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F-Zero Clone Appears On Kickstarter

Those lusting after the neglected F-Zero franchise may want to cast your eye on this upcoming Kickstarter project. The game is dubbed the spiritual successor to F-Zero and certainly shares a striking resemblance visually. For the project to be funded, the team of six people need €115,000. You can check out Zero Gravity AX videos, artwork and information, right here.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

83 thoughts on “F-Zero Clone Appears On Kickstarter”

      1. You think a run through with spell check would be necessary and high on the priority list, but I guess not. Other notable examples are missing spaces and “lokal”, which is laughable. But the page looks like a bootleg, but with effort put into it.

      1. Even still, they can use spell check. Just because they are from Germany doesn’t mean spell check disappears.

  1. This isnt a spiritual succesor, its a straight up rip off. No one should support this POS. Besides making spelling mistakes in the headline for your Kickstarter doesnt give me much hope in their competency.

      1. I’m not really sure it can be called a rip off, if Nintendo seems to have abandoned the franchise. If Nintendo won’t make a new F-Zero game, at least someone is trying to keep the franchise alive. Nintendo, this is what happens when your fans give up on waiting for you to do something with a fan loved franchise. I mean really, if Nintendo made a new game just like GX, there is a pretty fair chance that this project wouldn’t be an issue.

        1. They haven’t abandoned that franchise. Actually on the WiiU there have been released at least 3 Games that make use of it. Nintendoland, Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8.
          Just because they aren’t releasing a complete game doesn’t mean they don’t need the franchise and design assets. And even if they don’t need them, it’s still their franchise and will stay theirs for quite a very long time.
          Plus they even spoke with Criterion about developing an F-Zero game for the WiiU, it just never happened and after the WiiU never really took off, they probably stopped thinking about that. But it shows that they are completely aware of their fans demand to create a new game of that franchise. Nintendo also doesn’t really know, how to create something that’s able to stand out next to F-Zero GX & F-Zero X as just making something with better graphics would still feel like the same game all over again. I’d say it’s save to say that with the NX we’re gonna see Metroid as well as F-Zero coming back.

          1. Yeah, a new game just like X or GX but with better graphics would feel like the same game all over again…but only for those who’ve played those games already. What about the (possible) millions who started gaming with Nintendo after those games were gone? I bet a lot of people never got a chance to play those games. A new game just like GX would certainly feel new and fresh to those people. And a lot of other fans want “a new GX.” Nintendo shouldn’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel each time they make a new game.

            Also, with all this “It’ll wait to be on NX” stuff, Nintendo better hope they catch lightning in a bottle again. I sure hope these rumors about the NX being week are false, cause if not, it sounds like NX will be only as powerful as Wii U. Maybe even weaker :(

    1. Its probably being made from a group of passionate developers who are willing to do what Nintendo flat out refuses to do. I say let them do it and I hope its great.

  2. yeah, that doesnt just resemble F-Zero, that almost looks identical to an F-Zero vehicle. once Nintendo sees this, they are taking it down

    1. At least someone is trying to keep the franchise alive. Take notice Nintendo! This is what your fans want from you!

  3. That’s the fucking Blue Falcon, down to its racer number. He even called it Cool Falcon.
    This is hilarious, but there’s no way he’s going to make a profit out of this without Nintendo suing him to the Moon and back.

    1. They have customizable vehicles. It was probably made in their vehicle creator and used to show the similarity.

  4. Even if they could get away with identical looking vehicles, I doubt they’d risk putting in the classic F-Zero music, which is half the experience…

  5. Oh my gosh, so many great typos. I was honestly more interested in the hilarious typos than the actual game when I found out that it’s a carbon-copy of F-Zero.

    1. The Kickstarter page looks like a Chinese bootleg but with effort put into it. Like the word “lokal” instead of local. I guess spell check is non-existent to them. You would think they would fix things like this, but alas, they didn’t and that makes this much more enjoyable.

  6. Ugh. Can’t we just enjoy Neo Racing instead? And there was that other game announced a week or two ago that also had similarities without being a blatant ripoff. I could search for the name but am too lazy.

    1. Federation Force makes Other M look like Super Metroid and The Metroid Prime trilogy, and other M was an ok game. Federation Force reminds us of the CDI days.

      1. You’ve never even played the game, you clowns. I’m not excited about the game either, but claiming any game is superior when you haven’t even played Federation Force just makes you sound like a fool.

        1. Chibi style not making the serious sci-fi franchise “serious” anymore, it’s visuals are worse than DS’s top graphical game from mid 2000s and turning it into a fucking soccer ball minigame.

          It is shit and more disgustingly degrading to Metroid/Prime’s name than Other M.

        2. You don’t need to touch fire to know it will hurt you fucking drone. It’s already confirmed to play NOTHING like a metroid game…at all. But I suppose that means nothing because I haven’t played it ;)

    2. I’m sure that they’ll fix up Federation Force before they release it, but I still know that people will most likely hate the game upon release only because it’s not really Metroid. If only they would have just called the game “Federation Force”, then they could have saved themselves from a lot of backlash.

