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Liam Robertson: ‘Nintendo NX Is Not Aiming To Compete Against PS4 On A Power Level’

It should not come as a massive surprise to many of you, but industry insider Liam Robertson of Unseen 64 says that Nintendo’s next generation platform, the NX, won’t compete against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on a power level. No doubt the console will be cheap and will also feature some sort of innovative unique selling point. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime have stated that we won’t hear more about NX till next year.

413 thoughts on “Liam Robertson: ‘Nintendo NX Is Not Aiming To Compete Against PS4 On A Power Level’”

        1. fun thing, since the funeral has been there since 96

          do you think nintendo is set to die anytime soon

          if so, my friend, i suggest you to go study economy and industrial management. Then we will talk on who is die and not

          in a summary, Sony is more set to die than Nintendo

          1. They’re not talking about their overall bank totals that is dying, rather their home console industry that’s dying out.

          2. Yea, you have to understand, it’s not just money that keeps a gaming company afloat. It’s reputation. And if Nintendo screws up the NX thier reputation will be nearly unsalvageable, regardless of how hefty thier bank account is. Nintendo can weather one failed console. Im not sure they can weather two failed consoles in a row… Maybe….

            And your Sony remark. I assure you the Playstation division of Sony is as strong as it have ever been.

        2. What does not matching PS4’s power in terms of graphic have to do with Nintendo failing? As if graphics defined how good a game was. Graphics are at a point where they’ve reached their peak, developers need to focus less on flawless graphics and more on how something plays.

          1. Having powerful hardware doesn’t just make the game look better. It can also affect how games play. Like how big the game can be, how many things can be on screen, how many players can be in the game online, etc.

          2. Gameplay is important yes, but if the graphics can’t compete and bring their best franchises to new levels… it would be a grave mistake.

            Not only that, but most of their best franchises “Metroid, Zelda, Starfox… etc” are turning into a joke, seeing how their “vision” has transformed them. (Like that chibby metroid game they announced).

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              >.> Leave Zelda & Star Fox alone. Those two franchises are doing just fine. Metroid, on the other hand… :/

      1. Maybe they’re gonna release a console with the ability to play 3DS games on the big screen? But really what the fuck is up, could be amazing though so don’t draw any hasty conclusions!

    1. If this is true I may very well skip out on the NX. I love Nintendo’s games to death and it will be very hard to find games like it elsewhere. But I can’t justify buying another console just to play Nintendo games. I already have that with the WiiU. If Nintendo doesn’t plan on competing with PS4 and XBOX ONE on a power level, then its very likely third parties will run away very quickly again, which will then basically turn it into a WiiU and I already have one of thise.

      1. 3rd parties have been gone from Nintendo since the N64 days. It is impossible for Nintendo to ever gain them fully back. Not unless Sony or Microsoft leave the game industry.

        1. I think if Nintendo develops their consoles with hardware similar to the competition (and nothing like GC’s mini discs) then they stand a chance at getting third party…

    2. The Ps4 isnt even that powerful. Of the NX does not at least match the Ps4 in power, Nintendo is doomed. They will not get any third party support, again, and we will have another Wii U..

      Its safe to say, all Nintendo’s old strategies are not working anymore. While power and graphics used to not matter, now a days it determines whether or not you will get third party support…

      Nintendo has to change the way they think as a company, otherwise they will dig thier own grave..

      1. Exactly. Nintendo needs fresh blood into the company-people who understand the standards gamers expect to recieve in the modern era!

      2. Its not so much just power, but also being X86. And supporting the same kind of online expectations. Nintendo can do what they want with there IP. But when they make it hard to perform the same kind if online that developers/customers want like headsets and achievements, or game DVR. believe it or not they are selling points.

        1. Being x86 or not is completely irrelevant to being modern or powerful or getting third party support. They could go with MIPS or ARM and still be just as modern and powerful. Developers don’t write their games completely in assembly but mostly in C++ or higher level code and compile to the a particular instruction set so it wouldn’t effect third party support. You can make more of an argument for power being important than instruction set.

    3. 1) he is not Nintendo. 2) it could mean its more powerful :/ 3) I’m pretty sure NX is a platform so it could be that only one version if the NX is low cost/specs 4) Nintendo did say they would work on a low cost system for small poorer markets, this could always be that.

      1. Are y’all retarded? He said nx isn’t trying to compete with ps4. If it had more power than ps4 that would mean it is competing with ps4…. This isn’t opposite day you dibshits he would have said it was more powerful than ps4 if that is what he actually meant! Lol

    4. I honestly don’t get this….. I mean the WiiU is comparable to the PS3 and 360. So now, instead of being a generation behind power-wise, they’re going to be almost TWO generations behind? Why even bother? I don’t get it? Why bother??

    5. Same. I mean the wii u is technically a “next gen console” AKA the competitor of xbone and ps4, yet it can barely beat Xbox 360 and PS3 power LMAO. The NX is the next next gen console of nintendo, just like ps5 and the next Xbox. If it won’t even reach ps4’s level, yeah… Who’s coming to the funeral?!

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        I’ll come. Just so I can piss on Nintendo’s grave for being stubborn control freaks that refuse to listen to their fanbase! Well the smart half of the fanbase that isn’t sucking their dick, anyway.

    6. I know…. now it’s even clearer; Nintendo isn’t caring a bit about its fan and they still think they can be successful once again just by being “innovative”. We should all boycott them for that.

      Their “Next” Next Gen is going to be less “Next Gen” than the current “Next Gens”… if you know what I mean. They suck at logic

      1. No need to boycott-nintendo’s overall lifetime sales of each console has been on the decline per generation. The Wii was only an exception to this ( due to the casuals), which can’t be replicated again since the casuals are all gone. Nintendo will kill themselves due to their own arrogance!

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>I see, well unless it could be interpreted as the opposite (being more powerful than the other 2), this NX is probably the 3DS successor>>>

        1. oh no, its a home console, I believe they already said that. As for this guy, “talking to the right people” tells me he might be lying. However, I’ll keep an eye on this. I know nintendo says they are not but if the don’t then they might be screwed. I do believe they need a very good marketing for this one like PS4 had. They better do something about it or THEY ARE FUCKED FOR SURE.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>They haven’t confirmed it 100% to be a successor to the Wii U though so anything is still open to speculation>>>

            1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

              Im also believing to theory of it being handheld, 3DS is like 6 years old next year and New3DS feels like it was quick temporary solution to give 1-2 years more for the 3DS. WiiU is barely 3 years old, introducing successor to it with lower power levels than Ps4/One would be very stupid move, unless its that hybrid system that is both portable and homeconsole, that way it might work if its handheld first.

              NX is either just a handheld, or handheld/homeconsole hybrid (kinda like Playstation TV allows handheld games on tv, while Vita allows them on the go).

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>No matter what they do, just don’t make useless civilian party games all the time>>>

                1. No, what they should do, IS compete but do it in their own way. THAT’S WHAT PISSES ME OFF…about this article. They are still thinking “casual gamers”. THEY need to head BACK for the “hardcore gamers”…and start making games harder like they did back then. These new gamers today just think about one thing…shooters, they need a harder challenge. Super Mario 64, sunshine, galaxy 1 & 2 are prime mario game examples of catering to the so called hardcore gamers. UGH, such disgusting words, the word “gamer” should be in one category. Shouldn’t bee for two so called “meanings”.

                  THIS IS WHAT I MEAN…


                  DO WANT THIS IN GAMING???? THIS IS WHAT those so called hardcore gamers are when it comes to ANY OTHER SYSTEM!



