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Project CARS Studio Head “Really Dislikes Nintendo Users”

Project CARS gets more heat that most third-party developers from Nintendo fans. Developer Slightly Mad Studios is not blameless in the matter — they initially promised a Wii U version of the game in their crowdfunding campaign and made numerous statements regarding the “fine” progress on the Nintendo version. Then, out of the blue, they put the Wii U version of Project CARS on an indefinite hiatus, pointing to serious optimization issues.

With this in mind, many Wii U owners and backers have flocked to the Project CARS forums asking for answers. While most responses have been civil from the developers, Slightly Mad’s Head of Studio, Ian Bell, had enough with one particular Wii U rant and went on to say “we really dislike Nintendo users.” Check out the entire conversation below.


Project CARS has been released for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC — Slightly Mad is hoping to bring over the game and series to Nintendo NX.

199 thoughts on “Project CARS Studio Head “Really Dislikes Nintendo Users””

    1. No excuse if they ARE not going to deliver then they shoildn’t have promise anything not to metion that they could at least been honest about but by doing of Course they are gonna get hate from the Backers bottomline don’t promise something you ARE not going to fullfil

      1. Maybe Nintendo asked them to hold off so they can put it on the NX and show it at E3 next year. *shrug*

        I do think he was being sarcastic but still shouldn’t have said it.

        1. I doubt it since they promise the game since 2012 and they said constantly that the project was going well for the Wii U
          Was it sarcasm or not is irrelevant, this still show how unproffesional they are have they said that they were having problems during development instead of doing the “yeah it’s comming” then people wouldn’t be as Mad
          When you promise something for a long time To people, of Course they gonna get mad when you don’t keep your promises

          1. I don’t disagree with you. I said he shouldn’t have said it. But we don’t know what happened behind the scenes. There really should be more transparency in these situations. I know all too well that the gaming industry hides a lot of things though.

            1. Yeah you are right
              And here the funny thing this was originally a Wii U/PC only game Xbone and Ps4 weren’t even in consideration which makes me think that Project Cars is a Pc port which may explain why the game runs a 30fps there nothing bad with 30fps games but for fast paste games especially like Hack n Slash and racing game having the game run only at 30 it’s a questionable decition

              1. The game was originally PC. Wii U AND PS3/360 were added in after. And then it switched over to PC, PS4/XB1 and Wii U…. And in that same source thread the article takes from, Mr. Bell notes how the Wii U version was suppose to be cancelled along with the PS3/360 versions (but wasn’t).

                1. The stated back in 2013 that it was not a port. They said the wii u version was being made on its own, so ps4/xone capabilities should not matter at all. I wont buy the game even if it finnaly cones to wii u, they do not deserve our money, because they have alredy receiced our attention and patience for years. The wii u was suppist to have less graphics, it is ovious, so trying to make it like the other versuons was absurd. Im so disapoibted with them

                  1. Well, in the truest sense the Wii U version may as well not be a port as it would require a lot of work to get it to reach the ‘OK’ zone. And even if it is a port, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The developers are the ones who make the game, and if they wish to push or emphasize on a feature in the game, then that is their own wishes for the game. Some people would be willing to say the Wii U version would be inferior if it didn’t have comparable visuals to the other versions.

                    If you do not believe it’s worth it to purchase the game, then that is something you decided, not myself or others (hopefully); however, I don’t believe that rage should be as misguided as much as so many people here lead on. If you have a legitimate annoyance with the developers, that is not the misinformed claim I denounced, then by all means speak your mind as you just did.