  7. Maybe they’re French because spiritual is spirituel in French.

    But either way there are various mistakes throughout and a blatant rip off from the original IP.

    They say they have experience but don’t go into detail what that experience is. Too sketchy to support. Also I think it’s too much of a stretch to get 4 player split screen and apparently 4v4v4v4 what does that even mean?

    1. That’s my feeling. I’m sure that if it does gain any ground, Nintendo will be quick with the C&D. And then you will start seeing wars of people saying that it is a rip-off vs. people who say that it isn’t a rip-off.

  8. I don’t believe Capcom can touch Mighty No.9 since it is its own IP and all, but this…this looks almost EXACTLY like a F-Zero game, like they literally took assets from one of the games (if we’re talking about the vehicles at least, I can’t speak for the track/s since I haven’t played an F-Zero game).

    1. The thing with Mighty No. 9 is that it is different enough, whereas this has the blue falcon and looks like a recreation of it in something like unreal engine or unity. It would be like taking the Elder Scrolls and making a game called the Older Scrolls and featuring the same gameplay and characters. Some sort of legal action will most likely be taken.

      1. Not to mention Mighty No. 9 at least has one of the main contributors (I refuse to call Inafune the sole creator o Mega Man) of the original series on board. This is a fangame. I’d be the same as if Another Metroid 2 Remake or Mother 4 were funded through Kickstarter.

  9. pink0crystal0midbus

    There are like a billion of these games anyway… But, when I visited their page they ripped off the Blue Falcon. Seriously? Nintendo is going to take this project down for sure.

  10. I think calling it ¨clone¨ is too little. Plus no trailer, or any kind of video. This looks like a scam more than anything.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Fast Racing Neo is the only thing that matters in that category right now anyway>>>

  11. I am not paying money to someone so that they can get money for free and basically have profit with no investment.

  12. Sorry but no matter how much I like a game, I have never had a strong sexual desire for it. Thus I have never lusted for a game.

    Lust meaning:
    very strong sexual desire.
    have a very strong sexual desire for someone.

    As a want to be writer I know that word diction is very important. If the writer of this article was trying to be funny, it was not. In fact it is very, very poor hummer.

  13. That looks almost completely identical to the Blue Falcon- they’d be wise to change its design, as well as any other vehicle that looks like one from F-Zero.

    The minimum amount to donate is 23 Euros? Sounds like they want you to invest in it rather than back it.

    1. The Blue Falcon thing is a placeholder for comparative purposes. It won’t be in the final version. It’s not 23 euros minimum, there is any amount. Their first bonus comes from 3 euros or higher.

      1. The Blue Falcon clone shouldn’t be on the page even if it’s a placeholder and won’t be on the final game. You can’t use pictures of copyrighted material to advertise your products/campaigns without the strict approval of the original content holders. They are shooting on their own foot by doing that, and if Nintendo decides to take this campaign down for copyright violation they totally have the right to.
        Actually, this reminds me of an horror game campaign that was taken down because of this. It was inspired by slasher films, and instead of just mentioning the inspiration, the authors used an actual picture of a movie poster from Friday the 13th.

  14. Lawsuit incoming. Another direct ripoff of another beloved franchise Nintendo heartlessly buried away.

    At least Axiom Verge didn’t ripoff Super Metroid entirely and inspired itself from it with dignity.

  15. Only good Kickstarter fund I would give cashes to is Little Devil Inside. That game looks so awesome.

  16. Bloodstained is the only kickstarter I supported and probabably wil be the only one I support ever. The junk is going to be dead in week.

  17. Meh. What’s the point if it’s only for Steam and Fast Racing Neo is right around the corner (which looks f-ing gorgeous, btw)?

  18. Guys, PLEASE learn that “spiritual successor” is a title given when a project is being lead by the former developers of the other game, not when it’s just inspired by and made by random people. If the developers doesn’t have anything to do with the studios that worked on the original F-Zero series, it can’t be called spiritual successor.
    And judging by the Blue Falcon copycat displayed on that page, “rip-off” would be a much more appropriated title, IMO.

  19. Well that was short-lived. He announced that they’re cancelling the project on his twitter xD

    For a brief moment there I was extremely excited. That fell to slight disappointment when I saw the Kickstarter page featuring an abundance of spelling errors and seemingly unrealistic promises. Now I’m insanely disappointed :/

    Ahh well, at least they ripped the band-aid off sooner rather than later- I do prefer to get the pain over and done with.

  20. One thing I do hate, is rip off of Nintendo games. Or Nintendo clones. They are never as good as the originals, and I will not support titles like these…

    Nintendo will make a new F-Zero oneday.

    I believe this could have just been a fan made ‘fake’ kickstarter to get Nintendo’s attention…

    That would be funny as hell..

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