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Nintendo Explains Why They’re Releasing Super Mario Maker On September 11th

I didn’t really think too much of it, but some people were curious as to why Nintendo would release Super Mario Maker on September 11th. As you might expect, there’s nothing bad-natured from the Kyoto based company regarding why they are releasing Super Mario Maker on that date. Nintendo representative Julie Gagnon says that the original Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment system was released in Japan back in September 13th, 1985. She then went on to explain that the 11th of September was the closest Friday that would commemorate the 30th anniversary.

“Nintendo is really respectful of this date, but the thing is that when we launched Super Mario Bros back in 1985, it was September 13th. And, as we have worked with retailers on Friday as a launch day, the date worked out as Friday, September 11th for this year.”

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73 thoughts on “Nintendo Explains Why They’re Releasing Super Mario Maker On September 11th”

  1. What, can we not launch games on certain days now? Personally I don’t want to see any games launched on November 5th, because it’s Guy Fawkes Night. :P

    1. And I mean, how many AAA titles have been released on November 11th. Its rememberance day and everythings closed here.

      1. Things aren’t closed in the U.S where I live? It’s a remembrance day, sure, but it isn’t a holiday.

        1. ‘Super Mario Maker’ is just released on that day to present how greed and the illuminati (the makers) triumph in the end.

      2. Really?! I mean, it’s not like their releasing a game called “Twin Tower Destruction” on that date. Remember before 2001 when Sept. 11th was just another day.

        1. Why not just release it the following Friday instead of that one? When people see that date, the one and only thing people are gonna remember is that infamous terrorist attack in New York and Washington D.C.

          1. Because it’s been 14 years. Yes horrible things happened on that day, but it’s time to just let it be another day. And before anyone takes that to mean something different I’m not saying “just forget what happened” I’m saying it’s time to not make everything come to a halt on that day because of what happened.

                1. If you want, you can wait a week to pick up th game if you want. Or pick it up two days later to truly celebrate the 30th anniversary aspect to the date. Or just get it day one.

                2. Were people really thinking that it was some kind of conspiracy, for the 9 11 plane crashes, Really? Gosh people it was just a coincidence.

                  1. “Let’s ah go!” Mario yelled as he crashed Bowser’s stolen airship into the Mushroom Castle.

                3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>Get over it already, it’s not the worst thing that’s happened to this millenia and won’t be the last>>>

                4. Why does it matter, really? A mario game and 9/11 have no correlation, so why delay it for no reason?

                  Plus it’s been 14 years. I understand the weight of what happened, but is this day really so sacred that nothing should be released on it?

                  Now all that said, I fully expect somebody to make a World Trade Center level…. and that’s not cool

                5. It makes sense really. The world doesn’t stop for that day. Yes, it was a tragedy, but so was the Titanic, and I bet if you ask around, more than half wouldn’t be able to tell you when it sank. There are those personally affected, but really, releasing this game isn’t in any way in spite of the attacks.

                6. Ok, I have been very annoyed with Nintendo lately, but this is not something to complain about. Releasing a game on that date is not disrespectful. At least not a Mario game. As someone mentioned, this is not a Twin Tower Destruction game. At least that’s my opinion. (Please keep in mind that I’m allowed to have an opinion haha).

                7. There’s no reason to not launch the game on this date. Sure, it was a terrible event that happened on the USA. But USA isn’t the whole world, you know. People don’t remember the day when the Tsunami destroyed eastern countries. Or the day when the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. The day the Earthquake destroyed Nepal. Why 11/09 should be more any more special? It’s just a day.

                8. Pretty much what everybody else said. Nintendo doesn’t need an explaination for this. If it was some kind shooter, then fine, but not for Mario…

                9. I agree with some of you. That event happened years ago and it isn# sacred. I especially hate it when the media glorifies anything regarding it. But that is another thing for another time. Hugs.

                10. Is it really so wrong for Nintendo to release it on that date? It doesn’t have anything to do with 9/11 if they want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the NES that date makes sense. The TMNT 2014 Australian poster makes more sense

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                12. Note they always say 11th of September just to avoid the common name used to refer to that date. Plus movies, etc. have come out on that day plenty of times. It’s unfortunate but I don’t think it’s malicious at all.

