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Dark Pit Amiibo Exclusive to Best Buy In US And Available July 31st

Bad news if you were looking to purchase the Dark Pit amiibo as Best Buy has confirmed in a blog post that the specific amiibo is an exclusive to the retailer in the United States. You will be able to get hold of the Dark Pit amiibo on July 31st, but you will only be able to purchase it at your local Best Buy store. You can’t pre-order the Dark Pit amiibo. So yeah, sounds like you are going to need to queue.

Thanks, Matthew D

61 thoughts on “Dark Pit Amiibo Exclusive to Best Buy In US And Available July 31st”

    1. haha suckers. jk what’s up with all these exclusives? just do what we do in europe, have all available everywhere. fucking noa.

      1. Availible at 12am on 31st of July and then unavailible at 12:01am on 31st of July. Act faster than scalpers to get your Amiibo, but even then you probably won’t be able to find it…….Great…

      2. Lovely. There isn’t a Best Buy within a hundred miles of me. And Dark Pit is my main. These exclusive Amiibos need to end. They seriously need to learn from the Ness failure.

      3. Figured with how much attention these retailers are getting from amiibo, this exclusive crap was not stopping anytime soon. Even though the employees seem to absolutely hate these things.

        I will say out of all the retailers I had to put up with when it came to exclusives, Bestbuy handled it the best. I can’t speak for every other Bestbuy out there, just trying to instill a little hope is all.

        Cause I know first hand how badly amiibo hunting sucks. So good luck, I quit putting in the effort.

        1. I preordered Meta Knight several months before it released. And Best Buy didn’t even have me in their computer. IDIOTS! Luckily, they had one in stock.
          So, Best Buy isn’t perfect, that’s for sure.

          1. As I said, I can’t speak for every Bestbuy, but hey you still got it. Lol.

            Yea that also happened to me which was weird, cause when I picked it up, I swiped my card and then all my information on their computer came up, but I had called weeks before just checking to make sure they’d have it in, and for some reason they could not find me on their system.

            Still, even with that all of that it was way better than what I experienced at Target and Toy’s R Us, especially Gamestop.

            I’m just saying the Bestbuy I went to, made sure I got my Meta Knight, so I respect that. As with every other retailer I went to, it was a total gamble based on how early you got there, what place you where in line and how much stock they had, even if you had a pre-order there was big change you weren’t getting what you ordered.

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                              2. You can’t pre-order it, but i would recommend importing it if you don’t want to wait inline outside of best buy at 4 am

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                                                3. I’d call the Bestbuy near you and talk to the manger, and see how they handle the situation. As I said with Bestbuy I had the best experience, even when I pre-ordered all the other exclusives, there was no guarantee I would get it because of the limited stock.

                                                  The Bestbuy I went to made sure they did not over sell pre-orders, and they made sure everyone with a pre-order was served first, as every other retailers I went to were letting people without pre-orders buy them if they happened to get a spot in front of you in line, which was total bullshit.

                                                  What was nice about the Bestbuy I went to, was that they didn’t want people spending the night outside the store and they didn’t want people waiting outside all morning, so like I said they made sure everyone with a pre-order was sold those amiibo first, and anything outside of that was first come first serve.

                                                  So if you end up with a store manager like at the one I went to, you honestly might not have to wait at all, or even show up early, as long as you have a pre-order.

                                                  1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                                                    Sounds like a plan then. But I doubt the best buy near me will sell out fast though. The thing Is I don’t have time to go to best buy personally. I’d rather order it online.

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                                                    1. Remember guys – Nintendo assures us they know there is a problem, and they understand the frustration and they’re working to fix it.

                                                      Then they do this. lol.

                                                    2. Dark Pit’s wings look fucked up. They should have had the wings extended or something different. They look weird. Palutena looks cool.

                                                    3. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                                      Least those of you wanting Dark Pit now have a fucking release date, so you can at least prepare even if preparing is pointless as it sells out before you even get online or at your local Best Buy. But those of us that want Palutena are still in the god damn dark! *sigh* Why did I have to want the amiibo that would end up being the rare & hard to find ones!? D:

                                                    4. My least favorite store exclusives are the Toys R Us ones. There’s no Toys R Us within 200+ miles from where I live. And their shipping department that ships the preordered amiibos is horrible! So, Best Buy, Target and Gamestop is the best stores to get exclusives (Target is # 1). Though I HATE exclusives!

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