                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>The quote and the article I took it from, Lord Reggienator never did confirm that the NX was the home console, he only confirmed that they are working on one, so like I said, it’s still open for speculation until High Command says that the NX is their next home console>>>

            2. That’s also true they did say that its not a successor to the 2 current systems. My thought us that this “low price” system is the one they are making for poorer countries. It well focus on older games (virtual console) and well allow new developers. To work on games (but clearly it would just be around Wii U power level

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Lord Reggienator: “We’ve also said publicly that we are already hard at work on our next home console and that’s another element we’ll be talking about much later.”>>>

                >>>That is open to any speculation as he did not mention the NX in that statement at all>>>

                    1. yeah but the fact is the fact that reggie did say and NC just pointed it out, CONFIRMING THE NX IS INDEED HOME CONSOLE…as he took part of that article. If you like I can find the full link.

          2. Nintendo has bin pretty clear that NX is a development platform, so it might not be the home system. NX well be a family of systems, and branding.

            1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

              Thats good theory and it would support the handheld and homeconsole hybrid rumour, maybe they are gonna offer handheld and homeconsole version of same system (kinda like PsTV and Vita are same system but for different purposes but play same games). NX=NintendoCross(platform)

          3. Nintendo never said it’s the next home console, they said NX is a DEDICATED GAME CONSOLE. Meaning either Home Console or Handheld, 3DS has been out longer and it always goes handheld, home console, handheld, home console. the 3DS’s successor is coming before the next home console.

            1. That Greyhound Guy

              Tits or GTFO.

              (That means proof or I’m not buying your cakes. Just so were clear on that)

  1. Kind of stupid. What’s the point then? Just be super cheap and hope people still pay the same price point as PS4 and XBONE games? Come on Nintendo.

    The NX needs to be able to run the same engines as the other consoles so we can get ports. Who would pick the other consoles if they could get the same cross-platform games AND Nintendo exclusives?

    1. You don’t know very much do you? Game engines are SCALEABLE and basically every engine can run on any platform, even Unreal Engine 4 runs on Wii U if you take the time to figure it out, Unreal Engine 4 even runs on stupid Smartphones.

  2. I do hope the NX is actually a portable console. If it’s just a refresh of the Wii U with a different name and no GamePad, that’s going to suck. Either Nintendo allows Wii U owners to trade in their consoles for a massive discount on the NX or it is probably screwed.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>So you’re moving on from someone that doesn’t give you the games you want to someone that charges you to play online, why don’t you buy an Xbot machine while you’re at it?>>>

        1. To be fair, the competitors’ online services are far more fleshed out than nintendo’s. Still, it’s bullshit that consumers have to pay for online twice!

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>I know but he was against this entirely ever since Sonyans began with this system and bashed them with no mercy all of this time and would never buy a PS4 because of it and now because the empire doens’t give him everything he wants, he gladly moves on to something he hates>>>

          2. Just build a computer for a few hundred bucks and buy discounted steam games, the sales on even new games are insane. I built a new rig for 350 and it’s more powerfull then the ps4,granted i swapped some parts out from my old pc, regardless even if you payed alittle more then 400 you will earn hat money back with discounted games very fast, console games are absurdly expensive.

            1. What are the components of your PC? I was looking at build a PC sites and couldn’t build anything that seemed decent (i7, min 8gb ram, etc) for under 700 but I don’t know that much about PC hardware myself.

              1. A decent PC is going to run you around that price, or over, easily. A lot of these publications saying you can build a console for this or less, never test how the games run in comparison or as this guy, he already had an older PC and just updated it. Even with that, you aren’t going to build a PS4 for $400 from scratch, technically you could buy very cheap parts to try to match the specifications, but I promise you it will not run games as good as a PS4 will.

                Again PC’s are also not dedicated to gaming, hence why they usually cost more just to match or surpass what a console can do. This didn’t even fly back in 2005, back then it cost you double what the PS3 or Xbox 360 cost, just to play games as decently as they did.

                A decent graphics card alone, one that isn’t even considered top of line and by PC standards is probably already out of date, will run you at least half of the cost of a PS4. That isn’t including a version of windows, a PC case, motherboard, CPU, RAM, Power supply, a decent gaming mouse, a decent gaming keyboard and a headset. All basically what a console already comes with for a base price $400.

                A good PC case will run you $70-$100

                The best PC fans for a case, could run you up to $20-$30 each. Which can be costly if you buy a case that needs a lot of fans.

                Windows 7/8/10 will run you $50-$100 depending on which you choose.

                A decent motherboard, or good one will run you $50-$150

                An i5 processor or an older AMD processor will run you $90-$200.

                A decent graphics card will cost you close to $200.

                8GB of good DDR3 RAM, will cost you at least $50-$100 depending on the clock frequency.

                A future proof power supply will run you over $100 easily, and I do not recommend skimping on a power supply.

                Again, not including a good mouse and keyboard, which I’ll just say would run you about $100-150 for both. Then that isn’t including the type of headset you want.

              2. You really don’t need an i7 to match the current consoles’ CPU power, an i3 with hyperthreading, or an i5, should beat them hands down (and that should be helped even more by DX12 and Vulkan in the next 2-3years). Anything above radeon 260 is also enough for low-mid settings 1080p @ 18-30fps (aka. console settings) or more. You will still pay more than 400$/€ though. Of course a computer is much more than a console too.

            2. How is that comparable when you clearly stated you used parts from your old PC? Do you know how much more expensive it would be to actually build a entire PC from the ground up, just to match the PS4? Unless you used really cheap crap, that honestly probably won’t even run games better than a PS4 does. The specs might be similar, but people don’t understand PC’s and consoles do not work the same. A PC is not a dedicated gaming machine, like a console is. PC’s require more resources to be tied up in the background than a console would, just with the OS alone. Which in turn means, in order to beat a PS4, you aren’t going to build a PC with the same specs, you’ll need to go a little over.

              I’m not going to act like the PS4 is some god tier console, but for what it offers it’s decently priced. A lof of the places on the internet, will say “Build a PS4 for $400” but whats the point when they never compare how the games run? Which is the most important part, matching the specs is totally meaningless if you don’t compare how well it runs games compared to a PS4. I know from many years of actual experience, you aren’t going to build a PC with the same specs as a console, and expect the games to run as smoothly as they do on that said console your trying to match.

              And some could say PS+ is very competitive with Steam, you get tons of discounts on new games at release. With steam you’re going to get discounts on a lot of very old games or games that aren’t worth mentioning to most people. I get sick of people hyping Steam so much, it has so many crappy games on it, which are usually the ones always discounted so low, or like I said they are years old. And I say this as someone who prefers PC’s more than anything, Steam isn’t as great as people make it out to be, there are lot of garbage games on Steam.

              If that’s what you want to build a PC for, fine, but it will be a waste of your money, but if you’re buying new games, they’re going to cost just as much as they do on consoles, anyway. There is no getting around that, unless you want to pirate everything, or constantly wait until the price drops, which happens with consoles games too. And based on what you’re saying, it obviously cost your more than $350 given the fact you already had parts from an old PC.

              So why aren’t you including the total cost of your PC, and not just the parts you recently upgraded. Which is another point, you won’t need to upgrade a console for years. PC’s on the other hand need to be updated regularly if you actually want to be competitive on the scene.

              Even worse, to build a comparable PC from scratch, to match the PS4 specifications, it would cost more than a PS4 which you obviously proved. That should be enough to tell you unless you’re really into PC gaming and have the money to spare, it might be best for you to stick with console until you do. Any experienced PC user, knows it requires more power from a PC to achieve the same as a console, PC’s are not dedicated gaming machines. It’s a really simple concept and it’s why so many PC games end up very poorly optimized. Console games will generally run better than PC with the same exact specs, because they are all the same across the board. Everyone’s PC is vastly different from another, not including all the extra crap they could have on their PC that can cause conflict with these games and how they perform.

