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Here’s The Untold Story Of Project Hammer (Video)

Project Hammer for the Wii was one of those titles we thought we were going to get and then it was suddenly canceled. There’s a detailed back story to the development of the canned game which was canceled around 2007 after spending four long arduous years in development. One of the many problems surrounding the development was due to the Japanese management trying to take over the project there were also hints of racism coming into play too. Here’s a roundup of the saddening events that led to the cancellation of Project Hammer.

  • After 1080, NST went on to start a new project ( a small team that outsourced concept art, CGI opening, etc)
  • The internal name for the project was MachineX
  • In 2005 it had reached 75% completion and was nearing completion
  • Japanese staff were overseeing the development at the studio which posed cultural challenges
  • There were continued arguments and debate between the Japanese management and the NST developers
  • At late 2007, it was 4 years in development
  • Towards the end, changes were demanded to the environments and then the entire visuals
  • This complete change despite mechanics eventually culminated in a more ‘lighter, casual’ visual style that was codenamed Wii Crush
  • 2008 onwards, staff left
  • Nintendo of America had to carry out a review of staff conditions which recorded a low morale.
  • Midway into 2009, a small number of staff still continued to work onto it until it ended
  • NCL finally withdrew funding
  • ‘Nintendo have made some great games, but with NST it came with a price’

Thanks, Ted and Liam

37 thoughts on “Here’s The Untold Story Of Project Hammer (Video)”

  1. it became candy crush and GHEYS took over the world

    in the future only ghey or transgender is allowed and flappy bird is president

  2. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    Miyamoto saw this and said fuck no. Trash it. Iwata’s dumbass listen and ended the development.

    The End.

      1. Why? He have expresed his opinions as valid as yours. Therefore i have to said that this could be pretty accuracy because nintendo has always worked like this since n64 miyamoto rules… And his games are not even good since pikmin …

  3. It’s a shame really. Nintendo’s heads in Kyoto can’t really grasp modern gaming concepts, which is why it’s taken so long for them to adapt.

    Hopefully with the hardships of the Wii U/3DS they’ll adapt for the NX, but with Ninty it’s always one step forward two steps back. Hopefully they learn their lesson, but that depends on whether or not old japanese businessmen can actually learn lessons.




    1. “Mario 64 has better gameplay than 99% of this gens games”

      Yes, and Nintendo games are included in that.

    2. And you do realize you critisize analog controls, and then turn around and praise Mario 64 gameplay (which uses analog controls) in the same breath? Kind of ridiculous man.

  5. I hate how nintendrones talk about how Nintendo is SOOO creative and makes great games. As if other gaming companies have no good games or creative ips.

  6. Lately Nintendo has been messing up. They need to make the NX 100% more powerful than the PS4, no debate. The Kyoto crowd are losing their minds. Project hammer would have been wonderful.


  7. So, exactly what they’re doing to Metroid now, a great game happens to cater more to Western sensibilities so they either try to Japanize it or destroy it.

  8. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    Wow. I forgot about this game!!! I remember being really hyper for it back in the day. But then it never came. How sad. So sad to hear about games that could have been great

  9. pink0crystal0midbus

    Game looked bad so I’m glad they canceled it. Could ruin Nintendo’s good ame in software development.

    1. Cause shit like Pokemon Channel, Donkey Kong Jr. Math and Wii Music were the cream of the crop from Nintendo’s devs right?

  10. I was always hoping H.A.M.M.E.R. would get a revival on the Wii U or now I guess NX. I think Platinum should be given what remains of it. Sure they may “Japanize” it, but at least we would get a decent game. I always thought where as games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry are fast paced action games, Hammer should be a “slow-paced” action game, where as in the character actually feels like he has some significant weight to him, in both his physical stature and the main weapon he uses. The game could focus more on dealing heavy hitting blows instead of multiple attacks and knowing when to dodge at the right moment while taking into account the characters weight, kind of like dodging in the Dark Souls games except more refined.

  11. Too bad it got cancelled, it looked like an interesting game and it was one of the games that got me excited for the Wii in the first place.

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