              2. Oh FFS, it was NEVER a WiiU/PC only game, the WiiU was added AFTER the PS3/360.. the original proposal was for a F2P PC only game with micro transactions.. the community asked for the game to be made as a proper retail product with console launch too… the WiiU was added about 12 months into the dev. When the Next Gens were announced the community VOTED to move to next gen and actually wanted to drop the WiiU at that point, SMS themselves said it wanted to continue with the WiiU… There was actually only about 6 months between work starting on WiiU and the next gen consoles

                I really wish the WiiU community could get their bloody facts straight, but with so much BS being spouted as fact in various, misinformed, Chinese whispers on various Nintendo fan sites, it’s no surprise you lot have no idea what you are talking about… those few who actually put their money into Project CARS are oddly very quiet about the events as they actually know why there was a delay in the WiiU development… try finding some and asking for some real facts (not that you will either believe the facts or accept them as the truth)

                Hell, I saw a WiiU owner actually claim that the game was a WiiU exclusive in 2010.. really, two years before N even announced the platform…

                Oh and lastly, not one person who put money into the development of Project CARS will be out of pocket, so all this BS about not getting what you “paid” for.. you always had an option for a refund and if you didn’t get one, you will have to put up with getting your money back with interest from the profits on sales..!

      1. Xbox and PS4 were the last to be added but Wii U came in the middle. It was first PC then Xbox 360 and PS3 were added. After Wii U was added. PS3 and Xbox 360 were cancelled theeeen PS4 and Xbox One were added.

        Sucks that only the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions were released though. PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U versions should have been released as well since it was a crowdfunding project. If it was only publisher and dev funding, we wouldn’t have a problem.

    2. This story goes a lot further back. At one point, before the xbone and ps4 were even announced, they were touting the Wii u as the definitive console experience for this game, on par with the PC version as it was able to take advantage of the fact that Wii u has more power than 360/ps3.

      1. exactly. At a certain point of the development, they were considering this game only for PC and WiiU as they were impressed by the backing of WiiU owners

        1. You can't handle the truth

          Wrong.. never was PC/WiiU only and the so called WiiU owners backing is another internet myth (perpetuated by WiiU forums and Nintendo “news” sites)





      1. You’re a fucking moron you stupid ass son of a bitch. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up and eat shit. You stupid ass fucktard mother fucking no class broke ass bitch.

      2. Maaaa... another sheep

        Please go to
        put Project CARS into the search
        When you get nothing come up, tell the world that Project CARS was never on kickstarter

        actually the funding for PC2 is to deter time wasting pricks…

    4. The fact is they crowd sourced a game with a proclamation that a wiiU version would be available to backers who paid for that version. They then reneged on that contract with fundraisers.

    1. So acting like a child and pretty much giving the middle finger to all their backers who mainly were people who wanted the Wii U version is being a “Boss”?

      You have some strange morals and are the definition of why the gaming industry is going down the shitter like it is.

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        No. You bitches Don’t like the honesty of others. if they say fuck you than you say fuck you back. That’s the fucking reality of things.

      2. “pretty much giving the middle finger to all their backers who mainly were people who wanted the Wii U version ”

        ….You know, both the people who funded the game (the backers) and the developers say otherwise.

      3. Another internet myth

        “who mainly were people who wanted the Wii U version”

        That would be all well and good, except for it being completely inaccurate..
        how about you toddle off and find a list of all those backers and see if you actually need to take your socks of to count them….

    2. Not this time. He basically cheated their money for nothing (totally not cool) and then said fuck you to the very fans he lied and cheated too after disappointing them with a false

        1. Yes he did, if I’m not mistaken the project was going to be just for wii u and pc, people donated money and then he comes and cries about the complaints.

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            I didn’t fucking know that he basically stole they’re money. Damn. Than that’s fucked up. I would be mad as hell if i donated money for this game. Sorry bitches for comment earlier. This guy is a dick and needs to be sued.

          2. PC first. Then PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U. And finally PC, PS4, XB1 and Wii U.

            So yes, you are mistaken :)

          3. Wow, now there's something you don't see every day!

            Correct, you are indeed mistaken… it was PC only, then PC+360+PS3, then the WiiU was added…..

            and as an FYI, if anyone who wanted a WiiU version has not asked for a refund, they will indeed be getting their money back with interest from the sales profits…

          1. Yup, and there it is! After that comment SMS should be completely banned from the whole Nintendo community. He should be working for EA, like their trusty biaatch!