              And you people act like you’re getting brand new games at discounted prices, which is bullshit. You either waiting for those games to be discounted, or your buying a bunch of cheap mediocre games for your PC. Which like I said, you can do the same thing on a console if you want.

                1. LOL! I love how your typed all that and corrected the word “you”. I agree to btw, building a gaming PC for 350 dollars that is equivilant to the Ps4 is just a bold faced lie. To be more blunt.

                    1. Lol, everyone should know me here by now. I write a lot more than anyone else, not that I’m too proud, but it’s obvious. And I’m very anal about it, since I enjoy reading and writing.

                      Just imagine writing all of what I do, and then seeing small errors like that, with a hint of OCD like mine… Lol. It sucks so bad, and I try to make intelligent comments, so it drives me up a wall when I make typing errors like this.

                      Stupid hands, can’t keep up with my brain.

                      I just don’t like when others mislead people. If someone was really interested in building a PC, they need to be informed of the realistic costs it takes to build a good one. PC gaming isn’t cheap, so they should know that, so they don’t end up getting disappointed by someone who mislead them to believe otherwise, or set their expectations on a cheap build that will not perform as well as they were told.

                      I could go and on as to why PC gaming is more costly, even with consoles requiring money for online multiplayer now. But I think I’ve made my point enough on this subject.

              1. Yay, Hollow liked one of my comments again. It has been a while. Lol :D

                Btw did you get your PC working? Did it finally display something? sorry I can’t keep track of all the articles I post in sometimes, meant to go back to it.

                1. Yeah. Lol. I’m actually typing this from my PC. It was kind of confusing building it at first but now I understand how to build and where to put everything. I made sure to get the windowed version of my case to see my glorious work. :P

                  1. For sure, windowed is the only way to go in my opinion, lol. Good, good. Hope you’re enjoying it.

                    My case also has one, got a bunch of green leds in mine. Lol, it’s a little too bright sometimes when I’m trying to sleep. I have the corsair c70 case.

                    1. Ha. I got the Fractal Design R4. It has a blue led around the power button and my graphics card shows a green led through the window. It lights up the whole room and it’s pretty cool. :)

                    2. Nice case, like the simple clean design. I was going to say you gotta get lights, if you didn’t already have them. Good to see you’re starting out your PC game strong. Lol.

                      If you ever get into liquid cooling, a black light with a setup that uses a reservoir tank, also looks very badass when all the fluid is glowing.

          3. NNID hasnt been down for 1-2 months because of passive DDoS

            Sony’s PSNetwork and M$ X-Live are as good as the Nintendo Network

            only thing is they charge for it

                1. Actually, he doesn’t. If Nintendo had anyone attack them, do you honestly think they could handle the situation better than Sony or Microsoft?

                  Do you rememeber when they made NNID’s? They couldn’t even handle that traffic. Do you remember that thing called Club Nintendo, that was constantly crashing?

                  These are pretty basic things too, and Nintendo can barely handle network issues like this. And you honestly think they could handle a DDoS attack any better or faster than people who have been working with online networks a decades longer?

                  Be realistic, the only reason it appears that way, is simply because no one bothers messing with Nintendo. And a lot of Nintendo’s games work on a peer to peer network anyway, not a server network.

                  Plus, how about you people learn about DDoS first, there is reason why they are so effective and why they’re so hard to stop. Nintendo could not handle it any quicker than Sony or Microsoft, it would probably be worse since they have such inexperience on the online front.

                    1. Then how about you learning about how this shit works. I didn’t say “they would do better”, I’m saying that they are just as good. You think they didn’t fuck up like nintendo did? Remember the ring of death? The blue light of death? The break ins of the PSN? Think man!!! At least nintendo is free, be thankful for that!

                  1. Lol. And did I ever say no other gaming company has made mistakes? That’s actually the complete opposite of what I preach here.

                    The problem is, you aren’t thinking. Nintendo’s online is not as good as PSN or Xbox Live. You clearly did not read most of what I said, so I’ll say it again. If Nintendo cannot handle simple things like Club Nintendo and NNID’s, then no it isn’t as good. Also, again since you don’t read, more Sony and Microsoft games use these things called actual servers… Servers cost money. Servers are better, as you don’t get kicked out of games just because the host of the room has a bad connection or decides to quit. Running on a peer to peer network eliminates the need for hosting servers, since you’re using another persons connection to rely on as a way of connecting to Nintendo’s game online. So it doesn’t matter how good your internet is with Nintendo’s games, if you happen to keep getting paired with hosts with poor connections, you’re likely to experience a lot of disconnects.

                    That is not the same, or as good as many of Sony’s or Microsoft online games, not that they do not use peer to peer sometimes also, but not nearly as much as Nintendo does, for one Nintendo doesn’t have a crap ton of online games in general. Peer to peer is the cheaper of the two methods, and in no way is considered better, or as good as someone who uses mostly servers.

                    At this point I’m not thankful, honestly. I’d rather actually give Nintendo a little money if it actually meant they’d update their old online infrastructure already. Total joke we still have this archaic account system and I’m quite tired of their use of peer to peer networks in every online game they make, because it is horrible in games like MK8 and Smash. About all Nintendo uses servers for is matchmaking, and it looks like even Splatoon is once again another peer to peer game, the host drops, you drop.

                    It’s obvious when I’m purely talking about networks, and you’re bringing up irrelevant topics to counter my points, things like the red ring of death and the blue light of death. Shows you don’t know much of what I’m talking about. As usual you’re just another person who rinses and repeats, instead of actually learning anything on your own, because those issues have nothing to do with an online infrastructure, do they? And pointing out the flaws in Sony or Microsoft networks, and ignoring the flaws in Nintendo’s doesn’t make you any better.

                    It’s easy to tell when a person does not know what they’re talking about, instead of staying on the topics at hand, they’ll bring up something that has nothing to do with what anyone was talking about… That’s when you lose an argument.

                    And not to ignore your irrelevant points that have nothing to do with a sever networks vs. peer to peer network, the red ring of death was horrible, and the blue light of death was no where near as close as a situation. All hardware fails, the Xbox 360 was in a league of it’s own in that regard, I’ll agree. There has been no other system to fail as much as the Xbox 360 did, and I know why, because I actually used to repair them for people. And if you’re going to say something like that, you must realize Nintendo’s hardware is not flawless, right? Sure it will be hard for anyone to ever beat Microsoft’s Xbox 360 failure rate, but that isn’t to say all hardware fails regardless, at times.

                    Look online, you’ll see endless threads from plenty of people who have had their Nintendo hardware fail a lot just as much as any other system with a normal rate of failure, especially with the Wii U’s gamepad, a lot of people have had problems with their gamepad’s. So your points are absolutely irrelevant to what was initially being spoken of, we were talking about networks, not hardware failure rates.

                    No one ever said Sony and Micosoft never had network problems, either. The point was their networks are better bottom line even with these DDoS attacks, you can make it subjective all you want, but networks are like the parts inside a machine, they don’t lie, and you can tell what is better based on the type of network used, just like hardware, you can tell what hardware is better, just based on what’s used inside. You could even compare it to car and it’s engine, you might prefer another car, but if the engine in your car is not better than the one I’m talking about on a technical level, don’t bother trying to act like it is, when it obviously is not. The point was these problems would hit Nintendo worse or just the same.

