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Rumour: Yuji Horii Apparently Announced Dragon Quest VII And VIII For West At Japan Expo

There’s a number of tweets coming from Twitter stating that Dragon Quest producer Yuji Horii announced both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII for the French market. It was apparently a last-minute announcement at the Japan Expo. Let’s hope it’s legitimate and that the Nintendo 3DS games make their way to Europe and US.

27 thoughts on “Rumour: Yuji Horii Apparently Announced Dragon Quest VII And VIII For West At Japan Expo”

  1. Very cool to see France finally getting the recognition it deserves from Japanese publishers. It’s a big market for JRPGs and other japanese games.

    1. Yeah… Why not caring about the EUROPEAN MARKET whoch is a market that really maters in terms of customers and not being just retards.
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      1. geez man get laid and think again. Ok let’s me spill it out for you. Yes it will be in French but he did not says just in French. It would not make any business sense if it was just for the French/Belgium/Switzerland/Monaco/Luxembourg market (yeah you forgot there are 69 countries in the world where french is the official language).

        Even if the french speaker like RPG and RPG games sell a lot in those countries it would not be beneficial for Square-Enix who is desperate for cash.Do you really think, they will take the pain to translate it french and not other language?
        As for your history I suggest you go back to school and stop watching American’s bullshit movies. Now I can go on and tell you how stupid/gay you are and so on but one need to be the grow up person.

        1. Im a graduated in world history but i also like to troll on the internet and im a huge racist so dont try to teach me anything… (Except maybe english) AND spanish is speak in MUCH MORE countries so… Yeah you should suck my historic dick.

      2. You didn’t have to take the time and effort to write me a paragraph to prove you are bursting with jealousy dude.
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  2. I would be so pissed if just europe get this and North America doesn’t. I hate the decisions square enix has been making lately regarding localizations

    1. Be pissed then. You got all the good RPGs in the 90’s and 2000’s. It’s your time to suck now.

  3. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    If this rumor isn’t true, noooooooo! I want to play Dragon Quest 8! I need a game where I can play as a female lead since a true Metroid game is no where in site!

  4. If Nintendo would just get rid of their ancient, outdated, ridiculous region locking then these problems would go away…

    But Nintendo NEEDS control. They will never get rid of region locking.

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