                  1. In the U.K, 11th of September, isn’t 9/11, it’s 11/9. 9/11 is the 9th of November for us here.

                    1. ?

                      I just meant instead of saying it comes out on “September 11th” it’s always been worded “11th of September” as far as US videos go. I haven’t seen them use abbreviated dates for it yet but I haven’t watched a bunch of videos about it, nor have I watched any UK videos for it. That said I wouldn’t think it’d be a big issue for UK fans as usually it’s US consumers who have issue with that date.

                  2. Nintendo Dark Jester Kooweek

                    And that day nobody will use Bob-Ombs in this…

                    Seriously, why did it had to be SPECIFICALLY A FRIDAY ? Woulda’ve been better for people tog et it Sunday y’know

                  3. Glad to see the comments section agreeing abouy this. The fact that they have to excuse themselves in the first place is pathetic. It says a lot about whomever asked that question. Why should a Japanese company give a damn about it?
                    That said, I’m certain we’ll see a lot of crashing simulator levels on release. Just wait.

                    1. I remember pokemon never released that one episode, with the giant tentecruel destroying tall buildings, to America because of 9/11.

                          1. There was an episode in the diamond and pearl series where Whishcash created a tsunami and they didn’t release that one because a horrible tsunami had just hit Japan at the time

                        1. I remember 9/11 just like everybody else who was alive back then but we need to get fucking over it. It’s a day just like any other day and games should be sold on it because people are driving businesses and the world can ‘t stop just because we have terrorists in his world. The people who died are dead, you may think everybody should spend the day crying about it but life goes on. It should go on. So go on with yours.

                        2. If anything, it should be a GOOD thing Nintendo releases this game on 9/11.
                          “Hey kids! Still reminiscing about the death of your love ones on 9/11? Well, chear up with the Super Mario Maker! The only buildings that are gonna crash here are the ones YOU make! In stores now.”

                        3. Fucking Americans need to get their shit together. It’s just another fucking day. The tragedy happened 14 years ago, not every year on this exact day.
                          Every other country moves on with their lifes when something like that happens, except the US.

                          And people still wonder why US is the most hated country in the world smh.

                        4. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                          Aww that’s sweet.

                          Furthermore. 911 happened. Get over it. Unless you were directly involved than sorry for your pain and hope you can find ways to cope. But everyone else shouldn’t feel offended is the world supposed to stop everything on that day and until forever ? No I don’t think so.

                          1. I don’t think people were complaining but I know a lot of ppl have been wondering why Nintendo chose this date specifically.

                        5. To honor both 9/11 and Super Mario Maker, I will pick up the game on day 1 and create a level called “Destroy the twin towers” where the goal is to hit a P-block that turns all the tower blocks into coins, collect as many coins as possible, then destroy the rest of the tower by headsmashing into it.

                        6. I for one think it’s ironically hilarious that Nintendo unintentionally put it on that date lol at least it’ll give us something positive to look back on that date? :P

                        7. No one remembers they Almost released Star Fox 3ds on 9/11? They had to reschedule because well… The game had planes. Mario Maker is safe I guess

                          1. I never heard that. I knew SF643D came out on the 15th and I got it on launch and thought “hmm, it’s kinda close, but whatever”

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                        10. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                          I’m American but complaining about this, if there is anyone complaining, is just stupid. The first few years after the incident is one thing but 14 years later? Ugh! I guess we should make every single day that a tragedy occurred on into a freaking holiday. April 15th for the sinking of Titanic. Over 1500 people lost their lives that day. Let’s have a holiday for each day that the Nazi concentration camps remained up during World War II. How about a holiday for the countless days that tornadoes ravaged the United States? Or a holiday for every hurricane event? I could go on since there are tons of tragedies that have occurred throughout time like the Salem Witch Trials or the Spanish Inquisition or the Crusades. Many innocent people lost their lives during those events, too. Point is, if we did this for every single tragedy that has occurred throughout human history, it would be the same thing as giving up & surrendering. I’ll let Tim Allen take it from here.

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