                    And as I said, learn how DDoS attacks work first, before you start agreeing with things that have no foundation. Sony and Microsoft have no control over when someone wants to flood their servers, no one does at the moment, as DDoS attacks are unpreventable in their entirety. There are tools you can use to help reduce them, but at the moment you cannot completely stop them, no matter who you are and Nintendo is not in any better of a position.

                    So bringing up DDoS attacks as a counter point to anything, ends up being a moot point. That was my entire points, he has no point. And that in no way proves Nintendo’s network is as good or better.

            1. And all Nintendo’s games are laggy online whats your point? $50 a year (less than $5 which a bum can afford) is well worth the better quality online experience and all the voice chat and standard options that go with it. I’d gladly pay for the fee. You people seem to not realize it costs money to keep servers going for games. So since they are providing that service, they have every right to charge you. Stop being a cheap, poor ass fanboy.

        2. GTA5, Batman Arkham Knight, Yooka-Laylee, Mighty No. 9, Oddworld 1 remake that’s not coming to Wii U at all, full Direct Game recording/streaming with YouTube posting, may I go on? As for online play, cheaper than Xbox but I’m still not paying for it, at least not as much especially when PSN is still vulnerable and Sony is still dumb on installing proper security measures. But hey, at least it’s not a laggy or restrictive as NN now that Miiverse is getting worse and pointless. No fucking Gamepad dependency on PS4 and no I’m not buying that wasteful Vita for it. They might as well bundle it with standard SD cards for free.

          I’m still keeping my 3DS but that’s it. How funny is it that the 3DS is beyond better and has more than Wii U? It’s a joke, that system is a fucking joke and its repeating exactly what Sega did before.


          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Doesn’t matter, you were against the PS4 on basically every level and most of those games can be bought on the PC for cheaper prices, whatever though, you’ve been done with Nintenco for 2 months now and you’re still here, why?>>>

            1. No I wasn’t you damn fool. It was gonna be my second console of choice but now, should’ve been my first since Nintendo fucked up way too many times with Wii U more than Sony fucked up PS3/Vita combined but at least Sony did improve on PS3 to catch up which Nintendo should’ve did for Wii U but didn’t. Wii U, its just there for the sake of looking like an add on like what many consumers says and think it is which in this case, they’re mostly right.

              The only few things I criticize for PS4 over is PSN still lacking security thus making its $50 a year charge ludicrous in a sense, no PS3 compatibility especially now that Xbox One is getting it..sorta and PSNow pricing is bullshit and overpriced. That’s it. System itself works as intended and has more games I want than Wii U when 3DS has a better library range than Wii U itself.

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>Because the imbeciles just like on the Wii U, gimp them or don’t care about taking care of it as much as the twins>>>

                1. Yeah. It sucks. I thought the PC version would’ve turned out to be the best. But NOPE! A whole truck load of problems. I would’ve bought the PS4 version but I got it for free on PC. So I’ll just wait for them to fix the issues. LMAO. Giving me a broken gift…


            Losing hope are we? Look man, its as I said before, “A true gamer plays all” Do I have to keep saying it? So what if nintendo doesn’t get those game, sucks now, had a good start of the E3 and failed at the end. Thing is, keep it anyways, buy a different game console, switch from them on a basis, keep playing from first to third parties. You can’t go wrong when you got everything you need to have the games you want if you got the systems…and last I heard, some of those are coming to wii u, specially looka lay lee. Sucks you have to pay yeah (I hate that the most) but at least you get a good time and talk to others. Or you can get a gaming PC…no matter how you take it, save for it all, and buy them, you will be a gaming pro, instead of countless rants “I HATE THIS COMPANY NOW, DAY SUCK MEH BULLS” bullshit. Point is, buy them all, have the games you want without fail, be happy that you got them anyways, period.


            HEH HEH HEH, It’s me fool…

      2. You said you were done ages ago, yet you still come on here. If you’re done with Nintendo, then stop wasting your time on here.

  3. As I though. It’s gonna suck for that reason or for a different reason. No more fucking gimmicks for god’s sake. That’s why I’m not buying another console from them again. They still don’t learn shit.

        1. Gimmick: a certain feature to attract a certain population

          The gamepad is both well implemented and in the good sense, it’s optional since only Splatoon makes it a must

          The gamepad being a gimmick would mean it’s required 100% and attracts people, which is not the case

          1. Please explain to me how the game pad is “well implemented” because, as a Wii U owner, I’ve yet to see that happen. Oh yeah, and I define gimmick as a feature that is poorly fleshed out and is the focus of the entire console…the Wii remote and especially the game pad are exactly that. The reason I’m so annoyed with it is that it takes centre stage whilst a normal controller should be the focus. In short: I hate how Nintendo makes its’ controllers the main focus of the console, and not powerful hardware.

            1. >a feature that is poorly fleshed out and is the focus of the entire console

              then your understanding it’s extremely wrong

              gimmick is a way to make something shine between other similar “things”

              if your definition of gimmick is something else, it doesnt make it true

              1. I don’t really care what you think is the precise definition of the word “gimmick”. I thought it was painfully obvious that I was negatively referring to stuff like the Wii remote and game pad as, in order to keep their consoles cheap, power is sacrificed to run these gimmicks.

                1. But if you think about it, Splatoon is the only game that the gamepad is a must unless you’re playing that useless dojo (2 player) which lets another use an must motion plus wii remote with a classic or classic pro. I have yet to run into other games that forces you the “gimmicky” gamepad. You name me or him another game, and I’ll take it back.

                  1. I don’t know if this counts but there was a period of time where my game pad was broken. I tried going to the eshop and uploading money to my account, only to find that I needed the game pad to enter personal information, I couldn’t just use the Wii remote for the whole thing. Basically, I wAs screwed until my game pad was fixed.

  4. Well…the NX is screwed now! Nintendo NEEDS to learn that making a console that focuses on being “innovative” (aka a gimmick) will NOT sell well. The casuals that bought the Wii in droves are gone (smartphone gaming) and Nintendo really needs to focus on the “hardcore gamers” (basically the PS4/XBOXONE crowd). The NX seems like a Wii U 2.0 at this point…and that’s not a good thing!

    1. It was not the gamepad that made it not sell well… it was the lack of games… (which could be blamed on Wii U’s power, or on third party greed, but we will never know for certain why…)

        1. The marketing was Terrible. They should have called it “The Upsr Wii” or something. People still have no idea what a wii u is, they say “oh the Wii”?

        2. The should have named it differently indeed… hell, they could have just called it the “Nintendo U” and it would have been fine…

          1. It baffles my mind why they din’t just name it “Wii 2”, I mean, that’s basically what it is!

            1. I understand why they didn’t do “Wii 2”. Because Wii U has unique capabilities the Wii is not capable of… The PS4 is different. It is a big upgrade but has nothing really which wouldn’t have been capable on PS3. (And don’t bullshit about graphics… those are not capabilities.) My point is… calling it a Wii was wrong, because it had nothing, besides the reusability of Wii controllers, to do with the Wii…

              1. I see what you mean-it shouldn’t been called the “Wii 2” as it was more than a simple hardware upgrade. I still think, though, that the name would’ve been justified as both consoles were trying to attract the same market (casual gamers).

                    1. Just the opposite, Wii is associated with motion controls. Wii U was very different, but they still called it Wii, which was a mistake…

                    2. The casuals might’ve understood the product better though if it was called Wii 2…even though the “innovations” they brought to the table were completely different.

                1. The 3ds is just a second screen. What is invoative about that? Oh wow, they just copied their 3ds! Hahaha

                  1. Yeah, well… for multiplayer games, to have the same screen on the TV also on the gamepad makes playing them locally way better than splitting the screen; that alone is something I think is innovative and I am very used to now, which makes me hope that the dual screen capabilities continue.