  1. I think he may have been sarcastic when he said that. Either way it was pretty shitty and unprofessional, especially in response to such a long and well worded post.

    1. Go and read the whole thread, that was a response to the last sentence

      “If anything it has only given creedence that developers could care less about us!”

      So Ian actually gave the person the exact answer they wanted (as all the previous responses apparently fell on deaf ears)

      Which just proves, be careful what you wish for..

      1. Hey Define Theft! Were you the one who just sent the message to the admin regarding this article? :)

      1. So you’re saying this guy is no different than the burglars around the world… What the heck are you talking about?

        1. Burglary is breaking into a person’s house and stealing. Get your definitions straight. If you pay somebody for a product and they never give it to you, then yes it is stealing.

      1. How can it be theft when they have always been able to get a refund and if they did’t, they will get a share of the profits which amounts to more than they put in ?

  2. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

    First, it wasn’t funded by Kickstarter.
    2nd it’s true though. There’s articles of them saying the wii u version is coming great from like 2012 and it was all a lie.

      1. Are you “True Blood” Lilith or “Evangelion” Lilith?

        Either way, I’m pretty sure you’re evil. I guess we can be friends.

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                If you are being serious & not sarcastic… *facepalm* If you are being sarcastic, don’t read past this point or do if you don’t know much about her. THE Lilith came into existence before Eve, was made from the same soil as Adam, & was Adam’s first wife, according to Jewish lore. She’s naked because she’s in the Garden of Eden. If I’m not mistaken, she’s the mother of the succubus/incubus race of demons.

    1. My ass. But he was serious about conning their money and lying about the Wii U version that never got made from the beginning. If it was said multiple times that “progression was going good” and then suddenly said “there were complications” without describing such complications, don’t you think that’ll automatically scream “bullshit” in your head?

      1. If you have the ability to read, then you would probably have known that he specified what those complications were and when they started happening and what the developers (as a whole) attempted to do to rectify the situation.

        1. Then explain the unprofessionally rude comment towards the fans who have been frustrated and felt cheated of their money for false promises? Other wise, your white knight tactics ain’t fooling me. If there were complications, why the fuck lie about it from minute one? Again, I’m not stupid to detect bullshit when I read or see it.

          1. I won’t explain his rude comment, as I would fully agree it was in bad taste. That remark was a sarcastic response, if you read the actual thread he goes into more details about it, but that still doesn’t justify his rudimentary action whatsoever.

            However, isn’t it hypocritical of you to be calling his actions rude, but not reflecting on your own rude actions? Of course, I don’t expect you to reflect on your actions. You probably consider your distasteful actions as justice and would disregard it being as rude under that premises… You are implicitly stating that they lie, that they cheated people/conned them out of their money, and that they should be sued for such an action. Well, here’s the thing: You can get your money back if you don’t like the way development is going. That isn’t cheating anyone out of their money if they ALWAYS have that option. You cannot sue on that basis when the option to opt out is always available to you. Nintendo has lied before in the past too, so where is all that hate they are getting? They promised that the Wii U would be for those hard core Nintendo fans, but then they go on and start advertising it as the opposite of what they claimed! Where is your hate on them for that? Not answering this will prove a point, so go ahead and ignore it if you would.

            Because it would endanger their business with Nintendo (NOT the fans)? Because the developers may be under contract/gag-order to not say anything? Because stating it may result in a loss of sales? Basically, the crap you’re doing right now.

            Mr. bell also admitted it was their fault, and nobody elses, that they cannot get the game to run on the Wii U, as they went overboard with physics implementations for the tyre system…. Slightly Mad Studios also updated their information on the Wii U version well before this whole event happened, noting an ‘upcoming article’ would be released discussing the matter, on their website….You want an answer? This is a summarized answer for you and your uninformed opinion.

