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Star Fox Command And Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time Coming To Wii U Virtual Console

Two new DS classics are heading their way to Wii U Virtual Console: Star Fox Command and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. These releases may not come as much of a surprise considering the main crux of Nintendo’s E3 centered around Star Fox: Zero and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

DS games have, of course, been available on Wii U Virtual Console since the April 1st Nintendo Direct — make sure to check out these games!

34 thoughts on “Star Fox Command And Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time Coming To Wii U Virtual Console”

  1. Never played SFC but I absolutely loved M&L: Partners in Time, definitely the second best next to Superstar Saga.

  2. Is partners in time everyone’s least fav M&L game? The one with the babies? I’m new to the M&L series having played and falling in love with Dream Team (playing it for the 3rd time now). I tried Bowsers Inside Story, but couldn’t get into it. I download the other one on Wii U, but haven’t tried it out yet.

    1. I used to have it. Never got around to beat it. Got kind of boring to me tbh. I never played the other ones in the series tho so I wouldn’t know lol it is a good game tho just got too long for me

    2. Wow, if you loved Dream Team (which I thought was just good) you’re going to love Superstar Saga and Partners in Time. I agree Inside Story was kind of ehh, I think that’s where the series started to fall behind. There is some hate towards PiT which I don’t understand, the villains were great, the music was fantastic, time travel/aliens are always awesome, and playing as 4 characters makes the adventure/puzzles a lot more fun. Although it seems that everyone agrees that Superstar Saga was the best one. I would say PiT is a perfect and faithful sequel.

      1. Dream Team and Superstar Saga are great, but Bowser’s Inside Story is also fantastic, who doesn’t love playing as Bowser?

      2. pink0crystal0midbus

        Bowser’s Inside Story is my favorite. As you can see, I enjoyed it very much (cough cough *look at my gravatar!* cough cough).

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        I HATE Star Fox Command. I still have it on DS actually. I go back to play it to remind myself how stupid it is.

        I’m actually unable to beat the game. It is too hard, but it isn’t the difficulty that makes it bad to me, it is the decision to change the gameplay to something so bland, the character interactions which are boring.

        It’s just boring as hell, plus I could never progress because I would always fail at one of the levels where I run out of turns to move.

    3. Partners in Time is my personal favorite Mario and Luigi game (SSS is a very close 2nd). I hope its in the American eshop asap

    4. Yea, know kidding. Partenrs in Time, while not a bad game, is easily the worst one in the series. Never played Star Fox Command, but it looks like shit.

    5. I played through Partners In Time a year ago on vacation and absolutely lovet it! Barely put it down before I finished it. The battles, puzzles, music and humor are superb!

      1. stupid fucking keyboard. meant to write I’d like to see both ds zelda games and golden sun dark dawn on the eshop. why is there no edit/delete feature on this site, are you shitting me.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Don’t worry. We Miiversians have been wondering the same thing about Miiverse for the past 2, nearing 3, years now. I guess they don’t want to add an edit feature because that would lower the ban rate on Miiverse.

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        2. BLEH, don’t bring back the worst Starfox game ever. Wasn’t even a true Starfox game, that abomination was horrid, should have left it buried deep in hell. Now people who get it before Starfox Zero are going to think Starfox is like Command, and they won’t like it and wont get Starfox Zero….stupid Nintendo.

        3. Reading other comments, I have to ask: am I the only person who thought Star Fox Command wasn’t ass? Was it the best SF game? No, not by a long shot, but I found it tolerable. I liked some of the characters they introduced.

          The online was crap though- if someone dropped out, the whole match ended. Wasn’t easy, but I managed to get A rank with zero dropouts though.

          1. I didn’t think it was all that bad as many people are saying on here, but it certainly felt different, but that’s to be expected with how you commanded the battle fronts. It was different and I can see where that chewed up a lot of people. I know honestly I wish it wasn’t as aggravating when you messed up and had to start all over again on a mission, but i nearly completed the game 100% before it was stolen with several other games of mine.

        4. This game wasn’t my fave in the M&L series. It was too linear, unlike the others. But I liked its darker story and still very fun game play and humor. Good memories with this game.

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