                    Or consoles with two hdmi connections for two TVs

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                True. Shitty marketing, not using the Gamepad for more than just a map & off-tv play, forced use of Gamepad for integral stuff on Wii U like settings, lack of 3rd party support, no voice chat for games that it could have been useful in, no universal account system, so on & so forth!





          1. Tell that to Nintendo. Gamepad is a gimmick and mostly used for off-tv play. Asymmetric gameplay is really limited and is better online when everyone is on the same level (that is online, new thing that Nintendo won’t embrace), but in games it’s next to useless except so that you can be a little faster like with inventory and maps and shit, but moving your head up and down breaks the immersion, so it’s a stupid thing that was made for pretty much Nintendo Land and Mario Maker. That’s it as far as games that use it well go.

              1. I disagree heavily. I’ve yet to see a game on the Wii U that made me go “whoa! This game pad feature is so cool and totally worth ditching third party support over”. The Wii at least had a few titles like that (Marino Galaxy, prime 3, skyward sword)

              1. That’s the one genre that would shine on wii u and nobody made any which is pathetic on any developer who makes those type of games part.

          2. Jtz from Gad tribe

            I like the Gamepad because of the touch screen and of tv play. So i can lisn’t enough to TV aND play wit u. What I don’t like about it is if the battery dies the c on sole dies. Fuck wiimotes. That was the past. I want buttons.

            1. You can use your pro controller to navigate menus you just can’t go online and such without the gamepad.

          3. All the gamepad is used for is browsing the internet and off tv gaming no matter how many times you post comments in all caps. You’re such a stupid fucking idiot I seriously wish a gamepad would get flung in your head and knock your ass unconscious so you could go deep in your mind and realize what a stupid tool you are defending such a trashy controller. Besides aiming at stuff and pressing a few buttons and a map what else can it do? And none of those are great either.

      1. IMO, there were a number of factors that contributed to the Wii U’s downfall. In short, Nintendo built the Wii U for the casual gamers ( low power, cheaper, gimmick, etc…) and when they found out (the hard way(*insert sexual joke lol 1!1!1!-010-00-0-)) that the casuals didn’t care about it…well, they were kind of screwed.

      2. In addition, the “lack of games” (due to developers having to program for the Wii U’s different artitecture and the game pad itsself) and “poor marketing (it was horrible as Nintendo kept focussing on kids and family gamers) also made an impact.

        1. “due to developers having to program for the Wii U’s different artitecture and the game pad itsself” <- plain, utter bullshit. This is just the same little text game studios use to justify their dicision not to create a game for a platform. Do you honestly believe that Ubisoft programmers can't make their games run on Wii U? Ofcourse they can…

          1. I don’t doubt that they would be able to develop for the system-they obviously could…if they thought it was worth it. Would you agree that the Wii U was more challenging to port games to rather than the PS4/XB1? Combine that with the fact that third party games on the Wii U typically don’t sell well (though it might be because a lot of the games were year-old ports).

            1. More challenging, absolutely, you’re right about that.
              third party games on the Wii U typically don’t sell well… that’s because you get out of a game what you pour into it as a developer. If I ask myself why I don’t buy third party games, it’s mostly because it’s not really good quality. What do they expect? deliver a shitty game with golden sales? that’s not possible… They are stuck in this vicious circle which they would, I admit, break out off easier with stronger hardware…

              1. Lol I still remember EA selling mass effect 3 on the Wii U for full price…when PS3/xbox360 owners could get the mass effect collection for the same price #screwEA

              2. To be fair, Nintendo didn’t really seem to try very hard to get third party support for the U after the 1st year…

      3. It was lack of power that caused 3rd party to leave, and the gamepad caused the lack of power. So the gamepad is to blame. And it sucks as a controller. Fanboys can argue all they want that it’s comfortable, but that’s straight bull shit. It’s not even shaped for hands like a normal controller, they even had to make another model cause the original was so uncomfortable.

      1. But which third parties? Also those third parties could be impressed by it due to whatever gimmick the NX may have. Until third parties actually start developing games for the NX I can’t trust it’ll have the support.

  5. lol i think nintendo really knows that they will fuck up if they release yet ANOTHER home console with some shitty hardware that can only run 8 year old games with some “innovative” gimmics.

          1. No. What? You clearly don’t know anything. It’s a 720p game with terrible AA and mediocre textures and models. Stop.

  6. This makes no sense…Isn’t that what the WiiU already does? It must be a portable/home console hybrid…i was really hoping for a console as, if not more powerful than the ps4/XBone. This may be Nintendo’s last chance. I hope I’m wrong.

          1. I’m leaning towards the “it’s both” option, actually. I can perfectly see Nintendo dropping the traditional home console market and tying to fuse their console with their handheld, the portable system being the “main” one.

            Think of a portable as powerful as the Vita that can be connected to a “console” to play its games on the TV, with better performance (basically, PlayStation TV done right). The console itself wouldn’t have exclusive games, just the portable ones. This would allow Nintendo to focus all its development resources to one platform without compromising the graphical quality of the games too much (not too sure about how other aspects like dynamic objects per map or lightning effects would work, but I imagine running the game in the portable at lower settings would be possible). Doesn’t sound too bad to me.

          2. Nintendo hasn’t been in the console wars since GameCube. You’re living a fantasy life bro.

              1. Mad much bro? :].

                Lol, its so cute you type it like someone is actually going to remove me. Fantasy life staring CAPTAIN CALF COMMANDER! ! Sells millions and saves Wii U in one day.

          3. Nintendo isn’t part of the console wars. Nobody in the gaming industry even mentions wiiu when they talk about competition consoles you nintendrone















  8. Well that’s just FUCKING dissapointing. The last thing they should be doing with this console is setting themselves back. If this is true which hopefully not, fuck Nintendo’s fucking logic and I hope the people give them a hard ass time if this thing is revealed to be weaker than current gen systems. Would literally be the first time next gen system is weaker than a current gen and that’s just fucking pathetic.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      If they decide they’re going to announce it in a press conference at E3, the journalists should all make a pact that the moment Nintendo says it’s weaker than current gen, they all get up and walk out.

      It would be beautiful.

  9. We don’t know anything about NX, so I don’t belivie him. How he can know, that NX is less powerfull?

    1. He talked to the right people, you dumb fuck. How do people know everything about iPhone 6s by now? Because leaks, motherfucker.

        1. Because judging by these leaks, NX is going to be terrible. No one said that they’re not fake, but taking everything rumored + everything said by Nintendo, this seems very likely.

      1. ” He talked to the right people you dumb fuck. ”

        Just like when he ” talked ” to the right people when he said a new Metroid was coming to the Wii U in 2016 which would be impossible now since Metroid Prime: Federation Force is set for release in that same year. It’s speculation nothing more. Unseen 64 has been credible at times but they have also been way off so I would wait until Nintendo themselves gives us a confirmation of what the NX is gonna be before you end up making a complete ass out of yourself

  10. If that’s true then it’s probably their next handheld system. That’s what I thought in the first place but some things made me unsure. NX being the next handheld makes much more sense anyway since the 3ds launched 15 months before the wii u did.

    1. Only problem if it IS a handheld and not a home console, is that means that there’s no new console AND no wii u games since they haven’t mentioned any besides the jokes they laid on us at E3.

  11. It probably won’t even compete with the GameCube power level. Haven’t even seen the console and already it’s going wrong.

