
                21. I am no fanboy lol I don’t stick up for any game company and all the shut they do I just read all of the

                1. Whining and bitching going on in this comment section and others on other gaming websites and if the companies make games I like then I will buy the games because since I am a gamer I play games not whining and bitching and it is funny how so many nintendo fans whine about not getting games they want but then once you get said game or games you keep whining and bitching about more and yall dumb motherfuckers should know nintendo is not going to give you all the games you want ever or spread out throughout the years by delaying stuff and coming up with excuses
                  23. From what I recall you posting several times that you are done with nintendo and if they don’t do this or that then you are done which they most likely won’t do what you want or will do in due time but I know you will be sucking ass once the new metroid game comes out ya fucking retard and so are you done with nintendo or not
                  24. I like other m for what it is which is mainly extremely different from a normal metroid game and I came to understand samus was like how she is portrayed before she became like she is now

                2. 1. No. You’re just a fucking idiot not knowing how Metroid
                  2. DUMBASS, it takes place AFTER Super Metroid and BEFORE Metroid Fusion or did your slow ass fanboy mind missed the very first opening cutscene of the end of Super Metroid when Mother Brain killed the last real Metroid in existence played from the start? Fucking idiot.
                  3. Adam should not be portrayed as a cold hearted bastard holding a grudge against the very person he loved, help raised and trained when she was younger like a daughter especially after everything she’s done to help the GF on multiple accounts like helping them fight a war against Space Pirates over Phazon in Prime 3? Even though he matters about the missions but he still and should have feelings for Samus, not treat her like a second rate object of war.
                  4. Again, your point is beyond invalid and sensible plus it’s getting weakly old. Just stop. It’s not working.
                  5. Again, AFTER SUPER METROID AND BEFORE METROID FUSION. You’re becoming a broken useless record player repeating the same failed BS.
                  6. “Mission right before Fusion” Right there you just debunked yourself of the game “taking place a lot earlier”. Now back to the settings, it’s not even remotely different. It is Metroid Fusion without the X parasites and repeating what we knew about the GF corruption in Fusion from 2002 which Metroid Dread should explain more about it if the game ever happens.
                  7. You should because every last REAL Metroid games offers something different to mix up the adventures. Other M is just a rehash of all (better) Metroid games into one clusterfucked mess of a plot.
                  8. Here we go again repeating the same shit that already failed to make sense several bullet points ago. It’s repeating Fusion’s setting and ideas which the station is in the middle of nowhere in space. The B.L.S is the very sole station located near SR388 you damn fool. The Bottle Station is, again, nowhere in space meaning it’s more of a secret laboratory on its own. Speaking of that, the making of this station shaped like a baby bottle plus named the “bottle ship” in junction with the Baby Metroid’s demise and supposed tone of the story is just so pitiful, like it’s trying to make it feel something that’s not there. lol
                  9. That’s the point but the game is suppose to offer all the explanation they needed. But did Other M explain who’s the Deleter, an essentially vital part of the story? No. Did they explain WHY the GF gone so stupid enough to replicate Zebes wildlife? No. It was just thrown in for fan service. Did it explain or show what’s really in that “dreaded Sector Zero”? No because Fusion already told that part in its game so no explanation was needed but that begs to this question: Why the fuck not let the players explore that sector and expand the gameplay length more? That’s exactly why Other M was criticized to be much shorter than Fusion. If they had never did that “authorization” BS while honoring the traditional Metroid formula of uncovering powers and allow players to see Sector Zero before Adam dies (in the cheapest way possible), then the game wouldn’t be as terrible and short. But Nintendo manage to fuck that up too. Without Gunpei or Retro Studios, they wouldn’t know WTF to do with Metroid.
                  10. *Yawn* Got anymore pathetic excuses left to try and fool me?
                  11. I guess you are a broken record and a deaf toned one to miss the part when I said “Other M didn’t explain shit”
                  12. Crossovers don’t mean it’s automatically a good game you fool. How a crossover works is to find two different formula that could possibly co-exist harmoniously and blend well enough. Metroid/Ninja Gaiden-like attacks was a good idea and one of the only few parts of the gameplay that worked but it’s not enough to hold the rest of the game’s screw ups like the authorization nonsense and it’s clunky and STIFF Metroid Prime ripoff FPS mode.
                  13. No he wasn’t revealed. Was it Anthony? James? Adam? Who?! It never told who it was. The only way I knew who it was is to backtrack on who died in the group and who was remaining not mentioned much later. The game failed to even explain that part. They expect your ass to figure it out plus they never explain who put the Deleter up to that. Was it the GF? Mob? Corrupt scientist? WHO?! Again, NOTHING WAS EXPLAINED!
                  14. I don’t recall Samus having a panic attack towards Ridley’s ten billionth return as a “fearless” attitude. Again, (Kevin Spacey impression) WRONG!
                  15. Then you must love cheesy ass 3rd rate acting like in “The Room”. lol
                  16. Few different Ridley’s? They’re cloned and rebirth from the same fucking smothering corpse from the first game…and no Ridley in Other M is not human made. He was cloned and reborn the same exact way the Space Pirates did.
                  17. It would make sense of this game took place a lot earlier in the Metroid timeline. But since it didn’t and took place closely to Metroid Fusion, the peak of the Metroid timeline where Samus is suppose to be much mature and experienced, the PDST bullshit doesn’t work you fool.
                  18. Heh. MY ASS.
                  19. It’s tone is suppose to be a dark, suspenseful, mysterious and isolated. Even Prime Hunters on DS had some of its moments. Other M might have emulated it but again, it only came close just to be so very far it Metroid’s top standards. Metroid Prime nailed it and still went beyond that which made it so fucking awesome same for Super Metroid improving on its own formula in a big way. Super Metroid/Prime Trilogy >>>>>>>>> Other M, any day.
                  20. Nope. Only the contrary and don’t even or ever mention that other disastrous “Metroid” game. It’s not Metroid or Prime. Like Other M, it’s just another pretentious POS that can’t even grasp the littlest understanding of the Metroid universe.
                  21. Based on your lack of proper defense and repeating the same shit more than twice just now, you’re no fanboy. You’re just an idiot pretending to be both a fanboy and a fan.

