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Here’s A Look At Disney Magical World 2 Which Features Frozen

You may have missed it but Disney announced that the follow-up to Disney Magical World on the Nintendo 3DS is coming and it’s aptly titled, Disney Magical World 2. Fans of Frozen have a reason to be excited as the stars of the movie will make a more than welcome appearance in the game, which is sure to be a big hit for Disney. If the game is something you’re interested in then be sure to check out the video above. To dampen your enthusiasm we have yet to hear whether it will get a western release, however the previous game was released here in the west and proved to be popular, so it is likely to come over at some point.

8 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Disney Magical World 2 Which Features Frozen”

  1. I’m hoping this comes to America. The first game was fantastic although it did have a few mishaps here amd there.

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