  12. I always felt like the hardware would be similar…wouldn’t you want your system to play a game like Mario kart? 10 mil wii Us and 5 karts…that’s impressive…there are great games out there….so if it’s similar….for backwards compatibly, they can toss a wii u game or two in with launch…even with it being similar I feel like if they reclock the CPU and add some ram…it may not be as strong as the other two but that may be all that’s needed to get at least some of this games more often….and maybe you get a better instal bases with the extra games thrown in….
    On another note make it’s online compatible with the wii Us and you help it’s online communities
    I could just be a moron but I did feel like it was always going to be similar to the U

  13. Wow, Nintendo didn’t learn shit from the Wii U, huh? Sounds like Nintendo is going to be one of those companies that loves to see its money go up in flames.

    1. People are simply expressing their thoughts over if Nintendo actually did this. Also, aren’t unseen64 usually pretty credible?

      1. Seems like people are assuming this is all fact and they have all the details. Unseen64 has had some correct info in the past but even his tweet was vague.

        We still have no idea what exactly what kind of gaming system the NX is.

        1. Well, Nintendo has said that they want to “surprise gamers” with the NX and that “simply upgrading hardware is boring”. Nintendo’s statements, as well as rumours like this, give people the impression that it’ll be another Wii U. Besides, how likely do you think it is Nintendo will make a “normal” console and not another “innovation”?

          1. Right, and I could’ve sworn they said that same shit about WiiU. When are they gonna realize that “simply upgrading hardware” is what they fucking need like wow software is where u focus Ur innovations nintendo, keep it simple for the hardware. We don’t want gimmicks we just want games

            1. I love how Nintendo says they focus on software over hardware yet they miss out on 90% of third party games lmao!

        2. Also to add these are the same guys who said that the Wii U was getting a new Metroid title in 2016 which certainly doesn’t look like the case, especially with Metroid Prime: Federation Force launching that same year. Maybe I’m being too optimistic but I won’t believe this until Nintendo themselves confirms it

          1. Unseen 64 is just that, he’s unseen because he can’t think of anything original so he just copies everyone else such as theory videos, history in gaming videos and even rumour tweets like this.

            He wants some of that spot light and he still can’t prove his sources.

          2. He also told me to (And pardon my French) and I quote
            “Go fuck yourself”

            What a charmer :D

    2. Because it sounds like something Iwata would say. It sounds like something Nintendo would do.

      The Ps4 is selling well because they are targeting the hardcore audience. The Wii U sold poorly because they were targeting the casual audience. Now the NX is going to try and get the casuals again?

      Nintendo. Just make a god damn Ps4 and put the Nintendo logo on it. That would sell better than the NX…

      1. We don’t even know what kind of device the NX is to begin with. What if it’s a portable? Or a hybrid of some sort? Why would you make that as powerful as the PS4?

        Personally, I’m just going to take that wait and see attitude. Nintendo always comes out with a unique design or feature for their systems that sets them apart.

        1. “Why would you make that as powerful as the PS4?” <-so it would get decent third party support.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>By that logic, the Wii U should have been on par with the Xbox 360 and PS3, that would be even worse>>>

            1. That would only be true is Sony and Microsoft are planning to release the PS5/XBOXTWO in a couple of years after the NX releases…otherwise, the NX would be able to keep up.

          2. Surprisingly, several developers and publishers are already getting into mobile development, and considering Nintendo is mostly heading in that direction, at least in spirit, I’m pretty sure they will have some degree of third-party support regardless.

      2. Then again, the hardcore crowd already have a PS4 or a PC (or both), why would they bother with the NX even if it was more powerful than PS4 (seeing how it would still be weaker than a PC, and that Nintendo exclusives aren’t that important to them or they would have a Wii U).

  14. What if the NX is actually a hybrid console, where you could get enhanced graphics for playing at home but still being able to play most games on the go.

    This could mean that you would have a combined install base both for portable and home titles which would very well be the reason why 3rd party devs gave nintendo positive feedback about the NX.

    Just imagine if everyone could buy mario kart 8 and be able to play it on the 3ds.

    With an install base of 50% on the wii u it could mean that suddenly we have 20 million more sales because people buy it for 3ds aswell.

    1. Doesnt matter. Sounds awsome, but if the NX is not even powerful enough to get Ps4 ports, then it’s over. Nintendo has proved this generation they cannot support their home console alone. They cannot make enough games in time. They NEED third parties, or expect worse sells than the Wii U…

      1. If one server can take care of every console’s ability to render powerful graphics, then no console will ever need costly cutting-edge tech ever again. They can expend their resources into one powerful machine, and then manufacture cheap consoles that can STREAM the resources of that powerful machine, and boom, there you go.

        1. That isn’t even possible yet with internet speeds like today. Not to mention that one server???No, no, no, no. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. To me, this makes the most sense. Why have two teams work on Smash for Wii U and 3DS, which is essentially the same game, when you can have one team work on both. The system could get more software releases quicker and appeal to a wider audience.

  15. Jtz from Gad tribe

    Nintendo is stupid. Who would work on something in R&D and not make it more powerful than what’s already out there? Who is the moron working for Nintendo and deciding future console specs. That person needs to be terminated.

  16. pink0crystal0midbus

    What is the point? Everyone is screaming for the next home console to be expensive and powerful. Weak and cheap doesn’t freaking work. That’s what the Wii U was…


    1. I don’t even think people should trust him because well… he calls wanting to know the truth is “harassment” and as a journalist…. he is way too immature and unprofessional to even be classified as one.

      He harassed me for wanting to know the truth.

      1. All it says is that you tried to contact him and he told you to F off in the link you posted. I wanna actually see the conversation, can you link that?

  17. Nintendo likes to make it so abundantly clear that they think we know what we want more than we know what we want. Fuck off Nintendo. Make a powerful console that can keep the 3rd parties interested.

  18. I hate to say this, but if what Tamaki says is true, and Nintendo is not going to be as powerful as the Ps4, then I want them to fail.

    Nintendo has to be taught a lesson. They have to wake the fuck up, and realize thier 1990 style formula for gaming consoles is outdated…

    1. Actually it’s their 2006 formula. In the 90s they actually competed for power. They need power and no gimmicks unless they aren’t forced and don’t detract from power, and standard gaming discs that everyone else uses. Not cartidges which screwed 64s 3rd party, not stupid mini-discs that look cool for two seconds that helped turn off 3rd party again, standard, same-as-everyone-else discs.

    1. Nintendo is too arrogant to care what us fans want. They instead give us what they think we want…needless to say, it fails miserably every time!

  19. I guess this makes the home/handheld hybrid theory more realistic, considering having cheap hardware will make for a more cost efficient console. My big concern with this is 3rd party support, mostly western developers. Even if the NX somehow manages to sell, don’t expect to AAA exclusive software coming from EA, Ubisoft, or Activision. There will be B-tier titles that potentially utilize whatever concept the NX is, but I can’t see this sitting well with the western audience…

  20. What a way to fuck up Nintendo. Wow, if this is true and I’m going to take this with a grain of salt. Then Nintendo is very stupid. They should know by now in these days you need to have a powerful console. Man, I really hope this guy is just being an asshole and just playing with our emotions.. Nintendo should know better….A lot of people are saying that it’s over for Nintendo…. No, it’s over for the industry.

  21. Or is it that the NX is on a power level much greater then PS4 or Xbox One. Isn’t this what everyone wants NX to be?

    20 million first year

  22. I’ve been very happy with the Wii U. Sad that the mainstream buys things based on hype. There is not one PS4 game I feel like paying $499+ online for. I guess I am Nintendo’s target market. Can’t wait for the NX surprise and was happy to hear it will be affordable.

