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Yeah, That F-Zero Clone On Kickstarter Has Been Officially Cancelled

A few of you noticed over the weekend that the blatant F-Zero clone on Kickstarter, which was titled Zero Gravity AX, was officially cancelled by the developer behind the project. It wasn’t cancelled due to the amount of money that the development team wanted before it was funded. Instead, it was cancelled due to overwhelmingly negative feedback from Nintendo fans who felt that assets had been stolen from Nintendo’s beloved futuristic racer, F-Zero. However, Dave Strauß who was behind the campaign, says that they will most likely relaunch the project in the future with a different art style and concept.

“Due to the big amount of negativ[sic] feedback and the discussion about the Blue Falcon and the copyright”.

“I think we are going to relaunch it someday with a better presentation and different design.”

Thanks to those who sent this in.

51 thoughts on “Yeah, That F-Zero Clone On Kickstarter Has Been Officially Cancelled”

    1. So Nintendo fans get this canceled because it was too much like F-Zero, but they want an F-Zero game that won’t come and this was there best chance at getting an F-Zero game that would have probably been better. Am I fucking missing something here or are people that fucking dumb?

      1. It received a lot of negative feedback because the Kickstarter campaign had poor grammar, very little gameplay footage, and the company name was simply Dave. I wouldn’t invest my money in something like this unless I felt this game was handled by someone reliable like with Yooka-Laylee or Bloodstained.

    2. Cancelled because of the negative fredback from N-fans??? Wtf people!!! So y’all think it’s better that Nintendo won’t do the game instead??? If there is anything that Nintendi needs right now it’s a big as slap on the face like this – Reality Calling, wake the fuck up!!! Ding ding!!!

      1. As much as I want F-Zero, I don’t a game that looks like F-Zero that doesn’t play nearly as well as F-Zero. I’d much rather want a game that gives me the same feel but doing so on its own art and assets.

      2. I’m pretty sure that if Nintendo was making an F-Zero game, it would be leagues ahead of whatever this guy presented.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Least this guy actually listened to the negative feedback & decided to delay development of the game for later as he reworked it to look less like the reason it was getting negative feedback for. I can’t say the same for Nintendo, however. Apparently our negative feedback is going in one ear & out the other.

  1. Good, maybe next time they can present some original assets!

    Btw, I’ve Been Wondering This For Ages. Why Do You Capitalize EVERY Single Word In Your Titles? It’s Very Annoying To Read Them Like That.

      1. Not every single word in a title, no. There are exceptions as you probably know like a, the, of, and etc.

      2. Generally you are supposed to only the first word and the important, key words. No capital letters for articles like a, an, the. Same goes with most conjunctions and prepositions.

  2. “Don’t make money using other people’s copyrighted material”
    How come this is so easy to understand on this matter but anything about YouTube and Let’s Play becomes a clusterfuck?

    1. The line’s a bit murkier there, since you could argue that they’re making original content with things like analysis, reviews or similar videos. Now, with Let’s Play it should be obvious that they shouldn’t be making a profit out of it, yes.

  3. The game itself looked like it could have been a good futuristic racer, but the fact that it stole the racer designs directly from F-Zero killed it.

        1. The Blue Falcon was on the page and on the game’s pictures. It wasn’t a model inspired by ir, or a model similar to it. It was THE Blue Falcon. It would be the same thing if Axiom Verge published pictures of the game with Samus on it, for example.

  4. The fans are one thing, but if Nintendo would’ve caught on to this they’d have had bigger problems to deal with

    1. They clearly stated on their kickstarted that this is a demo and the game will look nothing like F-Zero in the end. They also clearly are doing shit Nintendo is too stupid, weak and lazy to do. Idk why people suck nintendos dicks so much and get nothing in return.

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  6. I don’t understand F-Zero fans…they want another F-Zero game…they complain that this is too much like F-Zero and it gets cancelled…if Nintendo released a shitty F-Zero game, the fans would still complain….what? lol

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>We want the true games even if it takes 20 years, not some corrupted worthless copy>>>

    2. Shameless, uninspired, generic copies are NOT what true fans want.

      Fast Racing Neo looks just like F Zero, but at least it has it’s own identity.

  7. Everyone’s bitching and calling Nintendo fans idiots. The developers for this game were stealing something that wasn’t theirs.

  8. Did you see anything about captain falcon or any of the other characters? Did you see any of the tracks from
    F-zero? No you didn’t so how is it a complete copy? The only thing you saw from F-zero was the blue falcon and it wasn’t even the finishing product!

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  10. Man, I really thought higher of Nintendo fans than this. First Metroid prime: Federation force, over the title itself, and now this. What it boils down the people who gave negative feeback based on “being to similar to F-zero”, will happily accept any spoon from Nintendo with countless of Mario games and F-zero on it, yet will not accept a spoon with the same contents on it delievered by anybody else. Last time I checked this can be traced to babies, literally.
    I see some of you making the assumption this game wouldn’t control well and whatever other BS knitpick you might have, but you haven’t even givn the game a chance to even start production, yet you go out of your way to shut it down. I literally had to re-read the sentence where “Nintendo fans” were stated because I was in such awe that it said “fans” and nothing about Nintendo suing the kickstarter itself, which would’ve been infinitely more understandable. I was legit interested in this game and now you fucktards took the chance away from myself and everyone else who pledged. Well fucking done shitheads, well fucking done… FailFish

  11. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    Well least this guy is actually listening to the negative feedback. Meanwhile at Nintendo during development of Metroid Prime: Federation Force… “Oh trust us!” Pfft! We’ve heard that many times before, Nintendo, from Iwata with his “Please understand…” bullshit & he still fucks up even after promising not to do it again! So fuck no! I trust Nintendo about as much as I can throw Reggie’s fat ass right now! If you are going to augment the fucking artstyle & make it look & feel more like a Metroid title, fucking tell us already instead of letting our anger boil over! I want Metroid to be like the movie it is based off of: Aliens! And no one wants to fucking see Xenomorphs as cute little chibi critters!

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