                  1. 1. Like I said before the game plays different lol I can’t do anything about it and I like the controls and if the game had the same controls as any other metroid game OK I don’t care I’m still playing the game ya dumbfuck
                    2. You stupid fuck I’m sure you have to know there are several games that take place inbetween super metroid and metroid fusion so where exactly does it fit and depending on the wiki and the fans explanations on the web and on YouTube I may find out where exactly the game fits because the official time line can be wrong and so I will find out today or tomorrow everything or as much as I can about this game
                    3. He doesn’t hold a grudge against samus he is a military person who is a mission first type of person that is portrayed in the game and we see this in movies etc etc these people worry about the comrades and other stuff on the side and he most likely has feelings but just doesn’t show them at all or very little he may give samus a little smile or smirk every now and then to show his gratitude and or congratulate samus and how much was he in samus life and what was it like he could have been most likely a guide definitely not a happy go lucky person since he is in the military and of course there are all kinds of people in the military but th as the is how he is
                    4. Look at point 3
                    5. Look at point 2
                    6. There are also differences of course and like I said before the place samus is in is possibly a beta place or testing place for stuff
                    7. Nah and like I said earlier it could be a retelling of samus with things we obviously didn’t know before especially how samus was before she became the samus we know now today etc etc and especially with Adam
                    8. Look at point 6
                    9. They are scientists and you know scientists do all kind of crazy shit and well from what I recall samus never really worked directly with people on another mission and so since she wasn’t in charge of doing whatever she wanted she had to follow instructions or Adam could have told her to leave
                    10. Not an excuse or excuses fucktard this is facts I’m telling yo dumbass what I remember in game and of course I am an expert to a certain degree I don’t pay attention to all of the things that don’t interest me in any game I play especially games I don’t like or don’t play at all I may read the articles but that’s it and once I research more about the game then I can tell yo retard ass about the fan explanations and the wiki if it has anything important because it can leave out a lot of info and just give the basic info and of course people on YouTube who may also have entirely different and the same information as the people on the web and that can possibly be a lot of information to go through
                    11. Yes of course the game, explains several things about Adam and I will see what else
                    12. Duh you dumbass I was using an example and they tried something new and some people didn’t like it and others do and I think shortly after or sometime after they said they would like to try again and now how would that turn out who knows it could be the same or better but I would say it most likely wont be made
                    13. Then either you find out who the deleter is or just look it up and I’m sure the fans know who it is
                    14. Once again showing samus before she is the samus we know and what she went through before so this may lead toward a retelling of metroid and or just what team ninja and Nintendo wanted to do but I will find out
                    15. Haven’t seen the room and most likely won’t I usually just watch action movies and maybe a few other genres ya dumb shit and it is not as bad as I remember it like I said and the person is a good voice actor its just how she had to voice act samus but actually thinking about it samus would be along the lines of that but of course not as monotone and the voice acting got better towards the end of the game when she suddenly came to life
                    16. Yes I was talking about there is normal ridley and meta ridley and metal ridley and I’m sure 1 or 2 more I forgot that are obviously different and there must have been differences between what the humans did compared to what the space pirates did
                    17. It would make sense if it was closer to fusion but I will learn where it takes place and if it is closer to fusion then o well samus had a panic attack deal with it bitch
                    18. Yes believe it or not dumbass people who read and saw game play of federation force at the treehouse live will get the game and or have a more open mind towards the game and what I meant to say is that the producer of the metroid series says the game has something to do with the next 3d metroid game not 3rd metroid game so once again read about the game and watch game play footage
                    19. Other m is dark of course not as good as other games but I wasn’t talking about that I was talking about art styles which you are so butthurt over when it comes to the spinoff federation force which can be anything the developer chooses
                    20. It’s crazy how you think you know so much about a game you know little about lol
                    21. I am a fan of the metroid series and many other series and other gaming companies and their games ogherwise i wouldnt buy them at all but nowhere near a fanboy I don’t stand up for the dumb shit these companies do lol I don’t care I just buy the games and that’s it lol I don’t play whining and bitching etc etc I play games on game consoles