  3. “Not blameless in the matter?”They have all the blame! They’re the ones who promised us a fully polished Wiiu version. This is what I’m talking about. What an asshole.
    This attitude that Nintendo fans should pay full price for a delayed, half-assed version of a port is bullshit. I won’t ever support Mad Studios.

    1. I honestly think Bandai Namco was the one who put a stop to the Nintendo version. The studio is likely under NDA so they can’t divulge info on why it was really postponed indefinitely.

      That or Nintendo asked them to make something for NX to show at E3 next year.

        1. And? Everything was good until it was announced that Bandai would be the publisher. Before that we consistently got news that the Wii U version was coming along. As soon as Bandai was partnered with them, the Wii U news stopped and then we got the delay and indefinite hold news.

          Bandai is still a business first. They can put some games on Nintendo systems and help out with others. That doesn’t mean they’ll put all of their products on it.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Whoever is responsible sucks for making the decision. If they were worried about losing money, they could have just released Project CARS as eShop only. That way, if it didn’t sale, they wouldn’t have to have worried about losing tons of money on retail shipments.

  4. they know it won’t sell shit on the wiiu, that’s why they want to put it on the nx probably hoping that it does better than the wiiu.

      1. For the upteenth time, it was originally for the PC. PS3, 360 and Wii U were added in later. Then PS4 and XB1 were added in to replace PS3 and 360…. Was most certainly not, and if you try to find a factual source that cites this claim, you will likely come up empty handed.

          1. I don’t think I made a point to reference that the Wii U version was added later, after funding had ended, but still good investigative work.

            The point I was making was that it was originally for the PC first before every other platform, not the PC and Wii U, like ninjamonkey72 (and others) claimed. Your evidence supports my argument (2 months later still applies as being added in “later”), so thanks.

            1. You are dumb your comments are stupid like someone who likes to argue who is crazy…project cars is trash and the Developer is a scumbag thief.

  5. So after everyone supported project CARS development on Wii U first the cancel said version then they tell the fan base to fuck off? Well I’m not supporting this company

  6. These guys are making plenty of buckbucks off of the other version, and riding high. He said it because he could care less about Nintendo’s measly base. But Karma’s a bitch, and time will tell if he will eat those words. But for now, with so little to gain, it’s easy to say fuck Nintendo… Very unprofessional…

  7. They promised a Wii U version in their crowdfunding campaign; until recently, they continually claimed that Project CARS for Wii U was on track, that it would take the hardware to its limits and that it would be the best racing experience on the console.

    I obviously don’t know the number of people who backed their project with the goal of playing the game on Wii U, but I do believe they should be fully refunded.

    The amount of false advertising regarding the Wii U version was such that I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone launch a class-action lawsuit against them.

    Although some studios are a shining example of how to run campaigns, guys like these just help give the crowdfunding platform a bad name.

  8. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Sarcasm or not, destroy them at once, it will be much better than getting some delayed game>>>

        1. And yet you didn’t call that one an “F-Zero ripoff”, did you? So that gets a pass but not Axiom Verge when Nintendo also canned Metroid with that Chibi soccer POS?

      1. Odd. The general consensus is that it’s a great game by media and the community. I haven’t had much time to play it since I got it at launch but it has been good so far.

        1. “great game by media and the community”

          Yeah, they are about as trustworthy as Positive Steam Review on a Greenlight game that is broke to the core and sucks…

  9. Why are developers resorting to treating fans like this. It seems like everyone who has developed for the Wii U has said how much they love it, they think the games will be great on it, and then turn around hate on the Wii U and then some of them out right cancel the games…just why?

      1. Not when assholes like this one cans the promised Wii U port out of thin air and tells those same angry fans they willingly pissed off to go fuck themselves? No. THEY’RE WRONG on two accounts: Falsely advertised fraud money for an imaginary port that never happened and told those supports to “fuck off, we suddenly don’t like you anymore. Thanks for your free money”.

    1. That actually puts a lot of distrust by the company, PC Gamers like myself actually walking away from even thinking of purchasing the game.

