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Nintendo America Announces New Splatfest For Splatoon

The last Splatoon Splatfest was a resounding success and those that participated in it sounded as though they had a great time. It makes sense then for Nintendo of America to announce a new Splatfest. This time it is Roller Coasters vs Water Slides, so you are going to have to choose wisely and pick a side. The event will kick off on July 17th at 9pm PT till July 18th at 9pm PT. Which side will you opt to join?

Thanks, Kahisys, Jacob, and paidenthusiast

37 thoughts on “Nintendo America Announces New Splatfest For Splatoon”

  1. Damn I just sent that in too……smh lol. Nonetheless I’m looking forward to it. I really enjoyed the first Splatfest, it was fun

    1. This one will probably be a LOT less divisive than dogs v. cats. That being said, TEAM WATERSLIDE BEEEATCH

    2. Rollercoaster is obviously going to win in popularity votes. Everybody join rollercoaster if you want to win this splatfest! Seriously, they need to stop giving points just for having the bigger team.

    3. Jon Johnson McJansen Jeensen

      This is the worst game out right now. Worse that Arkham knight and that’s bad. Jizzing all over the map so you can win. TYPCIAL JAPAN — AND YOU FUCKS LOVE IT. SICKOS.

      1. Squid all the way yo! Well actually I want to be a kid so I can get all those sick kills breh, so Kid all the way dog! But if I’m a squid I can move so fast, and jump so far so… I CANT DECIDE!!! IM GONNA KILL EVERYONE IN SPLATOON TO CALM MY RAGE!!!

    4. Why are there ghosts in each picture… we’re all gonna die!!!

      Half Life Four confirmed. Clearly Gabe is making part three into a manga instead.

    5. Everyone on the web needs to start trolling Nintendo, but in a mean way.
      Everyone already does… but we’re being waaaay too nice.

      I mean cruel memes like one where Reggie’s body gets diseased and dies.. and nobody cares.

      Or memes that get insanely vulgar, for bigots only, and harass the shit outta Reggie for being the Rock’s ugly retarded twin brother.

      If Nintendo’s gonna treat us like shit… we gotta shoot back at them.

      Reggie is looks like shit… b/c he is living anthropomorphic shit… just like BONO.

    6. Can’t wait for one side to have 60% of the players and guarantee victory no matter who wins the most! HOORAY SPLATFEST

      This one might be closer than the last one, at least. Or probably not.

    7. I don’t care that they count popularity towards the final results! I mean,votes have to count for something no? But all that matters is that these splatfests are super fun and that they add rivalry between players!

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    9. Water Slides mate! Head down one that is near a 90% angle. A roller coaster straps you in but going down the water slide straps you to nothing, you just slide on your back and if you happen to get your trunks in a knot, you’ll be “feeling” good by the end, lol!

    10. May The Triforce Be With You

      Is it a coincidence that July 17th is also the 60th anniversary for Disneyland and these are the categories for Spaltfest or is it a cool In disguise way of Nintendo telling us that their Disney/Nintendo crossover is being announced soon?

      Sorry, I guess I am just thinking TOO much into nothing

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