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Check Out The Trailer For 3D Platformer FreezeME

FreezeME, at first glance, feels like a lot of different games: Spyro, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Banjo-Kazooie to name a few. The game, which was confirmed for an eventual Wii U release earlier in March, is showcasing a trailer which will truly bring out the “collect-athon” fan in all of you. The indie title, while failing to reach its Kickstarter goal in April, has been Greenlit through Steam. Check out the trailer below:

FreezeME is a PC and Wii U exclusive, with no official release date or price point.

52 thoughts on “Check Out The Trailer For 3D Platformer FreezeME”

      1. Yeah, the level design has a weird combination of being smooth in some places and very angular in others. And the color palette seems off to me. Maybe it’s the bloom, I’m not sure.

        1. it’s also early in development, the are constantly fixing models and colors, the final project would be more polished, I think it’ll be ok, probably a 7/10 type of game

          1. Even so, as others have mentioned, some mechanics feel too much Galaxy-like for my taste, I can’t see myself palying this while thinking ‘yep, this is totally its own thing’. The long jump is taken straight away from 3D Mario.

            1. The music even sounds very mario like, and when you get the item similar to getting a star, the little girl/boy (I can’t tell) gives the peace sign like mario and the screen closes in on the character like in Mario 64 and such. It looks like it could maybe be a little fun, but it’s so very bland and the characters all look dull. And not enough filling in the empty lands in my opinion. The world just doesn’t seem fun enough.

                1. Yea dude, they can’t just pull that. It needs to express itself in it’s own way. It just feels like a half assed empty Mushroom Kingdom.

      2. Though I’m a fan of the game, I’ll have to agree.

        The whole direction of the game is weird/off – They seem to not like taking advice/criticisms and applying it.

        For starters, the main character is… Odd. She looks like that crazy chick (Penelope Taynt) from the Amanda Show. She needs to be redone.

        The style of the game is a bit ‘solid’. If it’s grass, it’s GREEN, and if it’s a wall, it’s BROWN.

        The music is really out of place– Trumpets. Trumpets. TRUMPETS.

        The story is a bit odd in areas – You must collect golden blocks to build a key to the antagonist’s lair.

        Beyond that, not too bad. What I like about it is it’s attempt to be unique, atleast.

        Now, instead of scrapping everything, the dev could simply use this as a base to improve. Add a new protagonist, update level design and visuals, change music/soundfonts, refine story (I really don’t want to collect Golden Cubes to thwart ‘Fat the Cat’), and we’re good. May be quitr a bit, but surprisingly, not THAT much. The ground work is already laid– Just insert new assets and refine old ones. This has the potential to be amazing.

        1. EVEN SO, for something that the dev did 100% on his own, it’s darn IMPRESSIVE. I don’t blame him for his mishaps here and there — Working by yourself is tough work. For what it’s worth, doing all this by himself is amazing.

        2. I find funny what you pointed out about the story of the game. I believe that the game’s story is simple (The main character’s dog friend is kidnapped by a huge fat cat that suddenly shows up and that plans to make the world a dog free world), simply because it is not story driven: the focus is gameplay. It has a main world area, like a hubworld, from which you access the different levels and gather the collectibles. Basically speaking, this game is very Mario 64 inspired. And just like Mario 64, the main story of the game is told to you in less than a minute presentation. Actually, there is an uploaded video on the developer’s youtube channel where you can check the story introduction of the game: it’s very simple, funny, and it only lasts about 50 seconds. I fell that, according to your logic, I would not enjoy Mario 64, because a simple story (Mario is invited to go to a princess castle to eat some cake and, when arriving, realize that the princess was kidnapped by some weird shelled creature, and now the has to collect stars to be able to fight it) is not enough to drive me to play it.

        1. Yea I don’t like her either, I mentioned that above on my other response to you. She doesn’t look like someone I want to help save the world with. And not at all cause she is a girl. When I heard she was a girl and not a boy I actually gave her more of a chance. But I just can’t like her lol. She needs to look different.

          1. I feel you. Monster Tale managed to use a girl character as its main protagonist to great effect while using a ver barebones design, I don’t see why the backpack, glasses and camera should be there. It feels overdone to me.

            1. Lots of people use girl protagonists, they just don’t make the glaring mistake of making them look like an overweight tranny from Bob’s Burgers.

    1. The aesthetics are pretty weird and some parts seems iffy but it seems like it could be better with better visuals. I don’t know how I feel about the game currently.

  1. This looks like a very neat game, it does remind me of Mario 64 and Galaxy. Which is a good thing because I loved both of those games!

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  3. No one buys/likes Nintendo, yet everyone copies Nintendo games then tries to sell its trash on Nintendo platforms…. This game looks horrible by the way. No potential.

  4. You guys are fucking idiots. Mario Rip-Off? All platformers are Mario Rip-Offs? The game is obviously trying to mimic Studio Ghibli. Uncultured pigs.

    1. There are some very obvious Mario rip-offs in here that aren’t required to be a platformer, yet are very distinct Mario features.

    2. Well, yes, all platformers are Mario rip-offs, but most at least try and feel unique or come up with their own aesthetics, mechanics and art; this one is just the result of not even trying to be unique.

  5. It does look like a copy, right down the tiniest detail on the HUD. But who really cares about indie clones anymore?

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  7. I’m really looking forward to play this game. It seems that a few sound effects in some parts of the game were not added yet or are not very clear. Naturally, the game is still in development. You people should check his youtube channel, I believe that the videos available over there are actually more interesting than this one (there is even one where he shows the game running on the gamepad!). I’m definitely looking forward for this game, I find the main character charming and conceived over a very interesting mechanic: a camera.
    Well, if you are going to say that this game copies features from Mario, you are going to have to extend that to almost every platformer: after the first Mario, pretty much every platformer adopted certain features, like head jumping, from that game. Personally, I don’t care if a game “copy” features from other games: I want to see what is it going to do with it.

  8. The majority of you guys are assholes. The dev has spent so much time on this game and you guys are just shitting on him. How about instead telling him that his game is shit, tell what needs to be fixed and give him some feedback.

    1. Although you went hard there, I have to agree with you in part: there is a lack of sensibility here considering that the dev is working all alone on this game. And, actually, even though the dev is working alone on this (level planning, aesthetics definition, testing, adjusting…), I still think that the game is looking very good: it’s cute, charming, and even have some humor :) I believe it will be even better when it comes out.
      And honestly, I believe that those who are too judgmental and insensible to other people’s works have never applied any efforts on a long term project, be it a game or anything else. When you work with long term projects (3, 4, 5 or more years of developing), you learn to respect other people’s projects and quit this shallow and impulsive judgmental behavior.

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