      Being a bell-end is not the right way to go, this just ruined them as karma will find a way.

  10. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    Kudos to Darth Praxis for keeping his cool. Sith Lords keeping cool under pressure is a pretty strong point for these guys even though behind that cool demeanor is unadulterated rage.

  11. @lilith013 Not from me, thankfully. But it’s a shame that people believed in them enough to give them their money, only to be treated like this.

    Oh well, most Wii U gamers will probably just pirate the game on PC, so they’ll get to fuck ’em right back! :P

  12. Peanut Butter KitKat

    More fantastic PR from SMS, especially as they have plans to release Software on future Nintendo platforms.

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  14. “If anything I [Head of Slightly Mad Studios] think it’ll showcase the hidden power that the Wii U has. There’s no equivalent of Project CARS on Wii U, yet we hear the shouts from Nintendo fans loud and clear that they can’t wait to get their hands on this kind of experience so we hope to make them proud with the quality of the visuals.”

    You’re full of shit.

  15. “Yup, and if you need to pass this on, we really dislike Nintendo fans”


    I agree that SOME Nintendo fans can become really annoying sometimes — if not most of times — but to generalize is really bad.

    One thing is a keyboard warrior saying that, another one is the already notorious Ian Bell doing so.

    That being said, heck, I really enjoy playing Project Cars. I feel somewhat bad for that, but in the end of the day, I’m just a gamer.

    1. The attitude of random flamers is unimportant in this matter.
      His crowdfunding campaign promised a Wii U version first and foremost, which means a sizable portion of funding came from people expecting to see a Wii U version, ergo, HE STOLE FROM THEM; and now they can’t even ask him what the hell he did with THEIR money without him throwing a tantrum?

    2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      This is one of those moments where he should have just kept his mouth shut. I wish Reggie would do that, too. ESPECIALLY Reggie. His damage control is getting rather annoying.


    1. Yes, how dare people ask what the hell he did with the money they gave him for a game that was originally a Wii U and PC exclusive?!

          1. I guess we aren’t allowed to post links anymore? I thought I just forgot to hit the “post comment” button the first time but the second time I saw it still didn’t show. So I’ll add this comment without the link.

            Nobody is “white knighting.”

            The game was first in production for PC. After that, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were added to the crowdfunding project. Later, the Wii U version was finally added. It certainly never started out as a Wii U and PC exclusive game.

            In time, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were cancelled and the PS4 and Xbox One versions were added.

            The link I was trying to post had that information in it. News that a Wii U version would be made and joining the already announced PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions. You can look it up online on your own if you want. Facts over fanaticism.

  17. It was unprofessional but the gaming community is filled with a ton of disgusting individuals. Although not necessarily seen in the direct reply, devs are often the target of malicious attacks from “gamers”. Some react. They’re only human.

    1. Wonderful justification for a man who stole from people of one fanbase to develop a game for another fanbase.

    2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      He should have saved that for someone that was actually being horrible towards him like one of those filthy “I hope your entire family is raped” scumbag gamers. And said “some Nintendo fans” too. Sarcastic or not, he should have thought about it before posting it since we all know sarcasm, unless made very obvious or pointed out as sarcasm, does not translate well in text based conversations.

  18. thenintendoreviewer

    That doesn’t help your case at all. It makes you look like a Nintendo hater which makes Nintendo fans hate you more. Unprofessional.

  19. I was thinking of getting this on PC.. but Pirate Bay is sounding like a good option for this game right about now..

  20. Oh. That’s it. There’s your truth right there and out of the horse’s lying mouth. First they lied through their teeth about the game’s coming and progression for fool’s money from the start and then now the startling but obvious revelation surfaces.

    Now the fans must band together and start demanding all of their money back right now. Let’s see how much he dislikes the fans now after he just said “cheated your money through lies and now fuck you” and that’s more than enough reasons to files lawsuits and even fraud charges against them.

