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Itagaki Says “I Will Release Devil’s Third In North And South America”


The whole situation with Devil’s Third is rather bizarre in the United States. We have already heard that the game is coming to Europe, Australia and Japan, but Nintendo of America has been ominously quiet regarding a release in the United States. The developer, Tomonobu Itagaki from Valhalla Game Studios, has assured fans that he will be bringing the action packed game to North and South America. Hopefully this whole issue gets cleared up sooner rather than later.

45 thoughts on “Itagaki Says “I Will Release Devil’s Third In North And South America””

      1. considering is actually cheaper buying the game in the usa itself and have anything bring it towards the country you are in south america rather than purchasing the game in any store here in south america (talking about a game you buy on amazon for 60 bucks and here as cheap as possible you might find it at 140 bucks…)

      2. That’s because he’s been contacted by several fans from South America on Facebook. But there’s one detail: most of these fans are brazilian and, since January this year, there’s no official Nintendo representatives in the country.

    1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

      Cause stupid Nintendo of America has stupid decisions. Not giving us the new 3DS, talk about games that not many people will want to play. Getting tired of them.

    2. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

      WAIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!! are you sure that’s his facebook? Because if he needs a translator during interviews, how can he write in English?

      1. He could’ve used Google translate and then just copied and pasted it. It also wouldn’t had made sense to type it in Japanese if he was addressing North and South America.

        1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

          Probably. Just some answers or things on his facebook page looks kind of…. Fake.

          1. pink0crystal0midbus

            I hate when companies do this crap. JUST TELL US DAMNIT!

            Making it more confusing than necessary.

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              Like how Nintendo only tells us the release month of amiibo instead of the actual date? It’s freaking July now & still no concrete release date for Palutena. It could be releasing right fucking now & by the time I find out, boom! It’s sold out in 13 seconds. *shakes fist at the sky* Damn you, Nintendoooooo!!

                1. While some video games probably do lead to violence due to bad parenting. Video game violence related anything is far from a major problem in the United States, with that said im not saying it doesnt happen. It’s actually super easy to separate the fictional world from the physical one. When im playing GTA5, rolling the streets blasting Yellow Man’s “No body move, no body get hurt”, then some foo says somethin sideways and I smack him with the golf cart im trolling with, I don’t get the idea to go out and do it in real life because I know it’s wrong.

                  Time for a bowl.

              1. This news made me sigh w/ relief. Devil’s 3rd is 1 of my most anticipated Wii U titles (next to Zelda, Genei Ibun Roku # FE, & SF0), but Nintendo’s silence re the matter really had me worried. Nintendo is already skating on thin ice w/ me. I’m glad someone is releasing it, & that Itagaki-san is confident enough that it will sell in the Americas, or @ least proud enough of his creation to sidestep Nintendo’s ambivelance.

                But when will it hit? Will there be a physical release? &, if so, will it be retailer exclusive?

                1. I already knew it was going to be released in the U.S. because it has been on American directs..

                  The question everyone wants answered is WHEN WILL IT RELEASE?

                  This statement confirmed that it will not be coming in 2015. If it was he would have said, coming later this year…

                2. It’s a relief to hear him say that but NoA is hesitating to commit on a release date. Rather it be delayed than none at all.

                  And get yourselves together NoA, it seems like Nintendo EU is giving better support to their install base than you. Poor Club Nintendo rewards and now delayed releases.

                3. That still doesn’t explain why the game was absent from E3 in the first place after being promised to fans that third parties will be if there is any anymore.

                  1. I assume it has to do with NDA… in other words– Non-Disclosure Agreement. Nintendo of America MUST ban that NDA BS once and for all. Devil’s Third Must come to North America.

                4. I’m excited to see what this game has to offer, but at the same time I wish that we’d get a concrete release date.

                  1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                    Good thing I don’t care as long as I can get it for my Wii U. I’ll worry about the future of this franchise, if this isn’t meant to be a stand alone game, after I play this one. lol

                5. Just glad to hear that Itagaki will make it work one way or another. NoA is the bad joke of videogames anymore. Total shit show…

                6. 10 days ago Nintendo of America put an image of all the games coming to the Wii U 2015 ( but no where does it say anything about Devil’s Third. I’m pretty sure that there are problems going on with NOA and Valhalla games. Whatever the problem is I’m sure it’s something stupid…

                7. Maybe NOA is pushing the game into early 2016 b/c they have no games to release in January/February. Yoshi got pushed to October here… but that was just to produce more amiibo for launch. So who knows.

                8. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                  *twitch* I swear to fucking God! If Nintendo of America keeps being fucking retarded, I’m going to start importing my Nintendo games & consoles from the UK if the NX is fucking region locked! Nintendo of America can fucking die next gen for all I care if this keeps up! FUCK YOU, NINTENDO OF AMERICUNTS!!!

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