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Valhalla Games Says They’re Ready To Answer Questions About Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third is a third party title for the Wii U that the majority of you are curious about. We haven’t really heard much new information about the game, despite it being released next month in Europe. Nintendo of America won’t even comment on the game, which as a few of you have noted, is extremely odd. Thankfully, Valhalla Games have taken to Facebook and have said that they’re ready to answer questions by the media about the action title.

Dear Media Friends,

We’ve been asked many times about Devil’s Third for a long time and we’ve felt sorry that we couldn’t respond to such requests.
Thank you very much for your patience and waiting for our game.

The time has finally come.

Now, we’re ready to answer to questions from you and your readers.
So, please send us your questions to the following E-mail address.

Itagaki will try to provide exclusive information to you if you promise to never cut or omit his words to be featured in your article.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Valhalla Game Studios

Thanks, Paidenthusiast


30 thoughts on “Valhalla Games Says They’re Ready To Answer Questions About Devil’s Third”

    1. Cause they stop giving a shit about good third party support anymore for remaining gamer’s sake and then shift focus to more fucking Amiibos and party game garbage.

      1. Guess it’s a good thing my brother got me a PS4 for my birthday. I’m just debating wether or not I should trade it in for an XBone. No clue who has the better exclusives.

        1. if you like beat them all, street fighter 5 will be a PS4/PC exclusive. Final fantasy 7 will be launch on PS4 before the xbox 1. I think on the top of my head that sony has more exclusive than xb1 (uncharted, god of war…)

        2. a more powerful console with its own good exclusives (PS4) for a faulty, less powerful bulky ass cable box with DRM (Xbox) that has no exclusives left is a big mistake. Keep the PS4. Xbox has nothing left to offer and besides, PCs are gonna get the same games as Xbox anyway.

        1. It’s going to be:
          – Delayed to NX
          – Delated til next year
          – No longer exclusive
          – Cancelled

          From the tweet, it sounds so negative. Something bad will happen.

      2. Here’s one:

        Will Itagaki slap some sense to NoA if they don’t release this game in NA? Thank you!

        And to NoA:

        Stop the damage control already, the *ahem* damage has been done. Now is the time to be aggressive and give us this game!

      3. pink0crystal0midbus

        The article says they are ready to answer questions… So, have they answered any questions yet? I would imagine people flooded their page with all sorts of questions.

      4. How about ending Wii U exclusivity and release the game on PS4 & Xbox One? Then maybe we won’t have to deal with NoA’s bullcrap.

      5. VOICE CHAT! People on Splatoon are killing me. So this game better have voice chat for god sakes.

        Though, Splatfest is fun. Lol, the plaza is too cute during Splatfest.

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      7. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Since this isn’t being specifically developed by Nintendo, I hope voice chat is a thing. Or at least the ability to text to your teammates using the Gamepad. Nothing worse than being in a team & everyone running off to do their own thing because they can’t communicate & plan a unified attack on the other team.

      8. Whoops, I sent them a question on the release date. Didn’t know it was media only, I got too excited.

        1. It said “readers”. I asked if there is a North American release date. The worst case scenario is Valhalla doesn’t respond. Actually, the worst case scenario would be them telling me Devil’s Third isn’t coming to North America.

      9. it sound like they has been an issue between them and nintendo. I was surprise Nintendo did not mentioned that game during the E3 since that game will be out this year. And now the studio is doing they own marketing/promotion…. I just hope the game has been delayed and nintendo did not want to promote it until it ready.

      10. i’ve just played the french version of the game (only the beginning), and it’s really really bad. Gameplays, graphics, framerate. I think it’s an answer to “why NoA doesn’t talk about the game”, and why the game will only be sold through amazon in japan….

      11. again when are we to get answers. this will kill all the rumours and we will know here in north america when we can get it. its been a week, a week of speculationz and rumours let us have some answdrs please.

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