  21. I feel his comment was very inappropriate. The post he commented on was very professional and not full of cursing and ranting. The writer didn’t tell them “Fuck you!” or anything like that. Now if he had shown one of the posts where someone did that, I will give more merit to it, although the fact that they did continuously mislead Wii U owners is what brought this on him and his company. I’m glad I don’t support kickstarters and all that. Otherwise I’d be furious. But this was very poor taste and disrespectful on his part. Yes, there are fans who go way over the top and harass developers, but this post was nothing of the sort and did not deserve the comment. And for those who are saying he was being sarcastic, if that truly is the case, he needs to learn how to present his sarcasm better, which is certainly possible. I can usually pick up sarcasm, but in this case, I never got the sense of sarcasm until reading some of the comments on here.

  22. Well thank you guys for running the story. I know many gamers might feel as Ian Bell does and simply dismiss an entire segment of potential customers at a whim, but to pose a valid issue with Slightly Mad on their forum and have the head of the studio dismissively and condescendingly respond is an utter slap in the face!

    Even though it clearly was sarcastic, it also showed his complete disregard or concern for any Nintendo supporters and possibly even distain at us for putting him on the spot.

    What you didn’t see was after that I posted another thread linking my Youtube videos on building a Wii U Gampead steering accessory, to which his response was, “Excessively esoteric (do we have that in the forum rules)”. He is a complete asshole! And after telling him so….I got banned! :)

    1. Hey, it’s the celebrity of the day! Glad to run the story — too bad you get treated awfully in order for it to happen.

    2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>His misery hasn’t begun yet, like THQ, The Atarians and some other imbeciles, they will fall for their insolence>>>

  23. I don’t know much about the origins of this story, but if they truly did fund the game using a crowdraising method, and originally claimed it woulf be for PC and WiiU, people have a right to bitch, and hell, I’d start a civil action lawsuit to get my money back.

    If Nintendo fans legit got cheated, they need to put all their bitching energy into organizing a legal suit (jist to force them to refund the backers money.)

    Some one do it! It will be fun for me to watch!

    1. For what I know the original crowdfunding was for PC and 7th gen, description which, according to the developers, included Wii U.
      At a later date the developers launched a poll asking for which version the people had donated, Wii U came in 1st place at 30%, XB1 had the lowest number of votes with 5%; guess which version is available today and which isn’t.

      1. The poll was actually “Which platform are you getting Project CARS on?”

        It’s still on their website, with the results still available for viewing. The poll was NOT investor exclusive either. Anyone who had any intention of visiting the poll could vote.

    2. The game was crowd funded, but it was different from normal crowdfunding methods. Firstly, it wasn’t done through Kickstarter like most people claim it was. Secondly, those who invest an amount into the game receive back monetary value from sales when the product is released (ie. they make back money on their investment), Furthermore, the game started off as a PC only title, but according to Mr. Bell, the project switched over to a console + PC game from the wishes of the investors (backers). From there it was developed into a PC, PS3, 360 and Wii U title. Then the PS3 and 360 versions were canned and replaced with the PS4 and XB1 versions.

      There is no legitimate claim that the game was PC and Wii U exclusive.

      At the very least, the far majority of people who are ranting did not invest in the game, so it’s safe to ignore them. I didn’t invest in the game myself, and I was disappointed with the news, but that’s business. Rather than be disappointed, I can still play it on another platform, like the PC, which it was originally made for.

      Also, p3n0rz’s statement is partially incorrect. Read my reply to their post ;)

      1. I’m glad someone can at least look at the facts instead of going into a blind rage about something that likely has no affect on them.

        Unprofessional move by the dev, for sure. Wii U version should have been made if backers supported the project for Wii U. But don’t start pulling out false claims about the project.


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  25. Meh, after all the anticipation for it as a Wii U title, then having to go PS4 for the game, you’re not really losing anything. Stick to Mario Kart, and I’m probably trading this in on Forza 6 in September.

    1. Except the money around 30% backers put towards the project, that’s more than the PC version backers; in fact, the Wii U version was the number 1 most wanted version, according to the developers’ polls.

