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Ubisoft Releases The Smurfs This Week On The Nintendo 3DS

Today, Ubisoft announced that The Smurfs will be available this week on Nintendo 3DS across all EMEA territories (Europe, Middle East and Asia).

Developed by Magic Pockets, The Smurfs for Nintendo 3DS will take players to the colourful comic book world of their favourite characters. In this great new adventure, players will need to help the Smurfs rebuild their village while finding out what could have possibly caused its destruction. To complete their quest, they will have to play through a variety of 12 mini-games, collecting resources and avoiding Gargamel’s traps.

In this brand new Smurfs game, players will be able to build the greatest village for Papa Smurf, Smurfette and all their friends. Through multiple environments, from Gargamel’s lab to the deep forest surrounding the village, players will collect wood, rocks and bricks to help them in their quest. Customisation will be possible for both the Smurf houses as well as the whole village by sawing logs, nailing planks and stacking bricks.

All the mini-games are tailored for Nintendo 3DS, taking full advantage of its features: players will play hide and seek with the Nintendo 3DS stylus, pilot a plane through the woodlands, organise music contests or create their very own recipes by tilting the Nintendo 3DS to mix ingredients and blow in the microphone to cool their preparations.


16 thoughts on “Ubisoft Releases The Smurfs This Week On The Nintendo 3DS”

    1. The 3ds is the number one selling game console in the world right now and they put out a Smurfs game why wouldn’t you put out a solid triple a title on something that has the largest user base you know the way they don’t for the Wii U because of the lackluster sales

      1. We don’t need anything from them for 3ds. If you haven’t noticed the DS series has an amazing library that exceeds other consoles with probably thousands of great games

      2. At least they are moving back to the classic look of the Smurfs and away from those nightmarish abominations from the movies. Probably should use a more appropriate image in this post?

      3. Good Luck to Magic Pocket for having Ubi as their publisher… Smurfs fans will probably love this game.

        Ubisoft is pulling your leg if you believe they mean it when they speak about install base. They are more concerned with the hype, so when and if the NX becomes a success they’ll surely jump in the bandwagon with EA and all the 3rd parties that abandoned the Wii U.

      4. seems like a fucking bad game.
        they got the license so the game will be bad, like always…
        thanks infograme.

      5. The best Smurf game I have ever played was the first one on the original GameBoy. I dont do digi-shit, but that one should totally be on the 3DS eShop for more people to try. Just an all around fun little platformer and it was good enough to get re-released as a Nintendo best seller alongside the likes of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Land 2.

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