  23. Geez the PS4 and Xbox one are already pathetically weak systems. There goes any mainstream 3rd party support for NX.

    1. Exactly. People act like PS4 and Xbox One are the be all end all behemoths of the game industry. They’ve been outdated for a while. Good systems, but, outdated, nevertheless.

  24. So it can possibly be an upgraded wii u in a sense or something else and stranga get your sorry ass outta here since you are done with Nintendo and blazblue continuum shift extend is dope on the vita

  25. I’m going to be the odd man out and say I’m happy Nintendo isn’t trying to compete with PS4. I don’t really care for high end graphics as long as the game in question is fun, immersive and I actively want to continue playing I’m a happy camper and I can’t wait for the NX when it releases.

    1. It isn’t even about that anymore. Can people just acknowledge for once that having better hardware attracts more developers, and gives developers more freedom to create even better games. If you like Nintendo games now, imagine if they actually had the hardware power to boot, these games could be on an entirely different scale of fun. Nintendo has been cheap in the hardware department for 2 generations now and this might be the third, if this is true.

      People don’t want outdated tech anymore, they want the best they can get for their money. Of course they still want good games, but having better hardware makes it much easier to get those said games and it can even make them faster to develop.

      I personally think one of the reasons why Nintendo puts games out so slowly, is because of the limitations set by their hardware, they’re developers are constantly having to work around. All consoles have limitations, but from a technical standpoint Nintendo’s are clearly the most limited in that aspect.

      I don’t think too many people seriously buy any console specifically for the hardware alone, and if they do they buy it in hopes of the prospects that hardware can bring in the future. Arguing about who’s graphics are the best is one thing, but just wanting a better system? There is nothing wrong with that at all.

    2. You are the reason wii u sucked and nx will. You aren’t even upset at how they handled wii u or the lack of games, and are already happy to buy whatever the nx is without a second thought. You are the cancer of nintendo. Congrats. Thanks for being such a fanboy.

  26. I don’t care about power because at this point I don’t expect anything like that from them. All I expect now is good innovation and outstanding creativity, and whatever Nintendo will have to show will still blow us away with just that. Nintendo has realized more than others that while graphics are quite a lure, gameplay is what gets people to stay playing. I’m currently playing Arkham Knight, and while I think it’s one of the most gorgeous-looking games out there, the gameplay and story is what’s really keeping me playing.

    1. Power is important. It gives the console a longer life cycle for one thing. Why else is the Wii needed a replacement before PS3 and Now Wii U?

    2. Exactly and that’s why Nintendo fans want a console on the power level of the PS4 and XBOX ONE, so that they don’t have to miss out on games like Arkham Knight. I love Nintendo’s games to death but there are many other great games out there that many Nintendo fans that can only afford one console, they have miss out on. It’s not just about the console being powerful. It’s about it being able to attract third parties to bring their games to the system.

  27. I love how nearly all of you are saying “THE NX IS DEAD!” even though we haven’t seen anything about it.

    1. Because making another gimmicky console is SURE to sell millions lol. Based on what nintendo’s said regarding the NX, that’s the direction they’re taking. You’d have to be a Nintendo cock sucking, cum guzzling corporate slave to think other wise. #StayinDeniel

      1. My point is, we know basically NOTHING about this new console. We can’t just assume “OH IT’S WEAK IT’S GOING TO SUCK.”
        We don’t even know if it’s a complete home console.

    2. If NX is slightly more powerful than the Wii U is then it’s dead. It was stupid to make project cafe slightly more powerful than PS3.

  28. I’m ready to bash Nintendo left and right, but we don’t know anything concrete about the nx yet.

  29. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    Three things.

    First, the comment section sucks. I hate having to scroll all the way to the bottom to leave a comment.

    2nd. Who the hell is this dude?

    3rd If and…. “if” this is true. Fuck Nintendo. They’re retarded and want to fail maybe to leave the industry entirely. Perhaps it’s an excuse to venture off while not intentionally hurting their brand name.

  30. Well you can’t match the PS4 power in a handheld without it being VERY EXPENSIVE and if that was possible with today’s technology the PS4 itself wouldn’t be the big as f#ck as it is.

  31. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    Ok what in the absolute fuck? This guy is just probably being a fuckin gbullshit talker. Or is he probably saying the NX will be more powerful than the ps4. But anyways why should we believe what this random bitch has to say?

  32. I’ll keep reserving my judgement and wait until details are shown next year but if this is true, I am not going to do a quick research as I did for the Wii U. I’ll do a full one to understand it’s pros and cons, entirely piece by piece. Also I think too many are asserting this guy’s tweets as a fact rather than considering it to be a “likely” or “unlikely” chance.

    I’d say it’s likely because of the statements Iwata issued about it being boring to simply upgrade hardware and how they want to introduce something entirely new. This does not mean it’s a fact. It could be very much wrong next year. I personally recommend you remain cautious with the NX and await your judgement instead of asserting this man’s tweet as a fact because even if the odds say it’s likely to happen, it does not mean it will happen. It is reasonable to make a strong argument that it would likely happen but the outcome is not certain. That is what you all should keep in mind.

  33. So man harsh words and trolls. Why not take this with a grain of salt? Nobody but Nintendo really knows what the NX really is so either wait or ignore. Right now every Nintendo follower is clamoring for news about the NX and somebody will definitely cash in on this trend. The next thing you know He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Anal-yst will be making another article about Nintendo’s doom with the NX.

    Just like the others I’ll reserve my judgement until the NX is finally revealed.

  34. Well, if this is true then Nintendo has lost me as a supporter of their consoles. If it is true, then Nintendo needs a reboot of the whole company. It sucks, but honestly I kind of expected this to happen. To much of the news lately has pointed to it.

    But, to be fair until Nintendo drops the bomb on whats going on with NX, this whole thread is nothing but a bunch of crap.

  35. for those of you who think this will be for the poorer markets you are stupid because: 1. Nintendo said awhile back that they aren’t making a console for the poorer markets anymore 2. it is a home console because Nintendo said the the next proper metroid game would be on nx.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Metroid Fusion and Metroid 2 are proper Metroid games and both were on handhelds so no, it doesn’t mean home console>>>

  36. Pingback: Per un insider, Nintendo NX non mira a competere con la potenza di PS4 |

    1. Not to be rude but how are some people getting “could be as powerful as ps4” when its saying it won’t?

  37. This seems false to me, seeing as he can’t even say hOW he knows. It’s just some random dude trying to start rumors.
    But, if it is true, it could mean one of two things-
    1. the NX is a handheld
    2. The NX is far more powerful than the PS4, competing with the likes of the future PS5 and whatever Xbox has next.

  38. I’m betting it will be some sort of WiiU/3DS compatible peripheral or platform, and not a an entirely new console system to replace the current ones. Maybe even a new concept that hasn’t been seen yet. This would explain why it won’t compete with the power of the other current gen consoles – because it isn’t a replacement aiming to be better than the WiiU.

  39. If this is true I just give up. I mean like 3 years later and its won’t at least compete graphically when really it should blow it away….

  40. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

    Nintendo have REPEATEDLY stated this yet people still act surprised….

    Nintendo would be better off leaving the industry altogether than making a PS4 clone. There’s no room in the “my first gaming PC” market . Nintendo dare to be different, that’s why you have the ups and downs.

    A reasonably priced, well promoted system will do well, in fact if the Wii could output 720p it would still be going now IMO.

    1. lol “my first gaming PC” that really made laugh, so true! I always game on nintendo systems + PC. I dont know why people love the ps4 so much… sony ponys I guess…

        1. That’s not a new one….stop spending so much time hating gays and maybe you would have heard it by now.

    2. Yeah, but making a system that is 2x the power of PS4 in 2016 is actually pretty easy to do. Heck they can make a console for 2x the power of PS4/XB1 and sell it for $249 if they are smart about the parts.