  26. PS3 and Xbox 360 backers never got the game either. Those games were completely cancelled. They didn’t even get an indefinite delay like the Wii U. I think those owners and funders have reason to be upset as well.

    1. So two wrongs make a right? Or how else is this exactly relevant?
      Yes, those backers have every reason to complain, how does that make Bell’s response towards Wii U backers any more defensible?

              1. Because 1) I wasn’t arguing anything. I made a statement and you made a crazy reply to it; pulling out nonexistent implications and insinuations. And 2) you have already proven yourself to be unreasonable in this article alone.

      1. As nicely written as that was, its message was basically “I understand that it’s business, but I won’t support your business because it’s against Nintendo fans”.

        Since that wasn’t posted in the investor/backer specific forum, you can read the thread and all of its replies if you want.

  27. 30% (Number of WIi U backers according to SMS own polls) of $5,000,000 is $1,500,000, and that’s not even counting the PS3 and 360 backers who also got scammed.
    Conversely, the lowest number of backers were for the XB1 and PS4 versions.
    But guess which are the versions available today.



  29. What an A-hole! I can think of a lot of ways his company can suffer, but then again Karma is a B and he’ll get his one of this days…

    Even if they announce the Wii U version again, I hope everyone here would boycott Project Cars.

  30. Well, was gonna buy it on Wii U to support the Wii U version’s sales, but after the hiatus announcement I figured i’d get it on PC or something. After reading this I won’t be buying it on any platform. That’s unprofessional as hell.

    And they know a lot of their hype and support came from Nintendo fans so that’s especially dickish.

  31. I understand if he does not like the reaction to putting the Wii U version on Hiatus, after all it’s a sensible business decision. However saying you really dislike nintendo users is REALLY unprofessional and could hurt your sales in the future.

  32. Uhmm.. So Im a Nintendo user. But Im also a Playstation user. So does he dislike me? He must, because i am a Nintendo user, regardless of the fact I have a Ps4..

    Just for that, i was gonna by the game for the Ps4… Now…. Fuck off.. I hate arrogant developers..

  33. There is no way this could be a sarcasm, Why he replied to such gentle post (even if the OP not aware or don’t have any idea about game development) with “undisciplined” words? Or he probably lack elegance… either way, unacceptable.

  34. Funny thing is that this game had a good chance to make a great impact if it was released for the Wii U as on all other platforms there are already better options for the race sim enthusiast. it was an opportunity to make a difference.
    Just to give an example I could get ‘Project CARS’ for PC but I chose the superior ‘Assetto Corsa’ instead, still I would buy ‘Project CARS’ for the Wii U because there’s nothing like it on that platform but when given different choices, like on PC, I chose something better.

  35. I doubt he would’ve said the same of Sony fans, even if they were acting like turds (as we often do). I don’t know why it’s acceptable for third parties to be openly hostile towards Nintendo fans.

    1. It’s not acceptable in any way. But don’t pretend it only happens to Nintendo fans.

      For example, I can’t post the link here (we can’t post links anymore) but if you look up how Kamiya responded to some Bayonetta fans who wanted the game on PlayStation, you’ll see bad treatment that way too. His words were quite explicit.

  36. pink0crystal0midbus

    I could care less. It’s just another racing game. *yawn*

    It has taken them WAY too long to come out with the damn thing. People should just let it go..

  37. Man, you are idiot, you really think you can say something like this when you have done only two games and they are exactly the same? Really? Usually people who say this stupid things are important but you… you are nothing. In fact this game will only be succesfull in wiiu, in xbox one we have Forza and i know your game is not good enough comparing to it and ps4 users dont play with this type of games and i dont think you are going to sell much copies in ps4. So you can take away your piece of shit and give it to your dog, maybe your pet will appreciate this much than we

  38. He was being sarcastic you fucking retards! Jesus and who doesn’t hate you guys? You’re all awful. Well not all of you

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