      2. pink0crystal0midbus

        He is just not a fan of F-Zero is what it is. Can’t blame him, it’s not like F-Zero has some great story or is one of the most well known Nintendo game. F-Zero is in between Starfox and Earthbound in terms of relevancy. It is less relevant than Star Fox, but more relevant than Earthbound.

        Plus, if you look at the entries into the series, it doesn’t “have” anything that any other racing franchise is lacking. F-Zero is really a lost IP and would need a complete overhaul to bring it back.

      3. Anybody who thinks making F-Zero wouldn’t be “fun” is definitely not the group we want making it.

        We’ll get a new game eventually, and it’ll be all the better from a team who loves the franchise.

        1. Its not that he doesnt think making F Zero would be fun. He just doesnt think working on somone elses IP would be fun. And I agree. If I was a developer I would want to work on my own creations, not some other companies where I would have no say in the game at all..

      4. I couldn’t care less for F-Zero, but this is the reason the industry is in crisis: It’s full of fucking manboys who think they’re doing this stuff for fun.

        1. You’re calling someone an “asshole” because they didn’t want to work on an IP?

          Do you program?

      5. At least F-Zero didn’t have their IP ruined by a mediocre live action film. And yes, some fucking director thought it was a good idea to pitch a film based on a car driving video game.

          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            Of course they won’t. Real life cars don’t careen around nearly as bad as they do in Need for Speed when they ram into someone from the slightest bump. In real life, you have to hit a car from a certain angle in order to make it do what they do in Need for Speed.

            1. Sorry if I worded that wrong, but I meant that the cars in the movie crash unrealistically compared to the games. They tried a little too hard with the crashes to the point where it looks really retarded. XD

      6. Who would you like to see take over the reigns of the F-Zero series?

        Someone that would not have a shit prick attitude while working on someone else IP, especially if they are paying him for it.

      7. isnt the whole idea of making a good game about having fun doing it. There are tons of crappy games out there because there were people that just made it for a paycheck and then there are other people out there that make awesome games because they are making one that they love not someone elses game that they dont. Alex Ward is not an Asshole and he is just being honest about his passion to make a game that he loves and wants to make. Im sure nintendo would have cock blocked his ideas all along the way.

      8. It would be something crazy if Nintendo managed to get the guys from FireSprite to make the Fzero game. I dont think I can think of anyone better or qualified to do it. If only that was a case.

      9. I suppose it wouldn’t be fun to be the noble person who revived one of the most heavily requested franchises in the history of gaming.

      10. Oh my god, I just realized why the pic for this article is what it is. It looks like the Wild Boar, Michael Chain’s F-Zero machine.

      11. 1. A lot of butthurt in the comments he already had a lot to do and doing an for zero game to nintendos perfection standards is way too much
        2. He didn’t need to do it in the first place lol

      12. Wow, and all this time I was thinking “Need for Speed” is an EA-IP! You learn something new every day, it seems. :\

      13. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        If he would have no heart in making the game, I’m actually glad he would not want to work on F-Zero. We don’t need someone making the game just for the sake of a paycheck. If you don’t love what you do, why even bother doing it?

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