Miyamoto Talks About Bringing His Digital Creations To Life In Universal Theme Parks

Shigeru Miyamoto recently had to talk about something other than video games in an interview with AOL. The discussions were centred around Nintendo’s entry into the world of theme park attractions with Universal Studios. Miyamoto explained to the publication how the company plans to bring some of video games greatest IPs to life in the fantastical world of theme park attractions.

“We’ve come to the point where the kids who grew up playing Nintendo games are now parents who have their own kids. I think for them it will be a tremendous experience.”

“We have all the knowledge of who the Mario character is, what the Mario world is and how it’s represented,” said Miyamoto. “We have been in constant communication with (Universal) communicating our vision to them, and they’re turning it into something that could exist within that park. It’s really about that partnership.”

“That’s the challenge put forth to Universal Studios. How do you take something digital and bring it into the real world in a way that people can experience it in real life? That’s where we’re working together.”

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  1. When I was a jid they had a Smurfs exhibit at Canada’s Wonderland. Like in 1986 or so and I remember it so vividly. This is the perfect move for Mario!

  2. Funny how Universal is being so cool after being the first American company to sue Nintendo (And lose).

    1. Yep, I do see some huge irony in that since they were like “You created Donkey Kong as a parody of our creation? We shall sue you!” in the past. Though it’s quite nice for them to be on good terms today since Nintendo know how much we’ve wanted a real Nintendo Land since the game of the same name was released.

  3. >>>Soon the Sonyans will copy us once again by making some silly boring TLOU Haunted House>>>

  4. “kids who grew up playing Nintendo games are now parents who have their own kids”
    Yeah right. I don’t EVER want to have kids. And so far, I’m doing pretty darn good at making sure that don’t happen.

  5. If it becomes really popular, maybe it will be made in other Universal Studios too… But if it’s Japan only…

  6. They should have a Spirit Train that goes along the perimeter of the park and gets you to certain zones faster than walking like they do at Six Flags!

    And I can’t be the only one who wants to have an actual Mario Kart go-cart track, am I?

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