  41. First of all who the fuck is that guy? 2nd Of course NX won’t be stronger then PS4….it’s the next handheld. It’s the 3DS’s successor. Making a handheld stronger then the PS4 is like what Sony did with the Vita….that didn’t end well.

    1. Vita isn’t stronger than ps4, first off. Second, NX is at LEAST replacing wii u, if not both wii u and 3ds. They have made it clear wii u is done.

    For christ sake guys c’mon!!! The NX is a stand alone console. IT IS NOT A HANDHELD!!!!
    Just because the NX will not be as powerful to the PS4 doesn’t mean they wont make mature rated games for it!!

  43. This is sad, because Xbox never enticed me in my life, and Sony hasn’t impressed me since the PS2, and only at the very end of the PS3 cycle. If all this shit is true I might just get a PS3 because I never owned one and it has a mountain of great JRPGs by now. Only the Wii U interested me this generation. If NX flops I’m heading back in time until the future looks brighter. Might even get a Vita, but if NX flops that’s all three home consoles I’ll be avoiding this generation. I’ll keep my silly Wii U until they pull the plug on it. I still got lots of great games to get for it, and my 3DS as well. I’ll keep busy until these corporations stop fucking around.

    1. LOL, you missing out bro. As a Nintendo gamer who has played hundreds of Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One games…you missing out

  44. If NX won’t be as powerful as the ps4 at least then Nintendo doesn’t even need another console yet. It’ll just be a Wii U with a diffrent control or gimmick meaning hard to make games for it, no third party support , And games that’ll be slave to whatever gimmick the system will have , aka Wii u. That’s cuz I love my Wii U but no reason to make me buy another console that’ll be no better than Wii U.

  45. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true! Please don’t be true!

    D: I’ll take this with a grain of salt right now. But I won’t hold my breathe & expect this not to be true.

  46. It’s sad if it’s true but I’m not trusting this rumor. I know I’ve said it twice already but I’ll say it again, these guys are not to be trusted all of the time. They are the same ones who said Nintendo was working on a new Metroid title for the Wii U and that it would be released in 2016 but I find that very hard to believe since Metroid Prime: Federation Force is releasing in that year. People need to stop jumping the gun and stop believing every negative rumor that pops up on the internet regarding the NX. Let’s wait until Nintendo gives us the word then we can judge…………sounds good?

  47. Nintendo could easily release a system with twice the power of PS4/XB1 by 2016 for $299-399 but they won’t. They want a system with a gimmick. Not a cool gimmick like Hololens.

  48. Well, Ive thought about this a little more. And this DOES kind of point towards a Console/Handheld Hybrid. And technically they would be able to support the console without 3rd party support since both handheld and console divisions would be working together…

    This is the only way the NX could be less powerful than the Ps4 and might still be successful. I would buy the NX if it was a console handheld hybrid, regardless of power…

    1. Same, so long as it’s properly supported and doesn’t go through long gameless droughts like the Wii U unfortunately went through

    2. Why? Why would you want a 3ds and wii u combination if you already own them separately? Why would you support this? Why is having console games on the go even that big a deal to people?!?!?! Handheld is what you do in the bathroom or on long trips if you ain’t driving!!! Damn it we’ll never get a good system if you people will settle for stupid shit like this instead of power.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        If they somehow manage to do both, I’m all for it. But if they have to sacrifice power for this new gimmick, I’d rather they wait & try with a new console AFTER they’ve caught up with everyone else then try again with this hybrid crap.

  49. What is the point of the NX? Is it the Quality of Life or Fusion? I spent a lot of money on the Wii U. This NX shit seems stupid

    1. I dont know what you expected, but I expected a console that would at the very least be able to run 3rd party software like Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Bloodbourne, etc.etc….

      It better be a hybrid, or else epic fail.

      1. Hybrid will fail too. If it’s not powerful. Hybrid isn’t even that great, you people make handheld gaming out to be something amazing, handheld is there for the toilet and when I can’t game on my REAL system, or long trips. If it’s weak, it won’t matter if it’s a hybrid. And shame on anyone who supports a weak hybrid system and doesn’t realize that’s just another gimmick to stop us from having an actually powerful home console. If handheld gaming died I wouldn’t give two shits. Who are you people that act like handheld gaming is that important compared to console? Get out of here with that trash.

  50. Maybe the NX will be a separate home console altogether? Maybe there will be two major home consoles going at once. The NX and the Wii U successor? Anything is possible.

  51. People need to calm the fuck down, this is not Nintendo’s word, he could be lying or it was just a rumor he was told. The Wii U is already more powerful than the 360 and PS3, and the NX won’t be less powerful than the Wii U if it’s going to be their next home console. Can we worry about the games and not the power? I’m happy with my MK8, Splatoon, Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors in a console that’s less powerful than the other two. Hell, I’m in love with my 3DS and it’s even less powerful than the Wii U. Funny how people buy more the 3DS which is less powerful than home consoles and the Vita, but when the Wii U is less powerful than the other two, it’s a shitstorm of whinning.

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>That’s the cattle for you, ready to attack the empire the minute anyone or anything says something that’s not even true>>>

    2. Cause when it comes to console on a nice HD tv, people want the best. And more power means better features and bigger games. People don’t need to calm down, they need to continue to uproar even if stuff like this is a rumor. Nintendo needs to hear crystal clear that it’s TRUE fans want power and not another gimmick that detracts from power. Longtime fans want our power back.

  52. If Nintendo goes with this and choose to add gimmicks instead of power. I’ll invite them to my funeral. So they can let me down one last time.

  53. I don’t believe this all the way… He’s not even from Nintendo, and how did he even manage to talk to “the right people” I’m still giving the NX Hope as are other people giving up just hearing a few things and not even seeing it and how it works. God I can really get annoyed sometimes by whiny people

  54. All hope for Nintendo making a powerful console is lost. But, that doesn’t mean Nintendo’s next console won’t be a success. The GC was more powerful than the PS2 yet the PS2 won. The PS3 and 360 were more powerful than the Wii, but the Wii won. The games on the Wii U look pretty good to me and if the NX will be slightly better then that’s fine with me. Still this is just a rumor and Nintendo did not say any of this. Though it’s better for everyone to keep their hopes down so no body gets disappointed when we finally know the the truth.

    1. Jtz from Gad tribe

      Yeah but times changed from Gamecube/PS3 toPS4/wiiu. So that doesn’t work. Technology chnaged. DVD players are.out and video streaming is in. And PS4 is most powerful console and best selling.

    2. It NEEDS to have a LOT of power to even stand a CHANCE!!! Just cause some of you fucking idiots (the fanboys) are willing to go buy another nintendo system just cause it’s another nintendo system, doesn’t mean us intelligent FANS are. We have been screwed and yet remained loyal for years. Wii u has been the last straw for so many of us. If nx ain’t DAMN impressive, it will burn and I will gladly watch it burn and watch all the fanboys cry as nintendo goes bankrupt for stabbing their LOYALISTS in the back for YEARS and catering to casuals and fanboys.

  55. I don’t understand Nintendo… why can’t they do their gimmicky thing and still have a powerful console that will bring in the 3rd parties. Its not like they are cash strapped!
    I hope that this is not true and they pull their collective heads out of their asses… graphics matters, visual presentation is all the more important to sell a game and its system. Its important to game developers and gamers alike.

  56. People’s biggest problem is, everyone always expects Nintendo’s consoles to be more powerful than the competitor’s consoles. But everyone should know by now that Nintendo marches to the beat of the